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D&D 5E [GUIDE] By your Powers Combined: A Land Druid Handbook


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Thanks. That mirrors my experience as well. I see that the swarms are decent at fighting, but the consensus seems to be that swarms are not allowed forms for druids.

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As long as i get to be the frog
Writing a guide is hard. Thanks for the attempt. I think land druids are awesome. I think in many situations they are better than moon druids and just don't get the credit they deserve. They are very solid at party enabling and since most of their good combat spells are concentration (and they have very few non-concentration combat spells) they have plenty of slots left over for healing and out of combat abilities especially after their spell recharge mechanic is factored in.

They can't flat out take over combats as easily as wizards or bards with large aoe damage and aoe control spells. However, the conjuration spells can come close or even casting faerie fire on the big solo monster can potentially prove as devasting as anything a wizard might do in in many combats.


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Any chance on getting your take on the new Xanathar druid spells by chance? Thanks for the guide by the way, I'm making a land druid right now for a game that starts this weekend. Can't wait to see how it plays out!

David R. Silver

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When talking about spells to choose, you seem to have voted some red because you can cast them as a ritual.
You seem to have forgotten that as a druid, you must have it prepared to cast a ritual.


Arctic Druid is not below average. Slow and Cone of Cold alone are top notch and compensate for the rest of the spell list. Should be black at least, if not blue.


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I think you're selling spider climb short. As a caster druid, being able to cast while climbing a wall or ceiling is better than just climbing as a spider or lizard. Also you can't talk, or carry a rope, or a host of other things you might need to in order to help your party. I'm not saying it's gold, but it is much better than red. One of the blues, maybe.


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I know this is an old post, but quick correction on Dispel Magic. It allows you to end a spell on a creature or object, or end a magical effect. Creature and Object are obvious, but magical effect is a state that is induced by a spell, not the spell itself. You end the earthquake caused by the spell, you do not end the spell earthquake while it's being casted. You also need to cast it as an action, meaning that it cannot dispel an instant effect spell like Fireball. Still really great, but not for the reason you outlined.

For things like Fireball, you'd need Counterspell. Having both in a party is great, Counterspell for attack spells against the party, Dispel Magic for those pesky progress blockers or status effect spells. Note that it let's you select an effect in range, not one you can see, so if you know an enemy just went invisible, and the enemy hasn't left the range, Dispel Magic will handle it.

Jan Heldal

Hi. Nice guide, but you have some issues with formatting.

Some of the places that are supposed to be color coded instead show up as incomplete formatting tags in square brackets

Starting at "Protection from Energy", ordinary text format changes to bold.

Starting at "Reincarnate", the color of ordinary text changed from black to sky blue.

Thank you for this nice write up.

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