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Well, that was fun
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Don't we just love GPG Day each month? I know I do! Anyway, here's the latest issue! Enjoy!

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Children of the Sun and Moon: The Chrysalians
Diminutive, insectoid fey that hail from the Dreaming, chrysalians are characterized by their impressive wings, much like the butterflies and moths they resemble. Some are exuberant bon vivants and charismatic performers, while others are subtle influencers that whisper in the ears of world leaders, hoping to sway their decisions in their favor. Many see chrysalians as illustrative of the Dreaming’s dual nature, manifesting both lively chaos and duplicitous deeds. By Jessy Mullins.

Pet Chaos 2: Pipes and Tactics
Every class deserves a furry (or feathery) friend. Listen closely and you may hear the sound of piping in the wind, accompanied by a squeaking and scratching that may melt your bones when you realize that a Pied Piper bard is coming your way to make restitution for past wrongs. Or send your gaze skyward and try to glimpse, far above the battlefield, the falcon of a War Falconer marshal helping its master to direct and control the movement of armies. By Boo Ludlow.

Magics of the Weary Tower: Spells of Exhaustion
Battle is more than a mere exchange of steel and blood; it’s a laborious, exhausting process that can wear down even the most hardened bodies. Drawing upon this erosion of strength, the Weary Tower was born. Through a set of firm principles, the Weary Tower teaches its students how to master the body and mind to empower their allies and crush their foes. By Cassandra MacDonald.

The Forest of Davek’dran

Deep in the Underland lies the Forest of Davek’dran. Giant mushrooms with stalks like tree trunks dominate the view and pieces of deep-dwarven architecture peek out amongst fungi of all colors. The gentle sound of water dripping can be heard echoing through the cavern and the chittering of bats is a soft constant. An inviting, spongy moss covers the floor of the cavern; however, scattered amongst it are bones and scraps of metal armor, a clear signal this place is not as idyllic and peaceful as it first appears. By Marc Kenobi.

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Nice - I'm looking at playing a Bard Warchanter/Herald making use of the Strife Battle Hymn from the Synergy Feat - is anyone able to give me a brief description of useful Strife stacking effects, because at the moment i'm looking at Dream only.

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