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Hero Quest Countdown!!!!!

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Guide of Modos
10 hours, 38 minutes until I get a friendly reminder that I've already graduated from board games to GMing.


Backing is now live and available. Of course I backed it lol.



Final Form
A few observations:
  • Female heroes. Neat. Also looks like Elf is defaulted as female, with the Male figure as a bonus
  • Are the doors and furniture unpainted now too?
  • Femurs are replaced with Abominations. Was this a copyright issue?
  • Is the unlockable Warlock an entirely new class? Sounds interesting
  • No mention of Chaos; Chaos Warriors replaced with Dread Knights. I'm guessing that's definitely a copyright thing
  • Huh, one of the artist statements talks about creating art for a Druid, but there's no mention of that anywhere else on the page

Halloween Horror For 5E