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Kickstarter Hex-tile map-making



This campaign features a "software + mapping content" combo that will let GMs easily create gorgeous full-color hex-tile maps for their tabletop RPG game sessions.

No drawing skill required. You'll be stamping down pre-made content created by professional artists.

The software is MapForge, which runs on Windows and Macs (exception: not on Catalina just yet, but that's in the works).

There are no shipping costs involved, since it's all digital downloads.

Funding goal: $1400

Start Date: July 25, 2020

End Date: August 22, 2020

Campaign link: Hex Tile content Add-Ons for MapForge mapmaking software

PS: Be sure to click on the various Add-On preview links on that page.

PPS: It's looking like both of the announced Stretch Goals will probably be unlocked, which would mean more free Add-Ons for all MapForge users (even non-backers)!

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