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Happy 10th Anniversary, Skyrim!

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I really haven't cared too much for any of the Skyrim games. But I've come to praise Skyrim not bury it. What I think they've done really well is build very, very rich and interesting setting. I think people keeping going back and replaying those games because you can almost always discover something new.


Guide of Modos
And when you run out of new things to discover (no small feat), you can download a mod that a fan made and start discovering more new things! I see DriveThruRPG doing this for TRPGs to some degree... and hopefully the ENworld "resources?" I don't know - haven't browsed lately.

Another analog: you can load up Skyrim and play a full adventure at a moment's notice. Roll20 facilitates this with the Pick Up game option...although what you get is more of a roll of the dice...

Likely going to pick it up again after I finish Dark Alliance. My last playthrough I tried a merchant run (as few quests and combat as possible), trying to get rich just buying and selling stuff. This time I think I'll get back to a more adventuresome approach.


My last Forgotten Realms campaign was set around the Silverymoon, the Raurin Vale, and the High Forest before/during the creation of the Silver Marches. The Illuskan people had a very Skyrim Nords vibe with thane/jarl feudal titles, and while the Tethyrian didn't have the Skyrim Imperials aesthetics, there was a rivalry-going-on-civil-war between the Illuskans and the Tethyrians. Part of the campaign was to take side or avoid the civil war (which they did).

Illuskan houses had central hearths like in Skyrim's Not-Scandinavia, and the whole region was given a more high-medieval treatment overall (with Silverymoon and Alustriel standing out as very magical places/person).

One of the characters was even a variant human barbarian with the Arcane Initiate feat to gain a thunderwave "shout"!


He / Him
I love this game. I bought it for myself as a reward for getting through my first year of teaching, and I've played many many hours of it over the years. I have never completed the main storyline!


I enjoyed the game quite a lot when it came out and especially how great it felt when climbed atop a hill and looked over the plains, discovering something in the distance you want to explore. I don't think I have really imported too much from Skyrim except for a renewed enjoyment of exploration. If there was a decent official TTRPG for it, I would probably play it, though.
However, I'm not so enthused about the Anniversary Edition - I'd rather have a new game in the series (but I don't think we'll get one before 2025 or -26).


Guide of Modos
@BookTenTiger at least tell me you've seen all the spoilers, then. It's been ten years!

@schneeland as a Special Edition owner, I got Anniversary for free. They added a ton of content to it, probably falling short of a full DLC expansion. So I'm excited to check it out, but I'm currently in an Enderal (plus its DLC) run-through.

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