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WOIN HeroMuster Encounter Manager


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It appears the HeroMuster Encounter Manager is finished and running! I'm just trying it out now -- set up an encounter with four night elves, and ogre, and a mage. Seems super easy. I set up the encounter on the PC, then 'ran' it on my phone, so it looks like it will be easy to do my prep work at home, and run the encounters from my iPad when I game (the device syncing part needed a subscription, but it was just $12 a year or something). I'm going to give this a real try in my next game session.

(Note, I'm not affiliated with HeroMuster; just figure you guys would be interested in it; it has the whole online WOIN bestiary already preloaded, and you can add new critters or edit existing ones.)


Screenshot 2019-05-05 at 13.14.32.png
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