Heirs of Heavens (Exalted) characters


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Hi guys, please post your characters here, even if they are not finished, so I can have a look at them :)

As you already know, standard char creation rules apply, plus something special I'll give you. You can use stuff from all the books, and if you submit it to me first, also from Exalted Compendium.

As I write this, finished and approved chars are:
Iselsi Korban (Rathan)

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Name: Kabiko of Yane
Concept: Geisha Caste Entertainer
Nature: Caregiver
Caste: Eclipse
Anima: A golden swan rising from water

Current XP: 0
Spent XP: 0
Earned XP: 0

Strength: 1
Dexterity: 4
Stamina: 2

Charisma: 4
Manipulation: 3
Appearance: 4

Perception: 3
Intelligence: 3
Wits: 3


C Linguistics 3 (Riverspeak, High Realm, Low Realm)
C Socialize 3
C Ride 1
F Presence 3 (5)
F Performance 4 (6) (Dancing +1)
F Martial Arts 4
F Larceny 2
F Athletics 1 (Acrobatics +1)
Awareness 1
Dodge 3
Lore 1
Medicine 1
Endurance 1

Allies 2
Artefact 3
Follower 1
Influence 3
Manse 3
Resources 3

Compassion: 3
Conviction: 2
Temperance: 2
Valor: 2

Virtue Flaw:
Heart of Tears

Willpower: 5

Essence: 3
Personal Essence: 14
Peripheral Essence: 35 / 28
Commited: 7

Respect Commanding Attitude - Performance (Core book, p 172) - 5 motes
Masterful Performance Exercise - Performance (Core book, p 174) - 2 motes/success
Graceful Reed Dancing - Performance (CB: Z, 76) - 2 motes/success
Harmonious Presence Meditation – Presence (Core book, p 175) - 6 motes
Wise-Eyed Courtier Technique - Socialize (Core book, p 211) - 3 motes
Mastery of Small Manners - Socialize (Core book, p 211) - 3 motes
Welcome Guest Method - Socialize (CB: E, p 77) - 3 motes
Leaping Mantis Technique – Martial Arts (CB: E, p74) - 3 motes
Iron-Arm Block – Martial Arts (CB: E, p74) - 3 motes
Mantis Form – Martial Arts (CB: E, p74) - 6 motes


L: 1 (5) / B: 2 (6) / A: 0


1 x -0 Health Level
2 x –1 Health Levels
2 x –2 Health Levels
1 x -4 Health Level

Heavenly Thunder Leaves
Spd 10; Acc 10; Dam 1L; Def 13

Spd 7; Acc 8; Dam 1B; Def 8

Spd 4; Acc 8; Dam 3B; Def 6


Heavenly Thunder Leaves (CB: Z) (Artifact **)

Spd +3; Acc +2; Dam +0L; Def +5

+1 to performance rolls involving dancing
may summon spirits by dancing (dex+performance roll, diff 3)

Collar of Dawn’s Cleansing Light (Bo3C) (Artefact *)

+2 to resist cold, poison and disease
always clean

The Garden of the Courtesan (Solar Manse ***)

Sphere of Courtesan’s Constellation (CB: Z)

Adds to 2 to Performance and Presence rolls

The Garden of the Courtesan is located about a days ride from Yane. It can only be entered through a cave hidden between the trees in the South-Eastern jungle. The entrance is protected by powerful magics and the Dryad who lives inside.
When you enter the Garden you are greeted by a beautiful jungle in constant summer, the temperature stays at a nice 28°C. Several small streams run between the trees and flow into a crystal-clear pond, filled with a variety of tropical fish. Several flocks of beautiful, tropical birds nest in the trees.
(The environment is shaped as if a permanent version of the Celestial Circle spell “Outside Worlds Within” was used).
In the centre of the Garden stands a grand tree with a bark lined doorway. This is Kariëch sanctum made tangible through some First Age magic. Inside this tree are several chambers reserved for Kabiko.
As far as Kabiko knows only she and Kariëch are attuned to the Manse.
The Garden had been hidden from the world by the Solar spell “Pressed Beyond the Veil of Time” until the reincarnation of Gentle Touch of Passion entered the cave. Now it is still under the fierce protection of Kariëch who is loath to allow strangers into its sanctum.
In the centre of Kariëch’s sanctum grows the Sphere of Courtesan’s Constellation.

White Dove (Follower *)

White Dove is a pretty little girl of about 12 years old. She has shoulder length silvery white hair. Her skin is as smooth as silk and the colour of alabaster. Her eyes are likewise devoid of any pigmentation.
I found White Dove when I was walking through Yane shortly after I Exalted. She wore the clothes of the casteless. She sat there against the wall crying. I walked over to her and gave her my handkerchief to dry her tears. When she calmed down a bit I noticed she had a black eye. I asked her who had done that to her and why. She told me between sobs that she was supposed to receive her first client but when she was in the same room with him, she fought him and refused to let him touch her. Afterwards her so called employer had beaten her and thrown her out on the streets.
After her story I told her that I would take care of her from now on and that she would be my apprentice. I went to visit her family and gave them some jade and assured them that their daughter was in good hands. I also promised them that if that bastard bothered them again they should visit me at my house and I would have a word with him.
Since that day she has been my servant and apprentice.

Influence ***

Kabiko is one of the best, if not the best, dancers of Yane and it's surroundings. Even before her Exaltation tales of her performances reached as far as Great Forks and the Realm.

Kariëch (Allies **)

Kariëch is a truly ancient dryad; its tree has been around since the height of the First Age. It was the lover of Gentle Touch of Passion; therefore it swore to protect Gentle Touch’s manse and herself until its tree would die, in exchange Gentle Touch moved the tree into her manse, the safest place she knew. During the last year of her life Gentle Touch cast a spell to hide her manse from the world and protect Kariëch from harm.
When Kabiko wandered into Kariëch’s domain it immediately knew who she was and watched her enter her sanctum and sleep. While Kabiko slept, it prepared a bath for her and washed her clothes. It admired Gentle Touch’s new form and decided to repay its debt. It would continue to honour the agreement it had made with Gentle Touch if her new reincarnation would become its willing lover. Kabiko agreed not disliking what she saw herself.
Kariëch appears as a beautiful, feminine humanoid with long hair consisting of small green leaves and has soft barky skin.


Kabiko is a rather petite girl standing only about 1m52 tall, she weighs about 42 kg. Her pert nose, full lips and Exalted state make her look only 16 years old, belying her true age of 20. Her smooth milk-chocolate coloured skin is as soft as the finest silks.
Many a man has lost himself in her beautiful pale blue-grey almond shaped eyes. An artist in Yane once told her that it was as if someone had pricked holes in her eyes and drained all coloration.
She keeps her long black hair tied in a ponytail which reaches all the way to her bum.

Usually she wears a beautiful red-silken dress adorned with gold-threaded embroidery with a matching bodice leaving her mid-rif bear. She had the dress and bodice designed to look like what she saw herself wearing in her dreams of the First Age. She also wears matching red shoes and gloves.

She always wears a beautiful collar made of red silk and orichalcum thread around her neck, although it is usually hidden underneath the collar of her blouse. The collar has a perfectly spherical orange gem set into it.
She keeps her hair back with a beautiful red-silken hair band embroidered with gold thread to match with the rest of her clothing.
She also has a golden piercing in her navel that she got from her grandmother when she became a true Geisha.


I was born about 20 years ago in Yane, the glorious capital of the Varang City-States. My father is a respected clockmaker and my mother a high-ranking astrologer. I have an older brother who is an officer in the city guard.
The hour and day on which I was born was rather unlucky, on the second day of Calibration and on the hour of the Entertainer. Thanks to the position of my parents and brother I was to be raised as one of the more exclusive Geisha of Yane. You might think I always had a life of luxury, but that’s far from the truth. Until I was 5 I was raised by my parents and had a relatively easy life, that all changed shortly after my fifth birthday. I was sent to the Geisha district to live in a compound with several other Geisha. I had to work hard to get some food for the first 2 years, after that my actual training started. My new Older Sister, the older Geisha who had to train me, taught me the traditional dances of the City-States. In addition she taught me to sing, to play several musical instruments. She always told me that the most successful Geisha were usually also the ones who specialised in dancing. Apart from my own native language, Flame-Tongue, I was also taught how to speak High Realm, Low Realm and Riverspeak.
By the time I was 12 I had mastered most of the dances and the niceties of social interactions, now it was time for me to learn to defend myself.
Also about this time my Older Sister started to take me to parties to give potential clients a chance to get to know me. I was immediately asked to perform in several dance-recitals and to pose for the poster of the next spring dance.
After another 2 years shortly after my 14th birthday my Older Sister came to me and told me that the bidding for my virginity had begun. Apparently I had caught the eye of not just one but two of the richest men of Yane. One was a rather handsome, friendly young astrologer who was born at exactly the right time to become rich beyond compare. Being the son of the mayor helped too. The other was an old, fat, boorish, fire-aspect dragon-blooded officer called Sesus Chenow, whose breath smelled of sulphur, I heard the bastard retired a few years ago. Even the richest mortal of Yane can’t really compete with a dragon-blood, so I played my cards well and hoped Chenow would withdraw, but all I managed to do was reach a record that still stands. Chenow eventually paid an amount of jade about equal to what the best Geisha of Yane would have to work for 2 weeks to earn. Of course everybody had neglected to explain to me what was expected of me. He was all but gentle and I cried while he took me, I screamed for him to let me go. I cried for 2 days on end, I was only comforted when my Older Sister told me what I had earned by doing that and that I could go see my family for the first time in 9 years. She also decided to explain more about sex and what was expected of me and that if I didn’t behave better she would throw me out and make me an Outcaste. I resolved to be braver and become the best Geisha of all Yane and maybe even the Varang City-States. I would do anything to prevent becoming an Outcaste.
The next four years I managed to actually managed choose who I lay with. I had become adept at making the man I wanted jealous of the man I didn’t want and so make my target outbid him.
On my 18th birthday I started to have strange dreams about the Sun and a beautiful woman bidding me to travel to a place not far from Yane. After two nights of heavy dreaming and distressing my clients, who were not used to me tossing so much in my sleep, I packed some provisions and took my horse. As I came to the gate the captain, one of my favoured clients, stopped me and asked where I was going. I told him I had got a message from an old Geisha friend of mine who lived in Talt in which she asked if I wanted to perform with her at a party. He told me I shouldn’t travel during Calibration, but I assured him that according to my almanac it was safe for me to travel this day so he let me pass. I rode due east for a about 12 hours, with the occasional pause to rest my horse, and my bum, and to eat, but now it was getting dark fast now and I decided to make camp under a tree. While I was searching for some firewood, which was mostly wet and I didn’t even know how I was going to light it, I tripped over a root. I fell into a dark cave I hadn’t seen before. I lit a candle and investigated a bit further it seemed safer than to sleep under a tree, plus I had sprained my ankle and I didn’t want to be surprised by what ever lived down here while I was sleeping. As I entered the cave I could make out a flight of stairs leading down. At first I couldn’t see the bottom but as I descended some 20 m I noticed a faint light coming from below. Now my curiosity was truly peaked because this was not normal. I walked down and came to a door, when I opened it I couldn’t believe my eyes, beyond the door was a vast tropical forest with flocks of tropical birds nesting in the branches. As I looked up I could see the clear night sky even though I was at least 40 m below the surface. In front of lay a beautiful white marble path, that winded through the forest. Having come this far I decided not to stop and followed the path. It led me to the biggest tree I had ever seen. In the trunk was a bark-lined door and some windows. I had the feeling that somehow this was the place my dreams wanted me to go to, so I entered and allowed my instinct to lead me to the most beautiful bedroom I had ever seen. The bed was made from the living wood of the tree as were the wardrobes. The bed was made with the finest silks I had ever seen and on one of the walls was a huge silver mirror. By this time I was extremely tired, I had been travelling all day and it was getting late, so I undressed and lay down on the bed. I fell asleep almost immediately. When I woke up, from the sounds of birds singing near the window, I was surprised to see somebody had put a warm bath ready for me. I got out of bed and checked the door; it was still locked, so I got into the bath. It was scented with some of the finest perfumes I had ever smelled. After the bath I dried myself with an extremely soft silken towel and put on my clothes. Even they were cleaned. I had never slept so well nor felt so clean. Underneath my clothes I found a beautiful collar with a sparkling gem set into it. I immediately tried it on, whomever was here last night was quite friendly apparently, and paraded in front of the mirror. Suddenly I didn’t see myself in the mirror but the woman from my dreams. Next followed visions of me dealing with people who looked more powerful than any client I had ever had in my life. I saw dragon-blooded officers listening to my orders, spirits doing my bidding. The next thing I heard was a voice it said: “This was and could be again, therefore I Exalt you.” When the vision ended I could see a strange golden mark burning on my brow and I heard a knock on the door. A feminine voice asked whether her dear friend Gentle Touch of Passion was ready to have breakfast. I was startled but my years of training in pleasing someone else made sure that I didn’t sound too surprised when I told her I would be down in a second. I heard her walk away and decided to wait for a while longer before following I redid my make-up and my hair and went downstairs. I was surprised to see something that must be a little god preparing food and making the table. It was naked, but its skin had a strange barky texture. Its hair was long but consisted of hundreds of small leaves. It was beautiful but strange. When it turned around I could see that it was indeed feminine. It greeted me again and introduced itself as being called Kariëch. It told me it was glad that I had finally decided to return home after all those years. I asked it where I was and what happened to me during the night. It proceeded to explain everything it knew about me. It asked me to stay for a couple of days at least to the end of Calibration. It told me that we used to be lovers during the First Age. It told me it used our love and my passion to regain essence. (see spirit charms)
At the end of calibration I travelled back to Yane. People would start to worry and gossip if I stayed away any longer. Everyone was glad to see that I was still alive and well. Nobody seemed to notice anything odd about me so I just got back to work, being a better dancer than ever.
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[COLOR=Yellow][FONT=Times New Roman]Name	Iselsi Korban	Caste	Dawn
Player	Rathan		Nature	Martyr
Chronicle	Lichtenhart's	Anima	A radiant violet tiger with watery stripes

Strength		XXXXO 	Perception		XXXOO	Appearance	XXOOO
Dexterity		XXXXO	Intelligence		XXOOO	Charisma		XXXOO
Stamina		XXXOO	Wits		XXXXO	Manipulation	XXOOO

C Archery		XXOOO	F Endurance	XXXOO	   Craft		OOOOO
C Brawl		OOOOO	   Performance	OOOOO	   Investigation	OOOOO
C Martial Arts	XXXXX	F Presence		XXOOO	   Lore		XOOOO
C Melee		XOOOO	F Resistance	XXXOO	   Medicine		XOOOO
C Thrown		OOOOO	   Survival		OOOOO	   Occult		OOOOO
   Athletics		XXOOO	   Bureaucracy	OOOOO	Lore: Realm	XOO
   Awareness	XOOOO	   Linguistics	OOOOO
F Dodge		XXXXO	   Ride		OOOOO		
   Larceny		OOOOO	   Sail		OOOOO	
F Stealth		XXXOO	   Socialize		OOOOO

 	 		Name					Cost
Allies 	XXOOO		Crimson Cat Leaping Technique (CB:D: 73)		3 motes
Artifact 	XXOOO		+Durability of Oak Meditation (Core: 176)		1 mote per 2 dice
Contacts 	XOOOO		+Easily Overlooked Presence Method (Core: 201)	3 motes
Resources 	XXOOO		+Ox-Body Technique (Core: 170)	
		 	+Reed in the Wind (Core: 197)			1 mote per 2 dice
 	 		Striking Fury Claws Technique (CB:D: 73)		2 motes
 	 		Tiger Form (CB:D: 73)				6 motes
			Wise Arrow (Core: 154)				1 mote per 2 dice
			Floating Water Defense (DB: 255)			1 mote
	 	 	Rippling Water Strike (DB: 256)			2 motes

Charms					Cost
Flowing Water Defense + Reed in the Wind		1 mote + 1 mote per 2 dice, 1 willpower
Rippling Water Strike + Striking Fury Claws Attack	4 motes, 1 willpower 

Weapon			Accuracy	Damage	Defense	Speed
Bare Fist			+0	+0B	+0	+0
Orichalcum Razor Claws	+3	+4L	+3	+5

Bow			Accuracy	Max Str	Rate	Range
Self Bow			+0	3	2	150

Armor		Mobility Penalty	Fatigue
None		None		None

Bashing	 3	Lethal	 1	Aggravated	0

-0	 o  
-1	 o o o  
-2	 o o o o  
-4	 o  
INC.	 o  

		o o o o o o o o o

Compassion	Temperance
o o o o		o o
Conviction		Valor
o o		o o o o 

o o o o o o o o o o

Compassionate Martyrdom				

Use your anima to appear awesome and terrifying for a scene.

	 	Max	Spent	Committed 
Personal		15 	      	 
Peripheral		35		5 	      	 


Artifact			Rating	Notes
Orichalcum Razor Claws	2	+2 dice to climbing rolls
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Name	Sammanon Wise Eye	Caste	No Moon
Player	Kalanyr		Totem	Owl
Nature	Explorer		Tell	Golden wide eyes and silver white feathers growing on his eyebrows

Perception		XXXXO	Strength		XXXOO		Appearance	XXOOO
Intelligence		XXXXO	Dexterity		XXXXO+XXXX	Charisma		XXXOO
Wits		XXXXO	Stamina		XXXOO+XXX	Manipulation	XXXOO

   Archery		OOOOO	   Craft		OOOOO	   Bureaucracy	OOOOO
   Athletics		OOOOO	   Larceny		OOOOO	   Investigation	OOOOO
   Awareness	XXOOO	   Linguistics	OOOOO	F Lore		XXXXX
   Brawl		OOOOO	   Performance	XXXOO	   Medicine		XOOOO
   Endurance	XXOOO	   Presence		OOOOO	F Occult		XXXXX
F Dodge		XXXXO	   Ride		OOOOO
   Melee		XOOOO	   Socialize		OOOOO			OOO
   Resistance	XXOOO	   Stealth		OOOOO			OOO
   Thrown		OOOOO	F Survival		XXXOO			OOO

 	 			Name					Cost
Artifact 		XOOOO		Finding the Spirit's Shape (L: 124)			1 mote
Heart's blood	XOOOO		Deadly Beastman Transformation III (L: 124)		5 motes
Manse 		XOOOO		Calling Luna's Favor (L: 125)			5 motes
Mentor		XXXXX		Hide of the Cunning Hunter (L: 123)			1 mote
Renown		XOOOO		Masking the Brilliant Form (L: 123)			3 motes, 1 willpower
				Form-Fixing Method (L: 193)			5 motes, 1 willpower, 3xp
				Tale Spinning Mastery (L: 183)			1 mote per die
				Lore-Speaking Method	 (L: 184)			3 motes
				Divining the Hidden Truth (L: 184)			5 motes, 1 willpower
				Spirit Scenting Technique (L: 191)			2 motes
				Terrestrial Circle Sorcery (L: 192)			1 willpower

Fluttering Wings (EC)			Charms					Cost
Soaring Pinions (EC)
Resilience of Nature (L: 126)
Wound-Knitting Powers (L: 127)

*Human				Terrestrial					Cost
*Owl				Sting of the Ice Hornet (BoTC: 50)			10 motes
*Hybrid				Commanding the Beasts (BoTC: 33)			10 motes
Wolf				Emerald Countermagic (Core: 218)			10 or 20 motes

Weapon			Accuracy	Damage	Defense	Speed
Staff			0	+2L	-1	0

Bow			Accuracy	Max Str	Rate	Range

Armor		Mobility 	Penalty	Fatigue

Bashing	3/6	Lethal	1/3	Aggravated	0

-0	 o 
-1	 o o
-2	 o o
-4	 o  
INC.	 o  

		o o o o o o o

Compassion	Succor		Temperance	Cunning
XXOOO		10		XXOOO		20
o o				o o
Conviction		Mettle		Valor		Glory
o o o o		25		o o o		25


Rank	Uf-ya

x x o o o o o o o o

Curse of the Heartless Weasel

Spend 1 mote to lower the Essence cost of all spells cast for the rest of the scene by one

	 	Max	Spent	Committed 
Personal		17	      	
Peripheral		42		1


Artifact				Rating	Notes
Moonsilver talisman (Core: 337)		o	Activates the Hearthstone
+Gemstone of shadows (Bo3C: 112)		o	Generates a shadow around the bearer



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Name: Majestic Phoenix
Player: loxmyth
Concept: Wandering Diplomat

Caste: Eclipse
Nature: Judge
Anima: Phoenix (A great bird composed of flame)

(Tertiary 4)
Strength OO
Dexterity OOO
Stamina OO

(Secondary 6)
Perception OOO
Intelligence OOOO
Wits OO

(Primary 8)
Appearance OOOO
Charisma OOOO
Manipulation OOO

ABILITIES (25 + 15 Bonus Points):

Archery OO
Martial Arts OO
Melee OO (Quarterstaves +1)

Endurance O
Performance OO
Presence OOOO

Lore OOO (Government +1)
Occult OO (Spirits +1)

Athletics OO
Awareness OO
Dodge OOO

Bureaucracy OOO
Linguistics OOO [Low Realm (Native), Riverspeak,Forest-tongue,High Realm]
Ride OO
Sail O
Socialize OOOO

Contacts OOO
Influence OO
Resources OO


Compassion O
Temperance OOO
Conviction OOO
Valor OO

Ascetic Drive

Personal: 12
Peripheral: 29

Golden Essence Block (1 mote/2 dice)
Graceful Crane Stance (3 motes)
Harmonious Presence Meditation (6 motes)
Listener-Swaying Argument (2 motes/die, 1 will)
Mastery of Small Manners (3 motes)
Ox-Body Technique (-1,-2,-2)
Reed in the Wind (1 mote/2 dice)
Respect Commanding Attitude (5 motes)
Spirit-Cutting Attack (2 motes)
Spirit-Detecting Glance (3 motes)


-0 o
–1 ooo
–2 oooo
-4 o
Inc. o

Born to a diplomat of a minor, but well-connected Patrician family, Phoenix lived in the Realm proper only until his parents were certain he would not exalt as a Dragonblood. With the only terrestrial blood in his lineage coming from his mother, an unExalted minor member of House Tepet, the chance had been very small. Nevertheless, young Phoenix possessed an otherworldly grace and charisma that seemed unnatural.

As soon as he graduated from primary school, Phoenix travelled with his father as an emissary of the Realm in the East, hammering out trade and fealty agreements. He learned his father's craft well, polishing his ability to compose speeches, to learn the arts of speaking and debate, and the art of calligraphy. His father was quite pleased with his facility with the qualities of a diplomat and prepared him to take over in his stead. To this end, he accompanied his father as his personal secretary and scribe.

During their sojourn in the Haltan Republic, distressing news reached their ears: it had been confirmed that the Scarlet Empress had disappeared, far longer than she was usually wont to. Additionally, an Imperial legion composed mostly of members of House Tepet had suffered almost total annihilation in the north, some say against an Anathema demon. Phoenix's mother was devastated; some of her favourite cousins and siblings had been members of this force.

With this dire news, the family headed back to Realm, with the intention of consoling their grieving families. Unfortunately, before they could do so, their caravan was attacked by the Wyld-twisted Arczechi hordes. Normally, the Realm-trained caravan guard would be enough to protect them, but the barbarians used deadly poison and had superior numbers, so there was nothing to do but run. And run they did, straight into a patch of Creation corrupted by the Wyld. Inside, the world twisted and changed, and small steps carried men across leagues while flat out running moved one inches.

In this way, the caravan was completely separated from one another. Phoenix found himself with only the company of a few caravan guards and a scribe or two, encircled by some three score Arczechi. It was at this point he knew he would die, but he felt strangely calm. Stepping away from the rest, and raising his voice so that it rumbled with the Authority of Heaven, he commanded the enemy back, and away they fled.

Phoenix could not imagine his luck, which quickly turned to surprise when he found his fellows regarding him in horror...
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Name Kurei Ensui          Caste Zenith
Player Jaik               Nature Survivor
Chronicle Lichtenhart's   Anima Golden shining bear

Strength   XXXXO Perception   XXXOO Appearance   XXOOO
Dexterity XXXOO Intelligence XXXOO Charisma     XXXOO
Stamina   XXXXO Wits         XXXOO Manipulation XXOOO

        DAWN              ZENITH                 TWILIGHT
  Archery      XXOOO C Endurance   XXOOO   Craft         OOOOO
  Brawl        OOOOO C Performance XOOOO   Investigation OOOOO
  Martial Arts OOOOO C Presence    XXXXO   Lore          XOOOO
F Melee        XXXOO C Resistance  XXOOO F Medicine      XOOOO
  Thrown       XOOOO C Survival    XXXOO   Occult        XOOOO

       NIGHT            ECLIPSE                 SPECIALTIES
F Athletics XXXOO   Bureaucracy OOOOO
  Awareness XXOOO   Linguistics XOOOO
  Dodge     XXOOO F Ride        XXOOO 
  Larceny   OOOOO   Sail        OOOOO 
F Stealth   XXOOO   Socialize   XOOOO

BACKGROUNDS                       CHARMS
                                   Name                           Cost
Artifact  XXOOO    Excellent Strike (Core: 162)                    1 mote per die
Influence XXOOO    Ox-Body Technique (Core: 170)                  
Resources XXXOO    Harmonious Presence Meditation (Core: 175)      6 motes
                   Durability of Oak Meditation (Core: 176)        1 mote per 2 dice
                   Iron Skin Concentration (Core: 176)             3 motes, 1 willpower
                   Hardship-Surviving Mendicant Spirit (Core: 180) 5 motes
                   Body-Mending Meditation (Core: 188)             10 motes
                   Graceful Crane Stance (Core: 193)               3 motes
                   Sensory Acuity Prana (Core: 196)                5 motes
                   Reed in the Wind (Core: 197)                    1 mote per 2 dice


Weapon                Accuracy Damage Defense Speed
Bare Fist             +0       +0B    +0      +0
Orichalcum Direlance  +3       +5L    +1      +7
Orichalcum Direlance  +2       +3/+12L +0     +15

Bow        Accuracy Max Str Rate Range
Self Bow   +0          3     2     150

Armor Mobility Penalty Fatigue
None          None      None

Bashing 4 Lethal 2 Aggravated 0

-0   o 
-1   o o o 
-2   o o o o 
-4   o 
INC. o 

o o o o o o o o o

Compassion   Temperance
o o o o o    o o o o o
Conviction   Valor
o o o o o    o o o o o

o o o o o o o o o o

Deliberate Cruelty

Giant golden bear

            Max  Spent Committed 
Personal     13 
Peripheral   32            5 


Artifact               Rating Notes
Orichalcum Direlance   2
Kurei was just a boy from the Southeast when he was taken in a raid and transferred from person to person until ending up in the service of a Dragonblooded Exalted on the Blessed Isle. Growing up, Kurei became a fine physical specimen equipped with an instinct for wilderness skills and a quick wit. At a relatively early age, Kurei became his master's Huntsman, the Master's right arm during the hunt. Kurei had always heard tales of his master's hunting prowess, both with beasts and during Wyld Hunts, but he had never heard of the cruel streak he had, wounding beasts, letting them run, only to easily catch up and wound them again. At first he protested this treatment of noble creatures, having harbored the Thousand Gods Heresy in his heart since his transport to the Blessed Isle, but quickly learned to hold his tongue.
Then came his first Wyld Hunt as assistant to his Master. Many times he had heard the tales of the dread Anathema, little but slavering Demons given human form the better to hide from the justice of the Hunt, always seeking to corrupt and destroy. Kurei embraced the hunt, tracking day and night after his quarry until one day, just before noon, he led the Hunt into a clearing where they found the horrible, dread Anatheme: a boy, little more than a dozen summers old, clad in rags and weary from the chase, too tired to run and too proud to beg, waiting for the end. Kurei drew up in shock, at first at the boy, then at his Master's roar of joy at the Hunt's conclusion. "This is wrong," Kurei whispered. "Yes, it is wrong," said a deep voice in his head. Kurei looked up into the sky, into freedom, into the sun,until the golden orb grew and filled his vision. "You could never right the wrongs before. Make this right," continued the voice, then the light faded, and Kurei looked back to his master, no longer Master.
Kurei did not shout, or yell, or even raise his voice, but the entire Hunt instinctively obeyed.
Kurei saw the look of growing rage on their faces and knew that today, he had changed. He felt a new strength and determination growing. he knew exactly what to do and even...where to go.
With that, Kurei rushed forward, grabbed the boy's hand, and ran into the woods. The chase that day continued on into the night and the next day. Against any other quarry the chase itself would have been worthy of songs and tales for years to come, but Kurei no longer cared for those things, or for master's approval, which had meant so much to him for so long. Finally, the two lost the Hunt and Kurei could hea for his destination, near the lands he had been born on, near a village that had sprung up on the remains of his old home. In a cave he had always known about but never entered, Kurei unerringly found a crevice and in the crevice a box, the size of a very narrow casket, which could not be opened that Kurei opened without a moment's thought. From the box he drew his Spear, a mighty thing, made of a gold so pure it all but glowed in the darkness, it's spearhead wide and long, with a bar across the shaft, as a boar spear. Deeper in the crevice he found another bow, a cube with a normal lid, filled to the brim with gold and jewels. With his companion and his treasure, he entered his town, where he was waited since, helping the village to learn the truth, to grow and prosper. He has waited until now, when he is again needed...

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First Post
name: Ferocious Hawk
player: Mitchifer
caste: Twilight
concept: wandering mercenary
nature: survivor
anima: a blazing hawk

(Primary 8)
Strength OOOO
Dexterity OOO
Stamina OOOO

(Teritary 4)
Charisma OO
Manipulation OOOO
Appearance O

(Secondary 6)
Perception OOO
Intelligence OOO
Wits OOO

ABILITIES (25 + 4 Bonus Points):

*Martial Arts OOOOO
Melee O

*Endurance OOO
*Resistance OOOOO
Survival O

*Investigation O
*Lore OO
*Occult OOO

Athletics O
*Dodge OOO

*Bureaucracy O
Linguistics OO (Riverspeak, Flametongue, Old Realm)

Artifact - Bracer of the Hawk OO (from castebook:twilight)
Manse - Hearthstone: Gem of the Calm Heart O
Resources O
Mentor OOO


Compassion OO
Temperance OO
Conviction OO
Valor OOO

Foolhardy Contempt

ESSENCE (7 bonus pts)
Rating: OOO
Personal: 14
Peripheral: 35
Committed: 2

CHARMS (4 bonus pts)
Striking Cobra Technique (3 motes)
Serpentine Evasion (3 motes)
Snake Form (5 motes)
Snake Strikes the Heel (4 motes)
Essence-Gathering Temper (1 mote)
Durability of Oak Meditation (1 mote/2 dice)
Iron Skin Concentration (3 motes, 1 willpower)
Spirit Strengthens the Skin (2 motes/pt)
Adamant Skin Technique (5 motes,1 health lvl, 1 willpower)
Terrestrial Circle Sorcery (1 willpower)
Demon of the First Circle (20+ motes)

Adamant Skin Technique+Snake Strikes the Heel+Essence-Gathering Temper
(10 motes, 1 willpower, 1 health lvl)

Bracer of the Hawk - set with gem of the calm heart
Fighting Gauntlets

Janos Audron

Not Entirely Finished, but still:

Name: Voran of Nexus
Concept: Assassin
Nature: Surviver
Caste: Night
Anima: A purple centipede

Current XP: 0
Spent XP: 0
Earned XP: 0

Strength: 1
Dexterity: 5
Stamina: 3

Charisma: 3
Manipulation: 2
Appearance: 2

Perception: 4
Intelligence: 3
Wits: 4


C Athlethics 1
C Awareness 3
C Dodge 3
C Larency 2
C Stealth 5
F Throw 5
F Endurance 1
F Resistance 1
F Lore 5
F Medicine 4
Linguistics 1

Artifact 3
Manse 2
Resources 3

Compassion: 1
Conviction: 3
Temperance: 3
Valor: 2

Virtue Flaw:
Deliberate Cruelty

Willpower: 6

Essence: 3
Personal Essence: 15
Peripheral Essence: 36 / 36
Commited: 0

Easily Overlooked (Ste) Reed in the Wind (Dod)
Body Mending Meditation (Med)
Grievous Injury Recovery Method (Med)
Venom Anodyne Method (Med)
Integrity Protecting Prana (Lor)
Chaos-Repelling Pattern (Lor)
Brewing Venom Technique (Lor)
Precicion of the Striking Raptor (Thr)
Ox Body (End)


L: 1 / B: 3 / A: 0


1 x -0 Health Level
3 x –1 Health Levels
4 x –2 Health Levels
1 x -4 Health Level

Exceptional Blowgun +0 Acc, 2L, Rate: 3
Exceptional Needle -1 Acc, 2L, Rate: 4
Exceptional Short Sword +1 Spd, +2 Acc, 3L, +2 Def

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