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D&D 5E Help a Cleric settle on a deity [Norse/Twilight edition]


Hi, you might remember me from a post a while back trying to decide which obscure Egyptian god to take for my Twilight Cleric. Well, my DM offered me a chance, as a Far Traveler, to serve an alternate pantheon to the mainstream of the setting. In some distant reaches of the planet, where mortals have learned to accept, value, and thrive in the harsh climes of the world, a separate group of deific powers find a place in the faith of the people- the Norse gods.

My character is a fledgling priest from one of these cultures, who left his village behind to grow in union with his deity, finding a temporary place for himself among the night-watch of the capitol city thanks to his Eyes of Night. The problem is that I don't know which god this is that my character works with. The fantasy-historical deity lists haven't been updated for much Xanathar's and Tasha's new Domains, so I don't really have a good basis for selecting an Aesir/Vanir in the first place. One idea I had was adapting either the lunar god Mani or nocturnal goddess Nott into 5e deities, but I don't know what kind of tenets or portfolios they'd have as so few of their myths are available to us [mainly Mani, cuz from skaldic kennings and poems we at least know Nott was also considered to rule over evening, shadow, sleep and dreams]. However, both the moon and the gloom have been equally influential in my real life spirituality/religiosity [and my life in general for bio/psychological reasons], and I've always taken the 2 together as one package, so the Germanic splitting of the 2 into separate functions for different gods makes it hard to choose between them.

How could I narrow this down, and what alignments/symbols/teachings do you think Mani or Nott might have?

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