Kickstarter Heretic’s Guide to Devotion & Divinity is coming to Kickstarter on November 1 (free 20-page sample)

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Most of the time, the divine feels like little more than an afterthought in 5E. Too easily forgotten or ignored – something only clerics and paladins have a reason to care about.

Heretic's Guide to Devotion & Divinity seeks to set that right with more than 128 pages of divinely inspired content aimed at making the divine actually matter in 5E:
  • Rules & Guidelines to bring the divine to life, including ceremonies, rituals, & more!
  • Divine NPCs, Boons, Sacred Oaths, & Other Godly Rewards
  • Adaptable Religious Cults & Zealous Sects
  • 5+ Ready-to-Play Relic Hunts
  • 30+ Celestial Foes & Seraphic Monsters
  • 30+ Blessed & Profane Magic Items
Heretic's Guide to Devotion & Divinity launches on Kickstarter on November 1st, so if you’re looking for divine inspiration for your 5E game, look no further.

Check out Heretic’s Guide to Devotion & Divinity on Kickstarter now – and download this free 20-page sample of the book.

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