Head Games: A WOIN Mini Adventure for 5th-Grade Characters


Well, that was fun
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EONS #149. Head Games. Head Games begins as a gnome runs through the village square with a furious ogre hot on her heels.


Her pursuer claims she stole something from him but Lellian insists that he gave her a sapphire pendant as a gift. Regardless of how the adventurers deal with the matter however, this ogre is only one problem that she's brought onto everyone's heads! As a budding enchantress Lellian has recklessly toyed with local's minds, using enchantment magic to acquire treasures without getting her hands dirty. While the gnome has several legitimate friends in the community her wanton use of persuasive magic has drawn some dangerous monsters into the area—including a tribe of orcs that don’t care how many people die before they get their vengeance! This mini-adventure by Charlie Brooks is best suited for PCs of 5th grade. Illustrated by Savage Mojo and featuring cartography by Dyson Logos.