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D&D 5E Help needed with Homebrew Hobgoblin

Dan Chernozub

First Post
MM and Volo provide nice ideas for the Hobgoblin leaders and special forces, they to my taste lack the middle ranks - veterans and elites that take those ranks between a soldier and a captain. I'm running a homebrew campaign and a Goblinoid Legion is one of the major powers in the region, so I've felt that I need more of the middle-ranked Hobgoblins.

My campaign is a first one 5e game both for me and for some of my players. One of the things I want to do is to show some of the options available in the game. So here comes Hobgoblin Elite - the showcase of the Polearm Mastery and Sentinel feat combo.

Hobgoblin Elite
HP 46, AC 17 (Half Plate)
Save proficiency: STR, CON.
Glaive (+4/1d10+2) and Blunt End (+4/1d4+2) or once with longbow (+3/1d8+1).
Martial Advantage (+3d6).
Glaive Master - Elite makes an opportunity attack when an enemy enters its reach or makes an attack against another creature while within Elite reach. Creatures hit with an Elite opportunity attack, drop speed to 0 until the end of the turn.
Steadfast - Can't be frightened while it can see an allied creature within 30 feet of it.
CR2 (450XP)

I've received great feedback on some of my ideas on this forums. What do you think about using monsters to showcase build options/tactics in general? What do you think about this exact monster - idea, CR, stats, special abilities?
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