Level Up (A5E) Healer Cleric: no Preserve Life - like Channel Divinity Feature?


@Morrus Hi, I noticed that the Healer Cleric doesn't have a Channel Divinity Feature similar to Preserve Life of O5e, if I'm not wrong. On one part it is one of the features I like less (of O5e (it makes no sense to me: "My deity doesn't allow to heal you: you're not wounded enough!" I would have preferred that the Cleric of Life didn't have proficiency with Heavy Armour and was able to fully cure with Preserve Life), on the other I'm missing a similar feature, since I enjoy it a lot, since its first appearance in other D20 games. Did you remove it because you wanted to limit "healing at range features" in the game, and make the game grittier?
Many thanks!

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A5E classes are backwards compatible with existing O5E archetypes, so you could definitely still use the same class. I think the goal was to ensure the A5E Healer and the Life Domain were notably differentiated.

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