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Patreon Halflings Map Icons


The Inkwell Ideas Patreon (sort of an opt-in monthly subscription) map icons for June featuring Halflings icons are ready! The full set has just over 100 icons. It has 10 in the isometric world/kingdom style and the same number in the classic world/kingdom map style that cover halfling versions of all the commonly used world/kingdom scale map icons: a capital, city, town, village, etc. The set has over 30 battlemat icons–most of which you can see used in the sample halfling house shown below. Finally, the set features nearly 50 settlement icons. These are mostly top-down buildings. Some buildings are meant to be shown in a hillside (we include a couple of hillside elevation graphics) and some are meant to be on their own.

Artist/cartographer Keith Curtis puts these together for us each month. As usual, we’ll private message all Patreon supporters the link to the graphics on the last day of the month with the actual icons.




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