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I Am A Druid

Hello everyone, I'm starting a discord play-by-post game for 2 to 5 players and I would like you people to join, so I'll give a little explanation here.

We are gonna play Savage Worlds Adventure Edition in my homebrewed sci-fi setting, which I call "Welcome to the Cocoa Road". It's a fun, comics-style sci-fi campaign with aliens and stuff. Plus swords and mages and gods and so on, and dragons and mechanic wyverns and acid-spitting carnivore worms.

A little "trailer" for the campaign:

Cocoa Road is big, and you - are lost. The Jackalesh order, the order of spies and warriors that claim to be warriors of goodness, sent you to stop the great Tharorre, Lord of the Blackhole, from opening a black hole to open the galaxy. But something went wrong with your spaceship, and you crashed on an unknown planet, far away from home.

What will you do? How will you stop Tharorre, when you only have got two weeks to stop him?

If anyone plans to join, contact me on discord: I Am A Druid#6696

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