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D&D General Happy Holidays from Santa Kreen! [Free Dark Sun Adventure]

June Soler

santa kreen.png

Happy Holidays from Santa Kreen!

As a holiday gift we have provided a release of the first Dark Sun Excursions adventure DSE-01 Lost Temple of Rahoon to take your players back to Athas.

As a special treat, I have included stats for multiple editions of DnD in the appendices of the adventure for everyone to enjoy.

- So if you only want 2E, Santa Kreen's got you covered!

- If you play in 3E or PF1, Santa Kreen's got you covered!

- Even if you like 4E, Santa Kreen's got you covered!

- And of course, Santa Kreen took care of his 5E fans!

So dont get on the naughty list and end up with some obsidian in your stockings! Go play some Dark Sun.

Adventure Download: https://drive.google.com/.../10B9IuEH727acz0O.../view...

Visit the Athascon Discord and Join our next Dark Sun Game Day January 21, 2023. https://discord.com/invite/5wYCAb9CR3

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