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D&D General Has anyone tried this?


Not trying to make the thread sound all mysterious, but it was too long for the title.

Curious if anyone is or has played a 2E campaign that adopts the spell-slot system from 5E. Not the spell effects themselves, which are edition specific, but the whole prepared spells / spell slot deal versus the purely 'memorized spells' system of 2E. If so, how did it work out for you? Or am I missing some glaringly obvious barrier to this being a thing in the first place?

I've been contemplating experimenting with this, if I can find a willing group of guinea pigs.

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We somewhat did this during 2e. You memorized whatever spells your slots would allow, but didn't forget them when cast, so no need to double up (if you can cast three 1st level spells, you can memorize three spells).

The only difference it made was versatility - either allowing utility spells to be prepared, or having a better variety if there was a large combat expected.

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