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3E/3.5 have my character idea..just want to keep close to rules


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So we are starting a 3.5 game and I need some help. I would like advice on, based on my idea, if there is any existing rulesets that would make this character more already in compliance, then having to create something new. Im looking for three things based on the character
1. class that would work
2. If there is a Knowledge occult of something
3. if there is a...occult hunters toolset (a kit full of things that help break possession , and purifies and such)
Character idea. With the rise of evil new types of fighters called Hexxers are being trained specifically to combat the demons and occult forces that threaten them. A young Tiefling male orphan has been chosen to learn the ways of the Hexxers, the town believing in using a demon to fight demons.
I was thinking ranger, with a DM/GM request that I have knowledge occult (if that's a thing) instead of knowledge nature. I was also thinking fighter with the same thing. I don't want to do cleric because that will clash with allot of things and make the character not work.

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Some of that, you’re going to need to ask your DM about, but my gut tells me that KS:Religion is the same as what he’s calling “KS:Occult”.

I think the Ranger is a good fit, especially with what I’m about to suggest below. All that favored enemy stuff is entirely in keeping with your concept.

One thing I can tell you right now is that the Knowledge Devotion feat (Complete Champion, p60) is one you should seriously consider.

Knowledge Devotion: One Knowledge skill of your choice is a class skill, regardless of the class you are advancing. Whenever you fight a creature, you can make a Knowledge check based on its type, provided that you have at least one rank in the appropriate Knowledge skill, gaining an insight bonus on Att/Dam rolls against that creature type for the remainder of the combat.

Arcana: constructs, dragons, magical beasts

Dungeoneering: aberrations, oozes

Local: humanoids

Nature: animals, fey, giants, monstrous humanoids, plants, vermin

Religion: undead

The Planes: outsiders, elementals

The bonus value depends on your Knowledge check result, as given on this table:

Check Result Bonus Granted

Up to 15 +1

16—25 +2

26—30 +3

31—35 +4

36+ +5

Rangers get more skill points than most other martial classes, and that helps fuel this feat. And the class has a couple of the relevant KS skills as class skills. Even for cross-class skills, you’ll have the option of having meaningful ranks without gimping the rest of your skillset.

Another option that might work would be either a Bard or one of the Bard variants- especially the Divine Bard.

Like the Ranger, the bard gets a lot of skill points, and even better, has KS skills as class skills. While they’re not as good at fighting, they’re great at information gathering, cast more spells, and have just as many skill points.

Somewhere between the Ranger and the Rogue lies the Scout class. It has some features that could make it an interesting option, but it’s not ideal.

The Beguiler might also work, but it’s still a bit of a stretch.
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3.0 had the prestige class Forsaker in the book Masters of the Wild, which was pretty much antimagic barbarian. Just for something to look at for inspiration.

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