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Kickstarter Additional Features/Development for MapForge (map-making app)


One of the goals of my current Kickstarter, which launched yesterday, is to add support for exporting MapForge maps in UVTT format (useful for those using VTTs such as Foundry VTT, Roll20, Arkenforge, d20Pro, Fantasy Grounds, etc.).

Another goal is a better way to manage the hundreds of mapping content Add-Ons, so you can easily enable the Add-Ons you need for your current map while disabling anything that isn't needed, to maximize memory usage and speed up the workflow.

Stretch Goals, if achieved, will unlock additional features/improvements that will be voted on by the backers.

As usual, discounted MapForge licenses are being offered via this KS campaign, for those who don't already have one and would like to enable high-resolution output and larger maps.


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MapForge v1.3.5 used to only be available for backers of the above-mentioned Kickstarter campaign, but it is now available for anyone (from here). It adds the ability to export maps to Universal VTT (UVTT) format.

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