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Halfsies Dice 2.0 World Tour


Hi Gang,
The creator of Halfsies Dice has his second campaign up and running. For dice lovers, you should really check this out.
Halfsies are polyhedral sets that have 2 distinct color combinations. Currently there are 3 different sets unlocked, and at each Stretch Goal there is voting for the next set. Backers determine what is set into production.
If the campaign goes crazy, there will be options for d6 and d10 blocks, though as it stands now those are a long way off.
I got a bunch of dice from his last campaign and I would say they are at least as good as Chessex, and the price he has these at for the Kickstarter pledge is pretty darn good.

Plus, the dice are scheduled/estimated for delivery by August (take this with a grain of salt, as it is Kickstarter - though what I can say is that this Creator does engage with backers and keeps communication open, which for me is a big plus).

I hope you will check it out and pass the word along.



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