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The growth thing sounds like it's best implemented by a racial feat, with prerequisites of the PC reaching a certain age (and perhaps spending X amount of time rooted in the ground, sort of a hibernating or nearly chrysalis stage they have to go through to undergo a major growth spurt?)

As far as the actual benefits of growth, that's a thorny (heh) question. Just eyeballing it, I'd give them the permanent benefits of an Enlarge spell (which is veeery roughly equivalent to a +2 Strength ASI) - the 10x10 footprint i see as a bit of a double-edged sword. Then, to make it a bit more interesting, I'd probably add +1 Con and a speed penalty. My instinct is a 10ft penalty, though that'd probably be too harsh if they have a base 25ft movement, so 5 might be the way to go. I just like the idea of the cactus-people becoming ponderous as they grow.

Not sure I'd allow PC cactuspeople to grow above Large. If nothing else, how many campaigns would last the many in-world years that'd be required for that to happen?

See my response to Kobold Stew above in regards to how I imagine the growth thing as part of lore rather than a mechanical benefit for PCs - however, anything can happen in D&D (like getting magically aged), so maybe a racial feat is the way to go (I would need to read some of those, never have in 5E)

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I don't get the reference. 🤷‍♀️

Cacnea and Cacturne are cactus pokemon. They look like cactus people or cactus scarecrows and have a signature move called Needle Arm where they bash does with their spiky arms to force flinch/cringe.

They also shoot their needles and like sucker punches. Basically jerk cactusfolk.


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