D&D 5E [GUIDE] Oathbound: The Paladin Guide

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While I'm at it, figured I'd grade the new Oath of the Crown from the Sword Coast Adventurers' Guide. Overall, I think it's a pretty solid blue at least. It's the closest thing to a hard 4e-style defender that 5e may have yet. And it's easily the best Oath against hordes thanks to getting Spirit Guardians as an Oath Spell.

Channel Divinities:
- Champion Challenge: Basically the restricted movement part of the Compelled Duel spell except working against all the enemies you want within 30 feet. Pretty good. Amazingly, it doesn't even specify that it's an action type of any sort? Wonder if that's intentional ... not that I'd think it'd break the game if it's not an action ...
- Turn the Tide: Bonus-action mass heal that compares favorably numbers-wise to a Mass Healing Word, even if it's a little more situational. Decent enough.

- Divine Allegiance: A "martyr" type ability, uses your reaction, can be done at-will, and takes all the damage in place of an ally next to you. Good one.
- Unyielding Spirit: Advantage on saves against two of the most debilitating conditions. Probably little more than a safeguard at 15th level though considering you're proficient in WIS saves and your Aura of Protection bonus is probably really good at this point.
- Exalted Champion: Capstone lasts for an hour, with three solid benefits. Of them all, the resistance to the usual weapon types is probably the most welcome, and still good as ever at Lv. 20.

- Oath Spells: Spirit Guardians ALONE makes this list no worse than blue. Paladins in general are a bit on the weak side in horde battles, but that can't be said for Crown Paladins past Lv. 9, with Spirit Guardians about as good as it gets fighting hordes. Warding Bond as a 2nd-level spell is a pretty solid defender addition as well. The other spells are mostly already on the Paladin list, which is why this list isn't sky blue, but at least they're all pretty good spells (REALLY good in the cases of Command, Aura of Vitality, Banishment), so those spells being on the list basically allow you to prepare other spells you may want without worry you're missing out on some essentials.
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Warding bond has fun implications for concentration checks. Cast it on a twin-haste sorcerer (or yourself) and 42 damage is now a DC 10 check instead of DC 20.

With 14 con, proficiency in Con saves, and 16 cha, you can auto-succeed in most concentration checks by level 9.


There other stuff in the SCAG that benifit Paladins.

The Tiefling Variants

The winged Tiefling isn't as useful for Paladins, but its cool.

Devil's Tongue Tieflings get a ranged cantrip attack that deals disadvantage to attacks, Charm which has some combat utility, but likely you'll use it for social situations, and Entrall which has its uses.

Hellfire gives Paladin's a once a day ranged fire attack.

Feral Tiefling is only worth it for Dex Paladins.

The Half Elf Variants
Booming Blade doesn't rely on Int so it boosts the usefulness of a High Elf Paladin or High Half Elf Paladin.

Anything, but the High Elf and Drow half elf variants are trap options (sea elf variant might be good for Aquatic Campaigns.)

Duergar is awesome for Paladin's you can share enlarge with your find steead mount making it huge and you can share invisiblity.

Ghostwise Halflings make better Beast Master Rangers then Paladins.

Far traveller, Knight of the Order, and Urbane Bounty Hunter are good backgrounds.

Purple Dragon Knight is okay for multiclassing.


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I am curious if you find that Paladins work well with Swashbuckler as a MC?

If so... what would your suggestion be for a lvl 1 thru lvl 12 look like?

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