Help me "get" Forged in the Dark.

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We played the first session tonight. The group chose the Stardancer ("Matilda"). The crew consists of:

Ace, the Pilot, a military clone designed to be the perfect fighter for a next generation fighter who sometimes pushes their ship too hard (Exceeds Specs."
Goose, the Scoundrel, whose parents were murdered by the Ashen knives.
Liara, the Mystic, who was raised in a cult that was a scam until she actually presented powers and she escaped, leaving under bad circumstances.
Crank, the Mechanic, who has a history with the Wreckers but wasn't cold hearted enough to stay with them.
Ethan, the Stitch, who is a academic and doctor on the run from the Core Worlds.

During ship creation they determined that their ship was stolen, but not by them. Ace was sent out by his gangster boss to keep the ship out of sight for a while until the heat died down. Ace decided to sell shares in the ship (despite not actually owning it) and he and Crank are co-captains while the rest of the crew are hired help. They have allies in the Janus Syndicate and Hegemonic News Network but have made some enemies in The Wreckers, The Makers Guild and the Echo Wave Riders. The crew is known for being Savvy.

They meant to hand off the Aleph Key but found their contact dead in the street from "lead poisoning" with civilians looking at the body. One way up the street a car sat with driver and passenger smoking and waiting. The other way a gang of a half dozen thugs waited. While Ethan was resupplying the ship med bay in a local pharmacy a block away, the rest of the crew decided to just walk right past the body and into the bar, hoping to get to a car they had had stashed in the alley just in case (flashback). Goose managed to step in it -- literally, tripping over the body (double 1s) while the other three made it free and clear into the bar. Crank decided he needed to help Goose while Ace and Liara cajoled a waitress to lead them through the kitchen into the back. She agreed but not before signaling her syndicate boyfriend and his buddies. But at that point chaos was erupting in the street: while the two people in the car -- cops -- came up on Goose, the gang bangers started drawing iron. Thinking quickly, Stitch threw together a chemical smoke bomb from chemicals available in the store. He managed to clamber up a fire escape to throw it from and it succeeded in making cover for Goose and Crank but he got injured when part of the gang turned on him and he fell off the fire escape. Meanwhile, Crank tore open the security panel at the bar door and rigged his way into the system, shutting down the building completely. Ace and Liara were outside in the alley but the syndicate goons were trapped and couldn't jump them.

That's where we ended. it took about an hour and a half to complete characters, create the ship, and explain the rules. We played for another two hours ish. Everyone had a good time, though one player (Crank) had an especially hard time getting out of "D&D mode" regarding how he was engaging the game. By the end he got it.

I did my best to "say yes" as often as I could, but I did make the players engage the fiction first and then the mechanics. For this first session i did not overly worry about determining position and effect: everything was risky and standard until Goose rolled double 1s and then things got Desperate. We used Lead the Way, assisting, pushing and flashbacks, which isn't bad for just an hour of actual play. I feel like the players might be burning through stress but I'm trying not to micromanage them.

Overall it was fun and everyone seems to be looking forward to the second session next week. Thanks everyone in this thread that has helped me get FitD. I feel like it will be a fun and useful tool to have in my gaming toolbox.

Also: I probably laid the retro sci-fi noir on too thick, but I just finished watching Cowboy Bebop as inspiration.
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