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OD&D Holmes Ref: Reference Sheets for Holmes Basic Referees


Doomed Wizard

Holmes Ref is my slowly-accreting series of reference sheets for Holmes Basic referees. Since Holmes is in essence just a variant of OD&D (incorporating some rules from the Greyhawk supplement into those from the LBBs), it also usable with OD&D. The sheets are also modular so you may find tables within that are of use with other old versions of D&D, such as the Random Names table or the list of new One-Hit Point Monsters.

After working on the sheets for a few years, in 2017 I released Holmes Ref 2.0, an 18-page pdf compilation, which you can download for free from the Holmes Ref page on the Zenopus Archives site, along with each of the individual sheets.

Since then I haven't added to the series until now, with a new expanded Equipment table. It's set up to encourage use of the table as a default "town setting", by sorting the equipment by shop, and also sets up each mini-list as a table that can be randomly rolled on if a random piece of equipment is needed, for example, a corpse found in a dungeon.

Read more about it in this blog post:
Holmes Ref Equipment Sheet

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