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Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Gamemaster

As a game master who has a 3D printer, I can produce a lot of interesting RPG products myself. So when it comes to gifts, they need to be unique enough that I can't easily make them myself. These products are sorted from least to most expensive. Click the title to purchase them on Amazon.


CZYY AOE Damage Marker ($13)
When using miniatures it's often a challenge to quickly and easily mark out the area effects of spells. Enter this damage marker, a transparent circle with all of the typical areas of effect clearly marked out. Just hold the template over the miniatures and you can quickly determine who dies and who lives!


CZYY Initiative Tracker ($20)
I can't stand managing initiative and every method I've used usually ends up confusing me or the players. This sword is the closest I've seen to an attractive solution that makes it very clear who goes first and last, with erasable flags you can remove or insert into the sword.


Stratagem Customizable GM Screen ($20)
Although this screen is nominally four Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons, it's a sturdy, foldable series of inserts that you can switch out yourself. The pictures on the front are also inserts and can be replaced, with four pages of content for players (facing out) and four pages of content facing the game master. It's also usable with dry erase markers, so if you need to mark up initiative or anything else you can easily write on the screen and erase it later.


CZYY 3D Combat Risers ($23)
When players start flying on a map, it quickly becomes difficult to track the relative elevation of everyone with miniatures. Enter these combat risers, which make it easier to visually identify who is on what level. It's worth noting that metal miniatures will probably be too heavy for these combat risers.


Hexers Role-Playing Game Board ($25)
This is a vinyl mat that folds up and works with dry and wet erase markers. Even better, one side is divided into hexes and the other into one-inch squares. I've used much larger roll-up battle mats, but they're unwieldy and difficult to pack. Best of all, it includes eight different kinds of terrain (four boards with two sides: cobblestone/parchment, white/tavern, wasteland/grass, sea/stellar). The containing box is about the size of a game book, which makes it easy to transport too.


Mini Pharoah's Cipher ($26)
Escape rooms often use a variety of ciphers and this one is a fun Egyptian variant that can be easily adapted to tabletop play for the enterprising game master.


Da Vinci Code Cryptex ($30)
For the game master who wants to provide a tactile element to her game, this awesome cryptex requires a code that can be set by the owner. It comes with two rings in elvish. The cryptex was inspired by the Da Vinci Code movie and has been since used quite a bit in escape rooms. Ignore the description of how this cool device is meant as a romantic gift -- game masters will know what to do with it!
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The damage marker thing is pretty nice, but for $45 you can get a full set of spell effects from Arcknight...


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The damage marker thing is pretty nice, but for $45 you can get a full set of spell effects from Arcknight...
I'd rather have many in one. I have a lot of arc knight stuff. I love their 2d flat plastic minis. But I am not a fan of their spell effects items. First, having to cut them out your self was disappointing given the cost, but then I find that because there are so many different pieces to dig through, we almost never use them.

I've been interested in getting a laser area-of-effect projector like Lumasight or Oracle Sight.


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I've got a thread on dice going that seems relevant...


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