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Hey so I'll be starting in a campaign at lvl 11 with a Gestalt character, and 43,000 starting gold (starting loot was randomized and I rolled low)........I'm defintiely looking forward to it, but I'm not sure where to go. I want to be a Chaotic good Warblade-Psion, but I have some restrictions on what I can use.....nothing 3.0, nothing setting specific other than greyhawk, and no online only resources....................oh and Leap Attack is banned.
.I know lots of restrictions, which is making it tough, I want to be a damage machine, crit-fishing sounds awesome......anyway....does anyone have any build suggestions or the like? I can't post what I have done at the moment, it is saved on another computer, but I have put some work into the concept and I'll post what I have once I get home.

Anyway, I am aware of the handbooks and looked over it, and I have seen this suggested as a powerful gestalt combination, but other than some minor stat synergy, I dont see what makes it particularly strong.....but jedi martial arting in dnd looks fun
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Punpun's the best you can get. :p

Gonna need more than that for a serious answer. Firstly, which system are you playing?


Oh duh....3.5

And no I'm looking for something less theory-op than Pun-Pun......and something less likely to sett of a DM bull-cheese sense.


I was thinking a crit fishing warblade-egoist psion, making sure to have psicrystal affinity, psicrystal containment and linked power, so I could link power Metamorphasis and fusion to make me and my psicrystal fuse into something silly while still using psion powers to break action economy....I know hustle is really good, as is temporal acceleration.....anyway, that's all I got.


alright......so, here is what I got so far, any help would be great:

stats (rolled, dex bosted from 16 to 17 at lvl 4, int boosted from 17 to 18 at lvl 8)-str-15, dex-17, con-14, int-18, wis-13, cha-9
flaws:inattentive, vulnerable
equipment-a +1 aptitude kukri in each hand (other stuff of course, but the aptitude Kukris are what is important for the whole dual wield crit thing)
feats (including bonus feats)
combat reflexes
improved critical (kukri)
two weapon fighting
improved two weapon fighting
weapon focus (mace, lilght)
lightning mace
linked power
blade meditation (tiger claw)
psicrystal affinity
psicrystal containment
extend power

lvl 1-Barbarian(lion totem)|Psion(egoist, change shape acf)
lvl 2-fighter|psion
lvl 3-warblade|psion
lvl 4-warblade|psion
lvl 5-warblade|psion
lvl 6-warblade|psion
lvl 7-warblade|psion
lvl 8-warblade|psion
lvl 9-warblade|psion
lvl 10-bloodclaw master|psion
lvl 11-bloodclaw master|psion

dancing mongoose
death from above
bounding assault
soaring raptor strike
iron heart surge
wall of blades
moment of perfect mind
sudden leap

blood in the water
leaping dragon stance

Note: I believe we are doing magic-psionic transparency, so these powers were selected with that in mind.

lvl 1:inertial armor, vigor, synchronicity, force screen, detect psionics
lvl 2:share pain, damp power, energy adaptation (specified), Empathic Transfer
lvl 3:hustle, Time hop, Touchsight, Dispel Psionics
lvl 4:Metamorphasis, Psychic Reformation, Freedom of Movement (Psionic), Intellect Fortress
lvl 5
psionic revify, anticipatory strike, major creation psionic, power resistance
lvl 6
temporal acceleration
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