D&D 5E Helping a player with a time manipulation class

Andrew Hanson

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Thank you all for the answers here. I will be taking this to him and we will be revisiting what he is creating. I will out up here a much better put together thing as we move forward. Hopefully this weekend!

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Dungeon Master of Middle-earth
This is where I'd start, or perhaps use this for inspiration.



Just use the Divination Wizard.

The concept is quite similar, you can reflavour the powers a bit, while keeping them mechanically the same.

Portent can be called "Time Mastery": The Timelord goes forth in time and sees what will happen, and because of that he can change the present.

I don't like what your player created at all. With a healer and loads of healing potions he never runs out of juice for their powers, when other characters can only cast those spells once or twice a day!

No no no no. Nope.

The DM should say Yes, sure... If it's something reasonable.
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