Homebrewed Creature: Palonbri


Not quite finished. Looking for feedback.

Also known as a cerebral jellyfish, this partially-incorporeal aberration resembles a humanoid brain sparking with electrical discharges, within the bell-shaped body of a translucent, jellyfish-like creature whose ectoplasmic proto-flesh appears to shimmer with ghostly flames that give it a sinister, otherworldly glow. Though it tends towards a somewhat sickly-green hue, a palonbri's glow can be of virtually any color. In addition to the ten or so thinner tentacles for grappling prey and manipulating objects, hanging from the center of the creature's ruffle-skirted underside are a pair of large, ruffled, inky-black tentacles that it uses to feed, preferring the life energies of sentient creatures to those of simple beasts.

Transformed by Death. Named for the reckless young alchemist who accidentally spawned the first of them during an experiment in self-transmutation which resulted in his/her death, palonbri (both singular and plural) reproduce in a similar fashion -- by causing the death of an intelligent humanoid and magically transforming a fragment of its spirit into a palonbri, which emerges from the humanoid's disintegrating corpse. The new palonbri often retains a few dim memories from its previous life, but these are often lost amidst the chaotic swirl of impulses that flood its consciousness.