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Half Orc Druid (Land)


I'd like tips on making a Half-orc Druid (Land:Grass) for an Eberron game. Could you please help me?

Dump stats? Spell selection? Overall combat scheme?
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Wis > dex = con > str > int = cha.
Use shillelagh to attack in melee, and control flame for ranged, and guidance for utility, and whatever else you think sounds fun.

You can change your spells each day. So whatever your party needs. But probably keep at least one healing spell (goodberry), one buff spell (grass get's haste), and one area of effect spell (moon beam), and whatever utility you need (pass without a trace). Just don't take too many concentration spells at once.

While you probably won't use animal forms for combat, you can use them for exploring. Turn into a crow and fly around. Or a mouse and sneak past some guards. Or a wolf to track someone.

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