Help to Revise my Battle Mage PrC


This is a class that i wanted to adapt from the RPG Hackmaster which im not sure howmany of you are aware of, if oyu are then you must ave noticed my name. any way, i appreciate any comments and constructive criticism. :)

Battle Mage
Feats: Combat Casting, Spell Focus (Evocation)
Skills: Concentration 8 ranks, Spell Craft 8 ranks
Abilities: 12 str, 12 dex, 12 con, 16 Int
Ability to cast 3rd level Acance Spells

Class Skills: Alchemy, Concentraion, Knoledge(All), Listen, Scry, Spellcraft, Spot.
2+int modifier per level
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: gains only simple weapons, but light and mediums armor proficiency.
BAB: wizards
Saves: Wizards

1: Spoils of a Hard Life, Spell Prepping, Spell Failure 5%
2: Chain Casting
3: Spell Failure 10%
4: Spell Jack +5
5: Simeulcasting 2
6: Spell Failure 15%
7: Greater Spell Focus(evocation)
8: Bonus Metamagic Feat
9: Spell Jack +10, Spell Failure 20%
10: Endure Battle

Spoils of a Hard Life: Due to the struggles of battle and the stress that it puts on the body and mind, Battle Mages suffer physically. Battle mages do not gain constitution bonuses to their hitpoints. Battle Mages also succomb to the effects of age faster than normal so that they age twice as fast as other characters. Battle Mages also get a +2 bonus when using skills when they involve Evocational Magic. And finally, because of the complexities of the Battle Mages abilities, they require moe experience and practice and thus get a -10% or a +10% needed im not sure which would be easier yet, modifier to their experience points.

Spell Prepping Battle Mages are able to bring any Evocation spell "online" which essentially means that they can hold a spell as a readied action. this spell can be held for the Battlemages spellcaster level +1 rounds. If interupted by an attack or other means,the Battle mage must make a concentration check of 15+2x the spell's level or the spell goes off onto the caster's square or dissipates 50% for each.

Spell Failure Battle Mages are more able to concentrate at the task at hand so they are more capable to ignore the hindrances of armor and concentrate on the task at hand. (Max25% gain every 3 levels)

Chain Casting Battle Mages can combine their efforts and their for cast their spells in unison as the equivalent of the Cooperative Magic MetaMagic Feat(T&B)

Spell Jack Speck Jack is an increase in the amount of spells that a Battle Mage can cast. A Battle Mage's Intellegence increases 5 points when determining Spells/dy and DC check of Battle Mages spell's, however, any extra spells/day gained can only be spent on evocation spells and any bonus to DC's apply only to evocation spells.
Therefore a Battle Mage of 4 level with a 16 int would count to have a 21 intelligence when determining the amoutn of Spells pre day, so their bonus spells would increase form 1/1/1 to 2/1/1/1/1 all which must be chosen from evocation. and the DC of evocation spells would increas form 17 to 19.

Simulcasting This ability allows the Battle Mage to take a full round action and cast multiple spells per turn. theses spells must be evocation spells due to the Battle Mages familiarity to them.(gained every 10 levels, max 4)

Endure Battle: Battle Mages become used to prolonged Spell Casting can gain the Endurance feat which can be applied to the Mage's Concentration check when it involves casting or holding spells.

Bonus Feat. the vattle Mage may choose a bonus Metamagic Feat.
or greater Spellfocus(evocation) or Spell penetration or greater spell penetration. the gain these feats at 8th and 16th level.


and i forgot to put spell level in, the gain spells levels as any previous arcane spellcaster 5wiz/1BM=6th level spell caster


No Trouble at All

First thoughts:

I don't think I've seen ability scores used as prereq's before. I'd suggest that it might be overly limiting.

Spoils of a Hard Life: There are a lot of pluses and minuses all mixed up in here. I'd suggest pulling them out into separate thematic pieces. Once you do, I think you'll find it looks like too much.
Suggestion: clarify the "Battle Mages also get a +2 bonus when using skills when they involve Evocational Magic." Do you mean on Concentration and Spellcraft checks? If so, say so.
Suggestion: Drop anything that changes experience point progression. I think that might have a sneaky balance effect that might be odd, plus a pain to keep track off. If you want to counter potential multiclass penalties to fighter, then do that. If you want to counter potential XP loss to item creation, then do that.

Spell Failure: "(Max25% gain every 3 levels)". This seems to contradict your chart both in the max and in the progression speed.

Spell Jack: "A Battle Mage's Intellegence increases 5 points when determining Spells/dy and DC check of Battle Mages spell's"
Do you mean all spells, Evocation spells, or spells on a Battle Mage list not included here?

just some starting thoughts,


Spoils of a Hard Life
- No con bonus to HP
- gain a +2 bonus on Concentration & spellcraft cheks involving Evocation
- age twice as fast as normal characters

Spell Failure continues on after 10 level and you gain at the same levels when you would gain a feat

Spell Jack the +5 only affects evocational spells. and when memorizing spells, you bonus spells are also increased. so if i had a 16 int, i oculd memorize 1/1/1 extra spells, but with spell jkack i would memorize spells as if i had a 21 int. 2/1/1/1/1 but any bonus spells gained so cn only be used for evocation spells