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Tomorrow, with some of the regular gamers away, our DM wants to do something a little different----we will be having a god hunt (or them hunting us). In this endeavor, we will be playing PCs w/a total of 60 levels!

Well, my pc is going to be a Draegoloth/epic ranger/something else. I got the the draegoloth from that forgotten realms book w/the evil stuff in it. The draegoloth takes up 10 levels for its monster class. I'll also be taking 25 levels of Ranger (from the PHB & Epic SRD)---as to the other 25 levels, I'm not sure---maybe some scout & a little dash of druid. What I really need some help in is making/purchasing equipment----originally, we had a cap on the bonus of armor (+32) & weapon (+26) bonuses, but now we are free to go beyond that. We have 90million gp to work with. Of course we are playing tomorrow:/----My pc will be making use of multiple weapon fighting feats (& such). CAN ANYONE HELP ME GET THIS GUY EQUIPPED?

Another thing I thought of doing w/him is taking the feat out Drow of the underdark book that allows one to take a vermin animal companion---excatly what size of vermin companion would go w/my ranger? (I've come to realize it might just be easier to go w/a dire wolf:))

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I agree. Make a 60th level wizard.

Spend all the money on scrolls and bags of holding.

Give him some sort of magic item which grants him time stop a number of times per day.

He'll be unstoppable.


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  • either Fighter or Wizard for the first 20 levels for the extra feats.
  • Some Undead (say Vampire, Ghoul, whatever) for the 12HD/per level and CON is a dump stat now.
  • Cleric for 20 levels
  • Assassin enough to get death strike
  • make sure to have blink, improved invisibility, timestop, etc anything to get in the first blow because at this level that is usually the deciding factor.

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