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Hey, folks,

Our group has pretty much split in the last few months - people moving, in the army, busy with work, or just hanging out in the woods all the time - and we're trying to do some recruiting. Is anyone interested in joining up with a pretty laid-back group? Right now there's just the four of us (Myself, Pete, Justin and Gene). We range from 27 to 43 in age, and we've all been playing for quite a while. This group has been going on and off for about two years, in various incarnations.

At the moment we're in the very beginning stages of a HackMaster campaign. (HackMaster, if you're not familiar with it, is pretty much AD&D 1e on crack.) Recently we've played D&D 3e, AD&D 1e, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Shadowrun, and Palladium TMNT. In addition, I'm getting ready to run Paranoia (2e), Gene's talking about running Cyberpunk 2020, and Pete's involved in d100 (AKA BRP, RuneQuest, Call of Cthulhu, etc.). One thing we're looking to get back to at some point is my 3.0 Forgotten Realms campaign; we ran that for about a year, and the players were at or around 6th level when they (the PCs) "broke for the winter."

You should be: Over 18 (and not be bored by a little bit of "back in the day" talk Wink ), enjoy different games, not be a total basement-dwelling freak, and bathe occasionally. Also, have a car (or a very reliable friend) to get you to the game. We generally don't drink much (or usually at all) during games, and you need to be able to go at least an hour or so without a cigarette (no smoking in the house where we play). Oh, and have the self-control not to yell "<expletive deleted>" every five seconds, at least until Pete's son goes to bed - he's five. Other than that, we're pretty easy to get along with, although we may occasionally offend Eric's grandmother. We play in Woonsocket, RI every Tuesday that we're able to; we usually get started around 6:30 and wrap up anywhere from 10 to 11pm.

If this sounds like something you're into, shoot me an message. You can contact me through the site, or at my email (buckknakid666 "at" yahoo.com). Do me a favor and leave a reply to the thread, as well - my spam filter is mighty touchy and I might not get your email if I'm not expecting it.


P.S.: Ooh, I almost forgot: Guys and gals are welcome (no creepy catpiss-man stalkers here), and remember to bring your sense of humor with you - we don't exactly bend over backwards to stay PC. (Or Mac, for that matter. Wokka wokka!) (Ok, the jokes are usually better than that, I promise.)
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Hi. I don't know if you're still looking for players or not, but If you are, I'm interested. I sent you an email, and hopefully you'll get it. If you don't though, and you're still interested in another player, just let me know. My email is SamuraiY_Katana@Yahoo.com if you want use it.


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