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Help with Alchemist Idea


Hello everyone,

So first off I'm still on my first adventure with my little alchemist, but I have a pretty decent idea of which direction I plan for his story to go. As much as I enjoy bombs and transforming myself into a hulking monster of doom, I am hoping that I can make my guy more of an "engineer" almost. The idea is to have him use constructs that he "built" as he grows in level and such. The only problem I am having is figuring how I want to go about this with not being able to actually construct in LPF. I looked at maybe doing Animate Object with permanancy to go about this a round about way, but this would require me to take classes that I don't think will go along with my story. Any advice or ideas on this would be great though I know I have a bit I'm sure before I can actually make hulking golems, I would like to have a clearer path for Devlin before I get to far along in his story.

Thanks for the help


It sounds like what you're really after is a PF version of the Artificer, though I'm not sure there's a good fit. You'd probably get closer with a re-fluffed Summoner than with an Alchemist, I think. If Brood Master weren't so woefully underpowered, I'd suggest that, since you could make your little eidolons all look like constructy thingamabobs, but I played around with that archetype a lot trying to make a concept work that had a fighty eidolon, sneaky eidolon, and skill-monkey eidolon, and the math gave me a massive headache.

Others with better rules-fu may have better suggestions, but that's about what I have.


Yea summoner was the only route I could really find for it really, but that doesnt fit my "I suck at magic" fluff at all. May just have to adjust the idea a little bit and see what I come up with. I was reading a few things about constructs that could fit possibly as I level up (like maybe starting with a small creature like a Iron Cobra or something) and just working my way up from there. Since I guess some things can be "crafted/bought" in the Pearl I could just keep throwing money at it as I level and hope I roll good enough to purchase the thing and just play it off as I made it instead. Or I just scratch the whole idea as it is and go with my Dr. Jackle Mr Hyde thing, though that one is hard to pull off not being able to have an evil alignment. Could go polar opposite and make him outrageously good and heroic =P To many ideas in my head to do them all sadly.
The only thing I know of that directly benefits construct creation is the Wizard, which can choose the Golem Builder discovery to get free feats that allow them to build a single type of golem. Coincidentally, you can also choose improved familiar to get a Homunculus or a Clockwork Familiar, but none of these options come in until later levels anyway.