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ZEITGEIST High Stakes on a Train! Secrets are revealed in Always on Time for Roll20

Zeitgeist adventure four Always on Time is available on Roll20.


A 5e fantasy adventure for venturesome heroes of 6th level

Wherein a Lantern Heralds Dark Days​

The famous Avery Coast Railroad thunders along its week-long journey through the grandest cities of civilization. Among its roster of international passengers travel stowaways and scoundrels, slavers and spies—and one shadowy figure, bearing an invention that will illuminate the world and cast it into darkness.

Riding undercover, agents from Risur have one week until this invention falls into the hands of a sinister conspiracy. Before then, they must suss out who they can trust, and who's out to stop them. But on a train full of liars, will they be able to solve the mystery in time?

In Always on Time the PCs will:
  • Engage in naval combat
  • Find their targets in a train full of people with unique stories
  • Hunt dangerous beasts in the Malice Lands
  • Survive assassination attempts
  • Make deals with dangerous creatures
  • Reveal the secrets of powerful organizations
  • and abscond with their target

The Roll20 version of Always on Time includes the entire content of the 5e adventure, fully integrated into the platform. Included in the Roll20 version:
  • 11 encounter maps and 2 downtime maps with Dynamic Lighting
  • 71 NPCs and monsters linked to Character entries in the Journal, with Roll20 5th Edition OGL character sheets and clickable actions
  • 19 player handouts of art and information
  • Cross-linked handouts place characters, dice rolls, and the 5e Compendium a mere click away
  • Navigation links at the bottom of each handout let you read the adventure like a book from the external journal
The adventures of the ZEITGEIST: The Gears of Revolution adventure path up to this point include
  1. Island at the Axis of the World
  2. The Dying Skyseer
  3. Digging for Lies
Don't forget to pick up the ZEITGEIST Campaign and Player's Guides. It places the source books at the fingertips of you and your players and gives you extra tools to manage your campaign.

Keep an eye on the Ancris IT publisher page for information about ZEITGEIST and other products including upcoming releases, trailers, and more.

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