D&D 5E Here be Monsters: Godzilla!


Much like demon and devil lords who are not given stat blocks in 5E, isn't Godzilla beyond mortal measure?

I mean he's more than a monster, he's a force of nature. Essentially a primordial being.
Actually Demon Lords and Archdevils have stats in 5e and have for quite some time (OotA, 2015, had Demon Lord & MToF, 2018, reprinted the Demon Lords and added a few Archdevils).

That isn't really the point though. I enjoy making stat blocks. I like to figure out how to convert something to a stat block. Making Godzilla was particularly interesting because how to make 5e statblock that is mostly RAW, but still basically unbeatable (by PCs at least).
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Sure, and as @dave2008 said, you have the right of it. In D&D mechanics, though, a cone isn't 2D and someone who doesn't know much about Godzilla or who assumes that for D&D it's different, because it's written as cone, it will be a full cone. I think describing it as an a sweep in an arc, even without any height description, is a better way to write it.
I changed it to arc. I will leave it to the DM to decide if that is above or through the puny PCs.

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