Level Up (A5E) Sorcerer subclasses


so first thing i'll say is i really like the sorcerer class redesign that a5e has done, however i feel like the sorcerer subclasses leave a bit to be desired. Compared to what other classes get, or even what they used to get in o5e. Draconist specifically seems very weak, most of their abilities feel like ribbons to me, whats worse is many of those ribbons explicitly don't stack with the dragonborn gifts or paragon gifts, example being the draconic scales and wings. looking at someone play a draconist sorcerer at the table seems like it would be rather similar to watching someone without a subclass play, their 6th lvl ability is one only useful during rests, or in the very rare case you have the chance to chill somewhere for a year. even comparing the 14th lvl wing feature to annihilators ability to cast cure wounds at their highest lvl spell slot for a single sorcery point leaves, at least in my mind, something to be desired, considering that feature turns annihilator into one of the best healers in the game

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