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Halfling/Hobbit Sourcebooks and Adventures


Knight of Solamnia
I am looking to run an all-halfling one-shot set in the Five Shires sometime in the future, but I need some help fleshing it out. What I am looking for are some sourcebooks or adventures to help me flesh it all out. I know of some D&D resources, but I was wondering if there were more.

I know of the following:
The Five Shires
The Shining South (2e version and 3e version)
The Complete Book of Gnomes and Halflings
Halflings of Golarion

So I'm looking for other sourcebooks that describe halflings, talk about halfling lands or culture, deal with orcs invading halfling lands, etc.

I'd also like to have some resources describing the hobbits of the Shire in The Lord of the Rings. While I will be using the rules for the 5e halfling, I would like a little hobbit flavor.

Any suggestions?

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Glad someone is doing something with halflings/hobbits! You rock! :)
Your list is pretty good so far.
Also for 3.5 D&D you can look at Races of the Wild.

Back when ICE had the MERP license they had a sourcebook called appropriately, the Shire. Try to find that online.

You also might look at a series of novels by Mel Odom starting with the Rover. The "dwellers" in the series are very much hobbit analogs.

I'd be happy to help you brainstorm if you need help.
And remember, you can't go wrong with the relevant parts of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Professor Tolkien originated the archetype after all!

extras: For musical suggestions for atmosphere I'd suggest the soundtracks to the old Sierra Hobbit videogame as well as the old Hobbit cartoon soundtrack. Both of those are on Youtube playlists.
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There's also Tales from the Fireside.

I ran a 2E all-halfling game in the Five Shires. It was a lot of fun, with lower stakes -- "Who's sabotaging the judging of the best goose competition at the shire fair, and how far are they willing to go?" -- and a lot of charm.

I also recommend bringing in halfling-appopriate monsters, like the halfling vampire from Ravenloft.

Also check out the Halfling Point of View from a very, very old issue of the Dragon, which was collected, I think, in Best of the Dragon, Vol. 3.

(Side note: It's baffling that the Hobbit cartoon soundtrack isn't for sale. I would have thought that would be an obvious cash grab with the recent movies out.)


Whizbang Dustyboots added some good suggestions.
I looked up his Dragon magazine article suggestion. The Halfling point of View article is indeed in Bast of Dragon Vol 3.

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