Help finding hemeth.


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Hey everyone I'm currently running out of the abyss and the book says the only npcs that suggest going to gracklstugh are bupiddo and hemeth but I looked in chapter 3 like it says and don't see hemeth. I know I've probably looked right at it and missed it but if someone could provide an exact location for him it would be truly appreciated.

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I'm not sure this is the correct forum, since giving away spoilers for AL scenarios is a no-no.

On the other hand, if we instead consider this to be a general 5th edition thread, I can say...

... you'll find Hemeth in-game as a to-be-sacrificed captive of Bloppplippodd, the priestess of the Deep Father and daughter to Arch-priest Ploopploopeen.
... out of game you'll find Hemeth on page 48 under the "The Offering" heading, top right column. That's right, just the previous page from the mention you're talking about (the introduction of chapter 4)!

Do note that Hemeth has no other role to play. He's mentioned on page 48, 50 and 51, but just barely. That's it.

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