Blog (A5E) Here’s the Table of Contents from the Dungeon Delver’s Guide!

With the Kickstarter imminent (click here to be notified on launch!) we thought it was time to share the full table of contents from the book. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll also show a full list of traps sorted by challenge rating and monsters by challenge rating… but for now, here’s the table of contents!

Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 10.33.23 AM.png

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


Very cool. Much excite.

One thing I don't see in the list is the word "megadungeon." Will the book talk about the dungeon as the campaign? Or is it more geared toward smaller "incidental" or adventure specific dungeons?

@Morrus doesn't usually do stretch goals, if I recall correctly.
The Kickstarter for LU:A5E had stretch goals, but yeah they were all outside the main product IIRC: digital tools, zine content, etc. All cool stuff, but mostly just gravy on top of the main course, rather than expanding the main course.

I really like how Morrus/EN Publishinf has done its Kickstarters, because there’s almost no ambiguity about delivery. The product is already created, and the funds are mostly for printing. I mean, the A5E kickstarter was for like 1000 pages of content, and I recieved the PDF copies within hours of the KS ending. That’s a solid selling point, especially compared to KS horror stories.


Motley as in Mongrelmen?
I really hope so. Back in late '20, I started working on a "Demiplane of Dungeon" 5e (I haven't done much since them, though; I'm lazy) setting where one of the playable races were going to be mongrelmen. I called them the "evri" because "they have a little bit of everything in them" and they were going to be a common race, and one appreciated by the rest of the people rather than shunned like mongrelmen typically are.

If the motley are mongrelmen, then that makes it even easier to finish this setting using LU.


Am I missing something or aren't there any new regions or exploration challenges? As a GM that's half of what I was hoping to see out of this book... though the other half still looks awesome.

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