DDAL Hardback ToA start vs DDAL07-01 start? [spoilers]

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So the starts for DDAL07-01 and the hardback Tomb of Annhiliation are different.

[sblock]DDAL you arrive on a boat, in the hardback you arrive via teleport from a patron. Should I have them go back after City on the Edge and then get teleported back? [/sblock]

Does it make much difference if running the DDAL stuff a campaign?
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Mull Ponders

Here is what I am doing:

[sblock]I am going to combine them. They meet their Patron, she takes them via teleport to Chult. The teleport arrives at the docks. Begin DDAL 7-01 #1 :)
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Are you planning to run the same characters through both the hardcover and the AL adventures for Season 7? If not, I'm not sure how important it is to use the starting adventure hook for the adventures you're not running.

If yes, then it's easy enough to simply have the players take a ship to Chult (accounting for the 20 days that the Death Curse has been operating) and meet their patron there for their hardcover adventures -- I don't know that the teleport is that significant in story terms.



If you don't need to run an AL legal game, a third option is to use Return of the Lizard King (available on Dungeon Master's Guild.) If end up running TOA starting with level 1 (or even level 2) characters, that's my current plan.

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