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ZEITGEIST Gunslinger with firearm rules


Hi everybody, first post here!
I was reading the rules for the firearms in the adventure (5e) and I wondered if there was someone who merged them with the Matt Mercer subclass "Gunslinger".
I have a player who would love to play that class, but I also want to use all the amazing firearms that can be found in the adventure without breaking the game. Has anyone worked with this subclass in Zeitgeist? What about the Gunsmith theme feat?
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I hadn't seen the Gunslinger until just now. Honestly, his guns and ours are pretty comparable, just balanced in different ways.

In the upcoming Zeitgeist setting book, we have a monk who uses the 'way of the gun,' which feels somewhat comparable to Mercer's gunslinger. I think you could probably use our gun rules and the gunslinger subclass without any trouble. The only difference would be having the level 15 ability let you reload without spending an action.


formerly roadtoad
I have a gunslinger in my post-Zeitgeist game, and the only change I made was to adopt the Mercer reload rule (Attack or Action) instead of the Zeigeist reload rule (Action or Bonus Action), which lets level 5 and up characters use two attacks to shoot-and-reload and then have their bonus action free for whatever if they want. It's been working fine so far.

We're using the Mercer misfire rules, since the class was designed with them in mind, but that might change...

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