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So this is a safe haven for your chars. Please keep them updated. If you want to make your DM happy, you could copy the layout of the characters in his sig, especially Tristram uth Rhys since he's gestalt too.

Let's recap character generation rules:
- Gestalt 5th level characters. You can double up on a class and get special bonuses.
- Fractional BAB/Saves rules from UA.
- LA races allowed only if you talked with me thoroughly.
- All good and neutral alignments allowed (the DM prefers them good)
- 84 points to spread among stats as you wish, +1 point at 4th level.
- Retroactive INT. For good and for bad, but it keeps me sane.
- Full hp for the first 5 levels.
- All books allowed as long as you give me some reference.
- Equipment:
---1 custom item (could be more if you give me good reasons) or special power up to 8400 gp. Make it something unique.
---5 items that you stole from Hopeless Island, out of PHB equipment chapter.
---No money.
---You are wearing either a shabby prisoner uniform or a the uniform of a guard of the lowest rank.
- The less rules-lawyering the better.
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Saxon Nusmaar 5th-level Druid
Neutral Good Medium Humanoid (Human)
Hit Dice: 5d8+5 (45 hp)
Initiative: +2
Speed: 30 ft. (6 squares)
Armor Class: 12
Base Attack/Grapple:+3/+4
Attack: +4 melee (scimitar, d6+1, 18-20)
Full Attack: +4 melee (scimitar, d6+1, 18-20)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: Spellcasting
Special Qualities: Human traits, Wild Empathy +9, Nature Sense, Animal Companion, Woodland Stride, Trackless Step, Resist Nature's Lure, Wild Shape 1/day
Saves: Fort +5, Ref +6, Will +8
Abilities: Str 12, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 19, Cha 14
Skills: Concentration +9/8, Diplomacy +10/8, Handle Animal +10/8, Heal +12/8, Knowledge (nature) +12/8, Listen +10/4, Spellcraft +10/8, Spot +10/4, Survival +14/8, Swim +9/8
Feats: Track, Spell Casting Prodigy, Alertness, Trathka, Endurance
Environment: Fesethk, Icemourne Mountains
XP: 10000/15000
Weight: 166lb
Height: 5'10'
Age: 25
Languages: Common, Druidic

0th: 6
1st: 4+2
2nd: 3+1
3rd: 2+1

Spells Prepared: (DC 15 + spell lvl)
0th- Create Water, Cure Min. Wounds, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Light, Mending, Read Magic
1st- Cure Lgt. Wounds, Entangle, Faerie Fire, Lesser Vigor, Pass Without Trace, Produce Flame, Silvered Claws, Summon Nature's Ally 1
2nd- Bear's Endurance, Briar Web, Bull's Strength, Flame Blade, Fog Cloud, Summon Nature's Ally 2
3rd- Call Lightning, Cure Mod. Wounds, Greater Magic Fang, Spike Growth, Summon Nature's Ally 3

Mzarem (Riding Dog - Big Wolf) Medium Animal
Hit Dice: 6d8+18 (66/66 hp)
Initiative: +3
Speed: 50 ft. (10 squares)
Armor Class: 20 (+3 dex, +7 natural), touch 13, flat-footed 17
Base Attack/Grapple:+4/+7
Attack: Bite +7 melee (1d8+4)
Full Attack: Bite +7 melee (1d8+4)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: Trip
Special Qualities: Low-light Vision, Scent, Link, Share Spells, Evasion, Devotion
Saves: Fort +8, Ref +8, Will +3
Abilities: Str 17, Dex 17, Con 16, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6
Skills: Jump +9, Listen +5, Spot +5, Swim +5, Survival +4 (+4 racial bonus when using scent)
Feats: Alertness, Track, Improved Natural Armour, Improved Natural Attack
Tricks: Attack (2), Come, Defend, Down, Fetch, Heel, Track, Work
Weight: 192lb(char)

prisoner's uniform
owl trinket
holly & mistletoe
+1 adamantine longsword

Description (prior to imprisonment, not much has changed really except for his possessions):

Saxon's hair is long, thick and dark brown. He usually keeps it tied behind his head though a small multitude of strands usually escape and fall across his face. His eyes are a greyish blue and he smiles a lot, very talkative with animals but gets shy around people. His leather armour is light grey in colour and fairly elaborate, over the top of it is worn a thick, woolen, ankle-length coat which is loose so as not to hinder mobility. His backpack has his shield and longsword strapped to it in addition to many little trinket like objects he has collected while travelling. His scimitar, a prized possession, is worn on his belt with a few other miscellaneous items which he uses in everyday functions. Though he keeps himself very tidy and neat, he seems to carry a feint smell of pine trees and snow.

Mzarem is a male albino wolf, and a big one at that. He is missing a couple of small patches of fur here and there, and carries a lot of scars, but otherwise he's very friendly with Saxon. Mzarem has a certain gleam in his eye, like that of a seasoned warrior, and is known to unnerve people he travels with by looking at them as though he were sizing them up for a fight.


Saxon doesn't like to think about his history much, its not an incredibly happy tale, it can be summarised as follows:

Saxon's parents were teenagers who ran away from their home in the south, their travels took them to the tiny village of Fesethk where they found a little place in the outskirts to live. Fesenthk was a northen frontier town, set in a harsh mountainous place where it snowed all year round. To their misfortune they had a child, and because of their struggling income they knew they couldn't afford such a thing. Unfortunately again, his mother died shortly after giving birth from falling to illness in her weakened state.

With what felt like his other half gone and all to replace it was another mouth to feed Saxon's father was incredibly unhappy. He worked himself to the bone trying to earn enough to raise a child but could hardly do so as a single parent and still care for his son. Also during this time Saxon and his father became aquainted with the druids of the region, and for a short period Gunther and a half-elf druid, Silnir, had a relationship. Though short-lived, when the relationship ended they left on good terms and remained friends. Silnir was like the mother Saxon never had.

A decade passed slowly and painfully into history and though only ten years old Saxon had learnt of true hardships of life and to treasure and care for what little he had. He was very mature for his age. His father realised that and thought that to turn their life around he could now safely go off adventuring and leave Saxon to look after himself, if not under the care of Silnir herself. Thus after a while, there had been no adventurer parties come through recently which he could join, Saxon bid his father fairwell as he went off towards the unknown to bring back great riches.

Time passed by and in his waiting Saxon wandered the wilderness around Fesethk, taking an interest in the terrain and its occupants. About three years sit themselves between when his father left and the current moment when Saxon finds that a female wolf whom he was friends with has had a litter of pups, he helps care for the somewhat large litter for a few months until they all are able to do their own thing. One whom he gained a special bond with was the albino of the litter whom he thought was a miracle of nature, this wolf had grown to be bigger than its siblings. It remained with Saxon through thick and thin and for another two years they managed to maintain themselves from the surrounding lands, and having very little contact with the actual inhabitants of Fesethk.

Soon enough though a greying man, almost oozing with righteousness and honour, showed up on his doorstep claiming to be his father's father. He was a paladin. After Saxon told him of his history that he could remember, his grandfather, named Taurreyl, said that he would stay here and help him out. It had taken him this long to track his son here so he would just wait now for him to return from his adventures. After some time getting used to the presence of such a person in his humble home, Saxon was advised by Taurreyl to inquire into joining the druid grove nearby, an opinion shared by Silnir who had always liked the thought of having Saxon apprenticed to her. He did so and was very happy about finding a group of people he could get along so easily with.The apprenticeship worked quite well and Saxon was very interested in learning the ways of magic, it fascinated him to no end. With his fervour for his new found faith he was soon initiated into the group, and their tattoos were applied to him all in the one sitting. Painful but a testiment to his determination.

Soon it became obvious that his father wasn't coming back, so Taurreyl gave Saxon a sword which was intended to be inherited by his father, it had been in the family for generations and though his beliefs barred him from using it Taurreyl implored that he carry it with him until he either found someone suitable to carry it or has a son who could take it from him.

Time passed by and the two became best of friends, though Saxon thought Taurreyl was too rigid and Taurreyl thought Saxon was too laid back. Eventually age caught up with Taurreyl and he died peacefully in his sleep, this was very distressing for Saxon despite it being painless. After a brief and heartfelt burial conducted by Saxon and fellow druids he went back to his normal way of life.

Briefly after his grandfather's death he was shaken by the death of his mentor, Silnir. To Saxon's understanding she fell prey to an unlikely foe, her brother Horlaen. Silnir and Horlaen had become druids at the same time and the bonds between them seemed strong. After Silnir took upon a student though Horlaen began to jest about her being too soft, or too merciful. These accustaions started to become serious, and Horlaen blamed Saxon for Silnir's change of heart, saying that Saxon should not have forced his weakling moral code upon her. It was quite the contrary though as Silnir saw a pleasant and refreshing train of thought in Saxon which didn't conflict with druidic teaching, she chose to adopt that attitude. Ultimately it led to her downfall as Silnir and her brother had to compete for a higher position. Horlaen had no qualms with disposing of his competitor, and thought best to cull her from the pack because he considered her weak. At a friendly meeting between the two siblings he challenged her to a fight to the death, she refused to fight her own brother and he subsequently killed her.

Saxon buried her as well, not far from his grandfather's grave. He went to see Horlaen and demanded to know what happened. Horlaen explained calmly what he had had to do, Saxon rebuked him for such heartless actions and though Horlaen defended his actions with his beliefs it was obvious he was pained by what he had done. Saxon swore vengeance and Horlaen had him expelled from the grove. Having no reason to stay he decided to wander away from it all, partly to put his past behind him and partly to find someone worthy of his grandfather's blade.

His travels took him far and wide, and for four years he wandered, learning, teaching and helping as he went. At one point, around the age of 21, Saxon was fortunate to make the acquaintance of the nymph Shenyalla, who lived in some woods near the town of Lowver. He made sure to keep in contact with the nymph as she always had a wealth of information concerning the condition of the region's environment. It was through Shenyalla that Saxon first met George Wilder, as the nymph saw benefit from the two knowing one another. It was at this point that Saxon discovered that the special connection he had with lupines had name. Shenyalla explained to him what being a Trathka was, and Saxon was pleasantly surprised that such significance was placed within what he thought was simply a talent. In exchange for enlightening him to his gift Saxon agreed to give George a tattoo of a bear's head, signifying his own connection with bears. Saxon had no real training in the area of crafting tattoos, but Shenyalla was aware of the tattoos involved in becoming a member of the grove of Fesethk, so she was inclined to request it of him. The process went quite slowly to ensure Saxon wouldn't make any mistakes, and during that time George and Saxon had the opportunity to get to know one another and speak of their travels. The two became good friends, and though their paths were not the same, travelling about the same region caused their paths to cross on occasion and they took these opportunities to update one another on the latest happenings over the campfire.

Saxon's first era of travel came to a close though in the city of Karanarr. He was only passing through, as the place was notably large and there was little for a druid's attentions there, but it was a brilliant place for tourism and there were some amazing things there he'd always wanted to see. Saxon did find use for his skills and magic while he was in the city, but unbeknownst to him there had been a string of grizzly murders by what people described to be a wolfen monster.

Saxon took it upon himself, being a Trathka, to investigate this string of murders before taking some well deserved leisure time. This turned out to be a bad choice, as the moment his afinity with wolves became known he came under the suspicion of the others who were working on the case. He made good progress nonetheless, but his results were tainted by the suspicion which surrounded him and his animal companion. In time he was basically working independant of the others, who had distanced themselves from him, but he didn't need their help anyway. After a couple of weeks (twice as long as he had originally intended to stay) he had tracked down the killer through the use of a number of his druidic techniques.

A young woman, cursed with lycanthropy, and who had no control over it. Her mother had been a prostitute and after becoming pregnant decided to keep the child, though she didn't know who the father was. As it turns out the father had contracted lycanthropy somehow, and the mother died of venereal disease leaving the child to fend for herself since her early teens. She had no idea what was happening to her as her lycanthropy had only surfaced recently. She would sometimes go wake up somewhere, covered in blood and unable to remember the past few hours. She had her suspicions, and as Saxon explained the situation to her it struck home with chilling clarity. She was mortified by what she had done. Saxon said there was a way to deal with it, but she would need to travel in order to consult druids more experienced than Saxon. He was willing to help her get there.

Little did Saxon know, another independant investigator was trailing him, having realised he was the best bet at finding the killer she discreetly kept track of his movements. The private investigator, a halfling woman by the name of Bel Firgate, had stumbled upon the conversation between Saxon and the werewolf, Jenna, and had listened in from the shadows. She was sympathetic to the situation, and herself undecided at what action to take next. But not an hour after they had the discussion, Saxon and Jenna were prepared to leave the city. Bel came to the decision she couldn't let Jenna escape, as the potential within for harming others was too great. A complex chase ensued, resulting in the escape of Jenna and the capture of Saxon and his companion Mzarem. Saxon was under the impression he had imparted enough knowledge into Jenna to get her to a druids' grove without incident.

During the trial the prosecution attempted to pin Saxon as the murderer, he didn't argue with the charge, and when the time came he even convinced Bel to testify that he was guilty. He was sentenced to Hopeless Island, and Mzarem was supposed to be killed, but managed to escape. Saxon spent a year on Hopless Island before orchestrating an escape with a few others.

The first inmate he met was an elf who had spent the past five and a half decades within the boundaries of Hopeless Island. Everyone only knew him as 'the elf', and tended to steer clear of him, so Saxon was at first a tad concerned at sharing a cell with the fellow. Upon meeting him though he seemed a perfectly reasonable individual, much to Saxon's surprise, as he didn't expect to meet a decent soul during his lifelong stay. He introduced himself as Peregrin, and Saxon found himself able to get along with him. As chance would have it, he was fortunate to find himself sharing a cell with fairly nice people, certainly not the kind of people you'd expect to find on Hopeless Island. Indeed it would appear that Nature's good will had a hand in his fate still.

It was especially surprising when George showed up on Hopeless Island a few months after Saxon's arrival. Unfortunately George's enquiries in Karanarr into Saxon's fate weren't appreciated, and to prevent the public discovering an innocent man had been sentenced to Hopeless Island they framed George for a series of fictional murders which supposedly had been performed by a bear. The city was still reeling from the previous serial killings and were all too willing to grant George the same fate as Saxon.

Saxon didn't declare his own innocense readily, and spent some time contemplating whether he deserved to stay, because even though he did not do the crime he was put here for it was not as though his hands were clean. In his own mind, he was certain he deserved some kind of punishment. Back in Karanarr, was he seeking the lesser evil, or the greater good? The two were not mutually exclusive to him, grey was always to be found between black and white as it were. Eventually he came to the decision that he would not solve any problems caused by his actions by sitting in a cell dwelling on things past. Saxon desired to escape.

Equipment. If Peregrin, George, Braedon and himself were to get out, it was likely they'd require some equipment to accomplish that. Once again it was Peregrin to the rescue, possessing a wealth of information that one could only acquire in an elf's life span. That and he looked younger than any of the other cell mates, which for an entity of over a hundred years age, Saxon was rather jealous of.

The Archives was the building they were looking for, and according to the fellow who had mentored Peregrin during his time here, it was the best bet for equipment. Apparently while the fellow was still alive he had snuck into the place and had a poke around. Saxon couldn't help but wonder whether sneaking into places he shouldn't got the old fellow onto Hope Island in the first place, but regardless was thankful for it. Once again he couldn't help but thank Nature for orchestrating things for the better.

Saxon's interactions with other inmates were disappointing at best, most viewed his lack of desire to be promoted from surfacer to miner as a weakness, thus he was often viewed as a means for others to get promotions. These people were sorely mistaken, as all four cell mates were experienced individuals in their own right, it soon became a wise move not to cross any of them, as that was equivalent to crossing the four of them. More often than not, when Saxon was forced to fight, summoning a flame blade or some wild animal was enough to scare off any would-be attacker, anyone who wasn't put off by that was put off by the nasty injuries.

The time came to get what possessions the group could back into their possession before their escape. To Saxon's pleasant surprise he was able to recover his backpack and collection of trinkets in addition to the most valuable prize, Taurreyl's sword. Something was different though, not long after donning his wooden owl pendant, he received a vision, the key to their escape. It so happened that to get onto the island one had to pass under a great marble arch, and anyone who had tried to flee the island through the arch had been turned to stone. In his vision raven's were attacking doves, but when the doves passed through the arch, followed closely by the ravens, it was only the ravens who turned to stone. It seemed innocence was the key to getting off the island.

Saxon explained his vision to the others, trying to remain confident about their escape. He felt that were he to doubt his odds of escape they wouldn't trust his vision, and he wouldn't wish for them to stay in this cursed place simply because of his own faults, so he tried to convince them. Peregrin turned out to be the most difficult to convince, something which Saxon could understand. After staying on Hopeless Island so long, how could it be that the means of escape was so simple? Even he was doubtful, but didn't show it.

That same evening they made their attempt to pass through the arch, and with the others he walked solemnly towards it. Oddly enough, Peregrin was the first one through, he threw himself through the arch joyously- to no effect. He landed on the other side unharmed and Saxon smiled, but his turn was next. He closed his eyes, calming himself before taking the critical step. Saxon opened his eyes on the other side, finding the arch had found him innocent. Saxon determined that whoever created that arch in times before memory had set criteria for the guilt of a crime, and either he was found innocent of the crime he wasn't sure he commited, or judged rightly innocent of the crime he was judged to be guilty of. He wasn't sure that he'd ever know.

His experiences on Hopeless Island taught Saxon of a different kind of nature. The primal and basic savagery within the sentient races, dark aspects of nature drawn out by the conditions of the island. He has incorporated his observations into his faith, widening his perspective and allowing him to grow in his wisdom. His first thought upon setting foot on the mainland was pondering Jenna's fate. To his surprise he found Mzarem waiting for him on the mainland, having followed him all the way to the coast and resided nearby waiting for Saxon's return. It was just one more thing in Saxon's book to be thankful for.

1. What is your full name?
Saxon Nusmaar

2. Where is your place of residence? Give a description of the place you live.
Saxon lived near Fesenthk, a frontier town which tends to have snow all year round.

3. Where were you born? Where did you grow up?
A cave outside of Fesenthk. Grew up in a modest hut which was continually extended upon for about a decade.

4. What are your father and mother's names? Are they still living?
Gunther Nusmaar and Ophelia Ittrik. Ophelia died of illness due to her weakened state and their poor living conditions shortly after Saxon's birth. Gunther left home when Saxon was ten and never returned from his adventures to find he and his son a fortune to live happily ever after on.

5. What are your siblings names? Are any deceased? For sisters, are they married? To whom?
Gunther had a brief relationship with a member of the local druids grove but no child came of it. It was extremely unlikely there would be older siblings because Saxon's parents were teenagers when he was born.

6. Any other relatives of note?
His deceased grandfather, Taurreyl, a paladin who was of some renown in warmer regions south. The closest thing to a relation he has which he knows of is his wolf animal companion, Mzarem, who is best described as a brother.

7. How do your relatives view you?
Before dying of old age his grandfather got along with Saxon quite well, nonetheless Taurreyl thought Saxon lacked a little in his discipline. All his relatives whom he knew thought kindly of him.

8. What is your current marital status?
Saxon is single, not looking but gets lonely at times.

9. What is your occupation? What made you choose your present occupation?
He wanders aimlessly through settled areas, doing good deeds where he can. He did this to put Fesenthk and his unhappy past as far away from himself as possible, though he'll never admit to running from his past and tells people his only reason for leaving is to find a person worthy to wield his grandfather's long sword.

10. How important is success in your occupation? How successful are you?
He assists farmers where possible to help crop growth, tend to livestock and other animals, odd jobs sparsely sprinkled with bits of adventure. He is surprisingly successful at these tasks but asks very little from those requiring his services.

11. How old are you? What is your birth day? 25 years old.
Born (I don't know how chronology works here so i'll just use numbers) 16th day of the 3rd month

12. Describe your general personality. What do you count as your own personal honor & morals?
Saxon is easy to get along with and pleasant to be around but doesn't talk about himself much. He enjoys a casual drink and chat on general subjects with anyone who'll share a table, but never reveals his personal history. After living with his paladin grandfather he has strong morals and a good sense of honour which are very similiar, but notably different, from the ones a paladin would have.

13. Do you have any fears or phobias?
Saxon fears people becoming close to him, because all people who have done so thus far have ended up dead, this includes the druid his father had a relationship with, though his grandfather recommended he join the grove it was Silnir who taught him their ways. Nonetheless, constant travel helps prevent extended relationships.

14. List some good qualities about you. List some bad qualities/vices/weaknesses.
Saxon is quite a bit of a good samaritan, always willing to help where he goes simply for the good feeling he gets from helping those in need. He also has very good hygeine. He is confident in his abilities and knows his own limits, though he can get quite agitated should he be pressed for information on himself. He's quite secretive, and this can lead to stubbornness on his part. He also can become shy and dislikes a lot of attention.

15. Is there anything you absolutely will not do?
Murder and theft are definitely things he doesn't look kindly upon.

16. What is your greatest triumph? Failure? Describe any personal tragedies.
What he believes is his greatest achievement is assisting his animal companion's mother in raising a whole litter of pups, all survived to become strong healthy adult wolves. His greatest failure, he believes, is being unable to prevent Silnir's death at the hands of a rival druid, simply because he thought the other druid to be an ally of hers.

17. What are your interests?(sports, music, art, hobbies)
Saxon collects small trinkets from places and likes to pin them onto his backpack. He also has an interest in magic in general.

18. Who has had the most direct influence on your life?
During the few years he was living with Saxon, his grandfather had the greatest impact upon him, because he had seen so much and had learnt some amazing things from it.

29. Who is your best friend? Who is your worst enemy?
Saxon's best friend would be his animal companion Mzarem, a large albino wolf. His worst enemy would be Horlaen, the druid who killed his mentor Silnir in competition for a place of power.

20. What do you do to relax?
To relax Saxon may play with Mzarem, read any kind of text he can borrow, ponder things or just sleep.

21. How were you educated? Did you go to a village tutor? Monastery? University? Apprenticed?
Apprenticed to Silnir

22. What skill do you feel you do best? What skill would you like to improve on?
Saxon feels he can do most things he knows fairly well. He'd like to know more about magic.

23. What skills do you have that you think are profitable? What skill(s) would you like to learn?
Being able to train animals, and heal the injured are his main sources of income. He doesn't think he needs to learn any totally new skills.

24. What is your religion? How do you view your religion? How important is it to you? How do you view other religions?
Saxon doesn't follow a specific diety but reveres nature in general. He won't go out and actually preach his faith to people but, and relies on people coming to him

to find out by their own choice.

25. Have you ever considered your own death? What sort of afterlife is in store for you?
Saxon has no real fear of death, though he would prefer not to and avoid it where possible, this acceptance of death comes mostly from his druidic teachings.

26. Any fears about traveling? Do you get seasick?
Saxon has had extensive experience in the area of travel and doesn't mind it at all, though he has never gone on an extended voyage over water so he doesn't know whether or not he would get seasick.

27. What are your long term goals?
Saxon's long term goals: Find out the fate of his father. Find a person worthy of Taurreyl's sword. See as much of the world as is humanly possible.

28. What are your short term goals?
Earn enough money to support himself and Mzarem.

29. What are you willing to do to attain these goals?
He'll use just about any ability at his disposal, within reason and his own moral code, to achieve his goals.

30. What is the most important thing to you?
Allies. Saxon looks after lose who look after him.

31. What is your height and weight?
5'10", 166lb

32. What do you consider your most valuable physical asset?
His spellcasting ability (if that can be counted as physical) followed closely by health in general.

33. What sort of clothing do you typically wear? What quality is it?
Clothing size (S, M, L, XL) = M
(before imprisonment) Saxon wears leather armour which is light grey in colour and fairly elaborate, over the top of it is worn a thick, woolen, ankle-length coat which is loose so as not to hinder mobility. His backpack has his shield, longsword and club strapped to it in addition to many little trinket like objects he has collected while travelling. His scimitar, a prized possession, is worn on his belt with a few other miscellaneous items which he uses in everyday functions. Though he keeps himself very tidy and neat, he seems to carry a feint smell of pine trees and snow.

34. Hair color, length, and style-
Saxon's hair is long, thick and dark brown. He keeps it tied behind his head though a small multitude of strands usually escape and fall across his face.

35. Eye color-
His eyes are a greyish blue.

36 Handedness-
Right handed

37. How attractive do you consider yourself to the opposite sex? How attractive are you really?
Saxon is a handsome man in his mid-twenties, but is too withdrawn to socialise on a romantic level.

38. Any birthmarks or scars? For scars, how did you get them?
A few scars from living it rough, nothing big.

39. Do you have any tattoos? Where? Why? What do they look like?
Upon joining the druids grove of Fesenthk he was given three tattoos, one which takes up most of his back and one on each arm, halfway between the elbow and the shoulder. The one on his back depicts a complex tangle of vines, growing from the base of his back up, these vines are dark green, extremely thorny and savage looking at the base but become lighter and 'nicer' in appearance as they progress eventually ending in red rose buds, except for one blue rosebud on the back of his neck. The tatoos on his arms are intricate celtic-like patterns which run around his arm and are aproximately an inch wide, they resemble a complex arrangement of thorns. These tatoos were all done in the one sitting.

40. Do you wear jewelry? What?
He wears a necklace composing of a leather string upon which is a small wooden owl of basic craftmanship. A gift from a child whose cat he had saved from being trampled.


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Elven Male, Monk/Fighter 5
XP: 10,000/ 15,000 for level 6
Alignment: LG

Size: M (5'5", 117 lb)
HD: 5d10
HP: 50
Initiative: +5
Speed: 40ft
AC: 19 (10 +5 dex +4 insight)
ff: 14 t: 19
BAB: +5


Fortitude: +4
Reflex: +9 (evasion)
Will: +7 *

* +4 vs enchantment effects


unarmed strike / Laerad (+11 atk, 1d8+3 dmg, 20/x2, bludgeon)
Laerad, reach (+7 atk, 1d8+3 dmg, 10' reach, bludgeon)
flurry (+10/+10 atk, 1d8+3 dmg, 20/x2, bludgeon)
flying kick (+13 atk, charge, 1d8+1d12+3 dmg, 20/x2, bludgeon)
thrown dagger (+10 atk, 1d4+1, 19-20/x2, 10' range, pierce)


balance +9**/2
climb +7/6
diplomacy +3/3
escape artist +13/7
hide +8/3
intimidate +2/2
jump +15**/8
listen +6/3
move silently +8/3
spot +6/3
tumble +13/6

** +5 with Laerad


weapon finesse (1st)
flying kick (3rd)
power attack (ftr 1)
weapon focus: unarmed (ftr 2)
weapon specialization: unarmed (ftr 4)
improved unarmed strike (mnk 1)
stunning fist(mnk 1)
combat reflexes(mnk 2)

Racial Abilities:

+2 dex, -2 con
immunity to sleep
+2 save vs enchantments
low-light vision
weapon proficiency
+2 listen, search, spot
auto search

Class Abilities:

bonus feats
unarmed strike (1d8)
flurry of blows (-1/-1)
wis+1 insight bonus ac
speed +10'
still mind
ki strike (magic)
slow fall (20')
purity of body




Laerad - staff of the world tree

This piece of unassuming looking wood is actually and icredibly versatile tool in the hands of one who knows it's name and who has shared blood with it. It serves as an extension of the users form, and can serve a variety of purposes. As a weapon it functions as an extension of Peregrin's own body, dealing damage as his unarmed strikes. It can lengthen to serve as a vaulting or balancing pole, or shrink for easy concealability. While it is touching his body, it is a part of him and does not detect as magical.

-multiple forms (3" - 15')
-staff (two handed, finesseable, trip weapon, natural ki)
-long staff (two handed, reach (10'), trip weapon, natural ki)
-vaulting pole (+5 to jumps with running start)
-balancing pole (+5 to balance)
-move equivalent to switch forms

daggers (2)
50' hempen rope
grappling hook
flint and steel

guard's uniform


Peregrine is a tall, thin elf. He is nearly half way through his second century and still looks youthful despite his long prison sentence. His years of enforced labor have made him somewhat stronger than usual, but the substandard nutrition has left him frail. He moves with grace and assurance, gazing about himself constantly with his sharp green eyes.


Peregrine wasn't always called that, but he hasn't bothered with his real name in decades. As a child he was wild and somewhat impetuous, and often got himself in over his head with trouble. His family lived in a small elven quarter in the otherwise entirely human city of Milos. It was a strange experience for him, growing up in a city that changed so quickly while he remained the same. His parents and elder brother were always kept busy with their own lives, and as soon as he was old enough to fend for himself, much of his time was spent roaming the streets of the city. He wasn't neccesarily a very law abiding child, but was never malicious or cruel.

As he neared his 75th year, the city began to take on a decidedly unfriendly attitude towards Peregrine and his family. Rude names were painted on the walls in his neighborhood, windows were broken and anything left in the street was as good as gone. His parents lost their jobs and were forced into the most menial labors. Humans called out insults as he walked the streets, which was confusing and hurtful to the young elf. These were the same people who had been the children that he had played with in years past, but now they were full of hate and fear. His brother was attacked and murdered one night in an alleyway. The city was becoming a dangerous place.

However, the winds of change were in the city once again soon enough. This time there was a voice of reason crying out among the voices of hatred. A single city counselor had taken up the plight of the elves as his personal crusade, preaching tolerance and understanding. He was the eldest of the counsel, and despite the raging xenophobia in the city, his calm and careful message began to spread. He was a beloved politician, and people began to listen to him. Peregrine heard the counselor's speeches given in the market square and heard people whispering his name and message to each other in the streets. Some people still shouted epithets at him, but they were becoming less common. However, there were forces at work in the city that did not want the elves to regain their old, respected status.

It was the night just after Peregrine's 90th birthday. He was wandering the streets that evening, as he was used to. He enjoyed the peace and calm of the empty city. He heard a sharp cry coming from around the next corner, and he ran to check on it before he had thought his actions through. He came upon a gang of four humans, standing over the corpse of another, older man. The counselor's politics had made him unpopular with certain powers, and he had been removed from their path. Unwittingly, Peregrine had provided the perfect finishing touch to their plot. The four men seized him and pushed a bloody knife into his hand before knocking him out cold with a blow from behind.

When he awoke he was in a cell, the elven hoodlum who had murdered the city's beloved counselor. The city cried outrage at such a deed. The counselor had been too kind-hearted to see the true evil lurking inside the elves. What kind of monsters would kill the man who stood to benefit them the most? There was a short, mockery of a trial. No magic of any kind was employed to reveal the truth. It was simply the word of one young elven boy against the word of the four respected citizens who had found him standing over his victim and apprehended him. He was found guilty of course, and sentenced to the worst punishment available, Hopeless Island. He would not be there to see the after effects of the counselor's murder on the elven population of his city. Perhaps that was for the best.

His arrival at the prison on Hopeless Island was almost anticlimactic after the furor surrounding his arrest and trial. One more murderer on this island was nothing special. They simply unloaded him from a cart and dragged him inside. He had barely a glance of the exterior of the island, but what he could see was cold, grey and uninviting. He was thrown enceremoniously into a cell, and the door was swung shut behind him and then locked with a sound of deathly finality. It was night, and no light shone through the bars in the wall. The young elf huddled against a wall and cried himself to sleep in the darkness. In the morning stale water and staler bread were thrust through a slot at the bottom of the door. But the door itself remained closed, and nobody spoke in response to his questions. This continued for enough days that he lost count. He saw nobody, spoke to nobody, and except for the twice daily feedings, he heard nobody. He was sure he had gone mad when he heard the door open one day. He thought himself rescued, freed from his horrible fate, but the guards just seized him and took him to a different building and a different cell. This cell was larger, and the harsh rays of the sun filtered into it, revealing an old man stretched out on one of the cots.

The man was obviously sick, coughing often, flushed from fever and dripping with sweat. The elf, glad to not be alone any more tried to wake him, but could never get more out of the man than a state of fevered dilerium. In his fever dreams the man saw someone else and constantly pushed at the elf, saying "Leave me alone, Perry." Afraid of being left alone, or perhaps worse, with only a dead body for company, the young elf did his best to care for the man in his sickness. A few days passed and the man seemed much the same, but he was still alive at least. He always refered to the elf as Perry now, and Perry had begun answering to that name in turn. Perry shared his food and water with the old man, going short on his own rations. He wiped at the man's forehead and spoke to him often, hoping to awaken some spark of life. It was a long, wearying time for Perry. However, one day the man did break from his fever and was soon recovering nicely. The old man asked for his cellmate's name, and Perry explained about his new name. The old man winced, then tried to hide it, finally accepting the name for his new friend. Thus did Old Man Dannyn meet Perry and a great friendship was born.

With Dannyn on the mend, Perry was able to explore more of his new home. Nights were spent locked in the cells, and much of the day was spent laboring. Until now, Perry had only been out of his cell to go and fetch food for himself and Dannyn or to do his work in the fields. This did have the side effect that he had avoided notice by most of the trouble makers. Now that he had joined the larger prisoner population, he began to attract attention. His old curiosity flared up again and once again served to get him in trouble. Some of the worst inmates tried to intimidate him into subservience, and when he tried to stand up to them he was severely beaten for his efforts. He crawled back to his cell where Dannyn patched up his wounds. This was to happen a few times over the next few weeks. Strangely enough, nobody ever tried to strong arm the seemingly weak old man, and one night, Perry asked him why. Thus did Perry's lessons under Old Man Dannyn begin.

Lesson one was don't cause trouble. Dannyn spent the next year trying to get Perry to fit in better with the other inmates. It was tough for the naturally wild-hearted elf, but he eventually came to realize that not rocking the boat was the easiest path to survival. It did take a few more beatings, but Perry did learn. He was a model prisoner from then on, respectful to the guards and inmates, never complaining and never sticking his nose where it did not belong. He worked hard and kept away from known trouble makers. Eventually this behavior became second nature.

Lesson two was avoid the trouble caused by others. This step took even longer than the last. Dannyn came up with a rigorous excersize regimen for Perry, and made him keep to it every day. It was difficult in the cramped confines of the cell, but Perry kept up. He stretched and tumbled and balanced and ran in very small circles. All this made Perry lean and quick. He was still growing, and years of these excersizes kept him trim and fit and made him grow up strong.

Lesson three was to always end the trouble that cannot be avoided. This was Dannyn's last lesson for Perry. It could not be taught until the first two were mastered. In this lesson, Dannyn taught Perry how to fight, how to defeat enemies much larger than he was. He taught the elf the theory behind all the weapons that as prisoners, they could not get their hands on, and far more importantly he taught the elf how to make his own body into a weapon. This training was far more intensive and laster longer than either of the previous steps. Still Dannyn refused to teach Perry how to win a fight until he had learned how not to fight in the first place.

By this time, Perry had grown into his adult height, and had become one of the most powerful of the inmates. He never caused trouble in the yard, but whenever someone was foolish enough to push a conflict, it always ended badly for that person. However, the intervening decades had not been nearly so kind to Dannyn. The old man had become ancient, and was once again nearing death. Only this time, there was nothing that Perry could do about it. They spent Dannyn's last few nights staying up late talking about their old lives by the light of candles begged from some of the older guards who had known the pair longest. Perry, the original that is, had been Dannyn's son and who he had seen in his fever dreams so many years ago. Dannyn's son had gotten into some trouble with some very nasty criminals. Dannyn was blackmailed into assisting in a theft in exchange for his son's continued good health. However, the plan went awry and Dannyn was caught and thrown into Hopeless Island. The memories of losing his son were still painful to him, but he did not begrudge the elf his new name, indeed Perry had become a new son to Dannyn in many ways.

The night that he finally passed away, Dannyn called Perry to him for some final words of advice. Dannyn lifted his plain, wooden walking cane off the ground near his cot and pressed it into the elf's hands. "Keep this with you always. It's name is 'Laerad', and it is much more than it seems." Then Dannyn peeled a splinter off the side of his cot and jabbed it painfully into Perry's hand. A spot of blood welled up, shining bright red in the last of the candle light. The drop of blood flowed down Perry's hand and into the polished wood of the cane where it was absorbed in a few seconds. Dannyn lapsed into silence for a few moments before speaking one last time. "Never lose hope." Dannyn died as the first rays of a new dawn broke the horizon and shone into the room.

As soon as the guards unlocked his door, Perry picked up the body of his master and walked out to one of the fallow fields. He did not join the other inmates for breakfast, and spent the time burying Dannyn instead. He dug into the earth, with tears streaming down his face. Finally he lowered the body into the grave, wrapped in the cot's blanket. He shoveled the soil back and then stood in silent reverie over the final resting place of Dannyn. His tears dried in the wind as he stood there, and then the silence was shattered by the cry of a falcon nesting in the crags of the island.

When he returned to his empty cell that evening, he fell into his cot, but could not find sleep. He reached over and picked up Laerad, holding it in his hands and gazing at it in the moonlight. Dannyn had said to keep it with him always, but the guards would never let him carry such a convinient club. Perry had always been surprised that Dannyn had gotten away with it, but he supposed the guards assumed the old man too weak to be a threat. Even as he pondered how to keep the cane hidden, it began to shrink in his hands. At first he assumed it to be an illusion in the poor light, but soon it was too small to deny it's new size. His hands trembling, Perry held the small stick in his hands. He reached up and wove it into the top of his braided hair. Then he lay down and fell into a deep sleep.

Perry was to spend 35 more years on Hopeless Island before his life was to again to undergo a drastic change. He lived alone in his cell, and most of the other prisoners ignored him, or quickly learned to do so upon their arrival. The inmates just named him 'the elf' and let him go about his business. His days varied little and flowed into each other. Nights were spent excersizing in the confines of his cell, meal times were short and spent in silence, when he was ordered to work, he did so quickly and efficiently. However, he lived for the short times snatched between the activities. He learned ways to go where others were not, and continued his training under a new master.

Whenever he could, he would sneak away to the crags near Dannyn's grave. He watched the falcons nesting there as they floated over the island. He watched as they streaked downwards to grab whatever prey they could out of the fields. He began training himself to be like them. He learned to watch patiently before striking, and to be sudden and sharp when movement was needed. He spent much time attempting to climb the pinacle on which they lived. The rocks rose sharply and were smooth, and wet with seaspray. However, he strove ever upwards. He would only stop when his hands, bloodied from scrapes and cuts, would let him go no more. Eventually he managed to attain the heights, he learned to use Laerad as a tool to assist him, bracing his body as he climbed or jumped, and providing balance on the narrow peaks where he perched. He watched the island from the heights, and resumed his excersizes while standing on a spire of rock barely as large as his feet. He had found a new, demanding master, but his skills grew ever onwards.

35 years passed this way, with little change. Until one day, he returned to his cell at night to find three new cell mates. He was surprised, having been alone so long, but the island had gotten crowded. They asked him his name, and he replied out of habit. "Per. . ." it had been decades since the old man had passed on, and yet the name still sprung so easily to his lips. He thought briefly of his new inspiration and continued. "Peregrine. You may call me Peregrine." He rarely associated with the other inmates, finding their criminal natures distasteful. These three all claimed to be innocent of their crimes, but then so did every other murderer, rapist and thief on the island. However, there was a ring of sincerity to these tales that the other inmates did not possess. Peregrine found himself sharing his own tale with the others, who like wise found it believeable. He fell in with his new friends and showed them around his home, teaching them the way of things. He didn't know if it was the temporary nature of their human life spans, or the fact that they were further along in their lives than he had been upon arrival, but they all seemed determined to escape. Peregrine had spent 55 years watching the occasional prisoner attempt escape, and die trying. The guards didn't bother much, but there were mystical guards of brutal effectiveness. Still they were determined to try, and Peregrine shared the tales of failed escapes for their planning.

In telling these tales, Peregrin discovered that he had learned much more of the island and its functions than he had thought. He was able to tell where the guards were at what times, and where the guards gear was stored. He shared with them a tale Dannyn had told of how to get into, and then out again, of the Archive, where each prisoner has certain objects locked away by the guards. The others' excitement rubbed off and he found himself falling in with their views. Still, they had no way past the mystical guardians of the isle. The druid, Saxon claimed to have a plan, and so Peregrin went along. They lifted gear and clothing and gathered it outside where nobody would find it. They had great success with guards looking the wrong way or miscounting inventories. They were never seen, their acitivities were ignored, and their stash was never discovered.

Finally the time came for escape. They gathered together, and took what gear and food they needed. Then Saxon explained his theory. There was a great white arch into the bay that all prisoners passed through on their way onto the island. The arch was open and unguarded, but Peregrine had seen prisoners attempt to leave through that way. They were turned to statues as they passed through the arch, and their shattered remains stay sunken to the bottom of the bay. Saxon explained that he believed their innocence would protect them from the enchantment. It was designed to keep criminals on the island, and no-one else. The others readily accepted this idea, and set off for the arch. Peregrine trailed behind them, far less certain. He had seen first hand the effect and was not sure of Saxon's plan.

Finally, as they neared the archway, he chanced to look up at the marbled structure, just as one of the island's hawks winged it's way under the arch, and safely out the other side. Struck by inspiration, Peregrin came to a realization. "Lesson four. . . Never lose hope!" He shouted this at the top of his lungs as he and his new companions sprinted the last few yards to the archway. He was smiling widely, and tears of joy were streaming down his face as he flung himself through the arch and into freedom, and the fourth great phase of his life.

1. What is your full name?
Born as Thaniel Lyrrianessen, he now only goes by the name Peregrine.

2. Where is your place of residence? Give a description of the place you live.
Peregrine is formerly of Hopeless Island. . .currently of no fixed abode. He lived in a small cell in the prison block.

3. Where were you born? Where did you grow up?
Peregrin was born in the port city of Milos, the bustling capitol of the nation with the same name.

4. What are your father and mother's names? Are they still living?
Feiran and Kyree Lyrrianessen. Peregrine does not know of their fate after his imprisonment.

5. What are your siblings names? Are any deceased? For sisters, are they married? To whom?
Peregrine had one brother named Kessel, but he was killed an anti-elf attack before Peregrine's imprisonment.

6. Any other relatives of note?
None known to Peregrine.

7. How do your relatives view you?
When he was alive, his parents had little time for him, but were generally kind and warm towards him. However, he has not seen them since his arrest. They were not present at his trial.

8. What is your current marital status?

9. What is your occupation? What made you choose your present occupation?
Prisoner/Slave Farmer. He didn't really have much say in the matter.

10. How important is success in your occupation? How successful are you?
Working hard, and being seen to do his fair share was important to Peregrine, and he did these things. But beyond that, he did not see his activities as important.

11. How old are you? What is your birth day?
Peregrine is 145 years old, born on the first day of the last month of the year.

12. Describe your general personality. What do you count as your own personal honor & morals?
Peregrine is still very inexperienced in the ways of the world outside, especially as it has presumably changed over the last 55 years. He is a very focused and organized person, used to living his life in a box. He is also prone to acceptance of bad situations and negative thinking. However, he is trying to correct this aspect of his outlook. In his personal code, inequality is a great injustice, and he has a great dislike those who claim to be better than others because of their powers or physical strength.

13. Do you have any fears or phobias?
Peregrine has a small fear of being truly alone as he was when he first arrived on Hopeless Island. As he has aged, this fear has mellowed and he is fine for hours at a time, but it is likely to resurface if he has no contact with others for extended periods.

14. List some good qualities about you. List some bad qualities/vices/weaknesses.
Peregrine is a deeply loyal friend and a generous soul, but is prone to innaction unless spured on by more impetuous people.

15. Is there anything you absolutely will not do?
Peregrine has never had his limits tested in a real crisis, but he will certainly not condone murder, torture, rape or any of the other things that his fellow inmates from Hopeless Island were convicted of.

16. What is your greatest triumph? Failure? Describe any personal tragedies.
Peregrine's life doesn't have many triumphs. The first time he made it up one of Hopeless Island's obsidian spires was important to him psycologically, but of little practical effect. Gathering the will and confidence to leave Hopeless island is also an important victory for him. He still feels that he failed his family in being jailed for a crime he did not commit, but does not know of any way he could have avoided it.

17. What are your interests?(sports, music, art, hobbies)

18. Who has had the most direct influence on your life?
The conspiritors who had Peregrine jailed on Hopeless Island obviously had a great effect on the course of his life. Later, Dannyn changed much of Peregrine's world view and trained him to become the elf he is today.

29. Who is your best friend? Who is your worst enemy?
Peregrine had a great friend in Dannyn, but since his passing has socialized little. However, he now has a trio of close friends in Saxon, George and Braendon, but George's wilder nature sometimes wears on Peregrine's organized attitudes.

20. What do you do to relax?
Meditate, or simply watch the skies.

21. How were you educated? Did you go to a village tutor? Monastery? University? Apprenticed?
Peregrine had some standard education as a child, taught by another elf whom his parents hired to tutor him. Since then, most of his physical training came at the hands of Dannyn.

22. What skill do you feel you do best? What skill would you like to improve on?
Peregrine is very confident in his jumping ability, which allows him to soar like his namesake, albeit for a much shorter time. He would like to become a better climber, so as to be able to attain the same high places as the birds.

23. What skills do you have that you think are profitable? What skill(s) would you like to learn?
Little of Peregrine's education has any profitable application, but he would like to learn to craft the things of beauty that he recalls from his childhood, but has not seen since his imprisonment.

24. What is your religion? How do you view your religion? How important is it to you? How do you view other religions?
Peregrine does not think about his religion much. He was raised under the auspices of the elven gods, but he has not practiced his religion for many years.

25. Have you ever considered your own death? What sort of afterlife is in store for you?
On occasion, Peregrine has considered his death through violence, but as an elf, old age still seems an eternity away. He hopes for peace after death, but he does not know what awaits him.

26. Any fears about traveling? Do you get seasick?
Peregrine has not traveled in a long time, but doesn't seem to have any fears associated with it.

27. What are your long term goals?
Peregrine hopes to continue his training, find what became of his family and perhaps seek justice, or at least the exposure of the truth from those who had him jailed.

28. What are your short term goals?
Survival, experiencing all of life that he has missed over the past 55 years.

29. What are you willing to do to attain these goals?
Some are more important than others. But it is unlikely that he will give up on his quests for anything.

30. What is the most important thing to you?
Peregrine values his focus over much else that he possesses. If he loses his path, he will lose himself.

31. What is your height and weight?
5'5", 117 lb

32. What do you consider your most valuable physical asset?
Peregrine is justifiably proud of his speed and co-ordination, but recognized the value of keeping all aspects of his body in good condition.

33. What sort of clothing do you typically wear? What quality is it?
Usually nothing more than a prisoner's smock, Peregrine is currently wearing the pants and tunic stolen from the guard supply, with the insignia ripped off.

34. Hair color, length, and style-
Peregrine's hair is a dirty blonde, that will probably brighten as he is able to clean it more. It has not been trimmed in decades and flows down his back in a single long tail that is braided very loosely.

35. Eye color-
His eyes are the traditional bright, elven green.

36 Handedness-
Peregrine is mainly right handed

37. How attractive do you consider yourself to the opposite sex? How attractive are you really?
Peregrine has had very little exposure to women, especially elven women, over the years of his adult life. When younger the other prisoners often made fun of his slight build and pure complexion, and none of that has changed much. If he were to consider this issue, he doesn't think he is very attractive at all.

38. Any birthmarks or scars? For scars, how did you get them?
Peregrine has no birthmarks, but the palms of his hands are covered in a network of fine, white scars caused by repeatedly climbing the sharp, obsidian crags of Hopeless island.

39. Do you have any tattoos? Where? Why? What do they look like?
Peregrine has no tattoos.

40. Do you wear jewelry? What?
Peregrine does not wear or possess anything truly decorative, but can often be seen wearing a small wooden rod woven into his braid. This is actually his staff Laerad in an alternate form.


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George Wilder
Male Human
Wizard/Barbarian 1
Wizard/Fighter 4
XP: 10 000/15 000 (Level 6)
HD: 1d12 (12) + 4d10 (40) + 15 (67 hp)
Init: -1
Speed: 40'
AC: 14 (-1 (Dex) + 5 (Exalted Armour))
BAB/Grapple: +5/+8
AB: Quarterstaff +10 (1d6+7)
Special Attacks: Exalted Strike +1 (Magic), Rage 1/day
Special Qualities: Endure Elements, Sustenance
Skills: (40 (Barbarian/Wizard: Level 1) + 32 (Fighter/Wizard)
Concentration: 8 (+11)
Climb: 6 (+9)
Diplomacy 0 (+4)
Intimidate: 8 (+10)
Jump: 4 (+7)
Knowledge (Arcana): 8 (+12)
Knowledge (Nature): 8 (+14)
Listen: 4 (+6) (+8 when in contact with Grey)
Sense Motive: 0 (+2) (+4 when near Grey)
Spellcraft: 8 (+14)
Spot: 0 (+2) (+4 when in contact with Grey)
Survival: 8 (+10) (+12 in above ground natural environment) (Always Know North)
Swim: 6 (+9)
(+1 Bonus on all Cha Based Skills)
1st - Sacred Vow*
Human - Vow of Poverty*
Ascetic (1) - Nymph's Kiss*
Fighter (1) - Weapon Focus (Quarterstaff)
Wizard (1) - Spell Focus (Good)
Ascetic (2) - Righteous Wrath*
Fighter (2) - Power Attack
3rd - Eschew Material Components
Ascetic (4) Traktha*
Fighter (4) Weapon Specialisation (Quarterstaff)
Wizard (5): Purify Spell
Familiar (B): Alertness$
$ When in contact with Grey
* Indicates Exalted Feat
Saves: Fort: +7 Ref: +0 Will: +6 (+1 on all saves vs Spells & Spell-Likes)
Str 16 Dex 8 Con 16 Int 19 Wis 14 Cha 12
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Guard's Uniform (Lowest Rank)
Gold Ribbon

Rage: HD: 1d12 + 4d10 + 25 (77 hp), AC 12 (10 - 1 Dex - 2 Rage +5 Exalted Armour), Grapple: +10 AB +12 (Quarterstaff 1d6+10) Str 20 Con 20, Fort: +9 Will +8, Evil Foes struck must make a DC11 Will Save or be Shaken until George is defeated or withdraws (An opponent that saves vs this effect cannot be affected by it in that encounter). Rage lasts for 8 rounds.

Traktha Tatoo - This realistic almost living depiction of a bear's had sits on George's shoulder and serves as a strange kind of spellbook, the spells he has researched with its aid seem to be different to those of a normal arcane spellcaster.
Spells Known:
0 - All
1 - Magic Missile (Standard),Mage Armour (A brown bear-shaped force overlays the recipient deflecting blows),Shield (The air in front of George hardens forming a shield),Expeditious Retreat (The recipient almost falls to all fours and moves along quickly),Jump (The muscles of the legs harden and bulge and the legs become furry),Charm Person (George can call on a small fraction of Shenyalla's charm to make people better disposed to him, George prefers not to do this unless he has no choice), Alarm (Spirits are summoned to watch over the area and to inform George of intruders) ,Endure Elements (The recipient grows an insulating layer of fur),True Strike (Standard),Enlarge Person (The person grows larger and more bearlike) ,Feather Fall (A breeze blows up under the recipient carrying them gently down)
2 - Resist Energy, Detect Thoughts, See Invisibility, Blur, Invisibility, False Life, Cat's Grace, Scorching Ray
3 - Dispel Magic , Lightning Bolt, Haste , Daylight

Spells Per Day (4/4/3/2)
0- Read Magic, Prestidigitation, Detect Poison, Arcane Mark, Resistance
1- Feather Fall, Alarm, Expeditious Retreat, Magic Missile, Mage Armour
2- Resist Energy, Detect Thoughts, Invisibility, See Invisibility
3- Dispel Magic, Lightning Bolt, Haste

Grey (Dog)
Small Magical Beast (Augmented Animal)
HD: 5 (33 hp)
Initiative: +3
Speed: 40 ft
Armour Class: 18 (10 (base) + 3 (dex) + 4 (natural) + 1 (size))
BAB/Grapple: 5/+1
Attack: Bite +9 (melee) 1d4+1
Special Attacks: Deliver Touch Spells
Special Qualities: Scent, Low-Light Vision, Improved Evasion, Share Spells, Empathic Link, Speak With Master
Abilities: Str 13 Dex 17 Con 15 Int 8 Wis 12 Cha 6
Skills: Concentration +9 Climb +7 Intimidate +6 Jump +9* Knowledge (Arcana) +7 Knowledge (Nature) +9 Listen +5 Spot +5 Spellcraft +9 Survival +9* (+11 in above ground natural environments) Swim +7
Feats: Alertness, Track (B), Weapon Finesse (B)$
Saves: Fort: +6 Ref: +2 Will: +5
Alignment: Chaotic Good
*+4 Racial Bonus on Jump Checks, +4 Racial Bonus on Survival when tracking by scent.
$Familiar Bonus

Grey is a small city dog, grey in colour, who acquired George while staying in Karanarr.

George is a tawny bearded bear of a man, standing 6 feet and 6 inches tall, with a very broadly build, weighing in at 240 pounds. His face shows his 25 years clearly. He wears his dark brown hair long decorated with a plain gold ribbon, during the recovery of equipment George was overjoyed to regain the simple piece of cloth explaining it was a gift from a lover. The other immediately distinctive feature on George is a bear's head tatoo, over a smaller birthmark that looks almost like a bear's head.


Personality: Despite his intimidating appearance and independent nature, George is a friendly fellow when you get to know him, quiet willing to give others even the shirt of his back if he thinks it will assist them. However seeing others being enslaved or mistreated has been known to cause George to fly into a rage, his bearlike appearance makes George truly fearsome when he in a rage, however despite his fearsome appearance, something allows George to keep much of his mind in his rages and he never injures the undeserving or inflicts blows more painful than deserved.

Background :
George was born in the small frontier town of Lowver, a distance south of the Ice Mourne Mountains, to Namir, a woodsman and his wife, the toGwn wizard, Sashia. George was a somewhat wild child and often made his way into the woods around the town, despite repeated warnings not to, however George rarely seemed to encounter any trouble in his wanderings that he couldn't think his way out of, almost as if someone was looking after the small boy. One of the two strangest encounters George had in his wanderings was when he was 13 years of age, and was on one of his many journeys through the woods, as he walked he encountered a band of men, that had come into the village the previous week, George however did not like the feeling he got from them, and he was soon to be proved right in his suspicions, for when the men came upon him wandering alone in the woods they attempted to catch the boy, for they were slave traders of one of the nations further south. George fled as fast as he could from the wicked men, but they pursued him, only the intervention of a bear saved George, while racing through the forest George encountered a large bear, George was terrified unsure of what to do, however when the bear ignored George and attacked the slavers in a fearsome rage, much to George's surprise, and as it did so George found a similar rage overcoming himself, and he threw himself into the combat with true zest, however George was still small, and the bear was responsible for driving the slavers off. After they fled the bear stared at George for what seemed to be an hour before it wandered off into the woods, leaving George to make his way back to Lowver. From that day George grew like a weed, his height and girth increased dramatically, and he was soon the tallest and broadest child in the village, however his increased size made him clumsy, and he lacked the natural grace of the bear, he had seen fight with such efficiency. Worried by his encounter with the slavers and determined never to let such a thing happen again, George begged his mother for magic lessons, and attended the training sessions for the town guard, despite being deemed to wild to trust as a guard. George took to both lessons, and he learned quickly.

While he trained George, had to learn to be careful of his strength, and clumsiness lest he injure one of the other boys, and because of this George favoured the simple staff over a potentially deadly sword, in addition the care he had to take to avoid injuring the other boys, taught George a great deal of respect for people, despite the fact he was something of a loner, he was always ready to help any of the others train, and would frequently be found helping visitors to the town. When his parents gave him money, George would usually spend it to buy food for others who weren't as well off as George, since his mother was relatively wealthy from her magical abilities. As he grew George took this care for others with him, and never charged anyone more than they could afford, for any help he could give them with his developing magical ability and he always used the money he made to help those worse of than himself.

The strangest encounter George ever had, came when he was 16 years of age, he finally met the source of his mysterious protection. As he was wondering through the woods as he still often did, gathering components for spells, and herbs for the village druid, he saw a woman so beautiful, he could not find words to describe her and felt almost blinded by her presence. He was beyond stunned when she approached and greeted him, introducing herself as Shenyalla. Until stuttering and stammering he remembered to introduce himself. Shenyalla revealed to George, that he had the potential to be a Traktha, a chosen of the spirits, she had watched over him as a child, and believed he had the potential and so had protected him from harm that would have been beyond his ability to encounter. When the bear had saved him, she had known that he truly had the potential to be favoured by the spirits, and had watched him to see if he had the necessary temperate and strength of character to serve them. As he had grown over the last 3 years he had shown he was of appropriate personality, and now it was time for him to show the strength of character necessary, if he was willing. George, greatful for the protection he had recieved and willing to help such noble beings readily agreed and Shenyalla lead him through the ritual of two vows, one to serve good without hesitation, to help any who would need help, and to put good before all other things, and told him that he must make a second vow, but which vow was his choice, George chose to undertake the vow of poverty, to put the needs of others above his own, and to forsake all but his basic means in order to give to others what he could thus spare, since it seemed a natural thing to do to George, his love of his forest wanderings had taught him a great deal about being self-sufficient and giving up luxuries to aid others seemed like the right thing to do. As he completed the oath Shenyalla told him she had faith in him, and kissed him on the mouth. Leaving George stunned as she vanished into the forest.

To honour his vows, George returned to his parents, and announced his intention to leave home, and use his skills to do what good he could. This began 5 years of wandering the Lowver region, and doing what he could to help those he encountered, during the 5 years George ranged north from the Icemourne Mountains, south to the edges of civilized society, doing what he could with spell and staff to help any he could, it was during the second year of these wanderings, and with a meeting with slavers like the ones who had almost taken him as a boy, leading a troop of captured people, that George once more succumbed to the rage he had felt that day many years ago. George fell upon the slavers and in his rage he slew the leader, causing the others to flee. Feeling guilt at the taking off a human life, even such as the slavers, George was distraught and after freeing the slaves. He wandered back to the Lowver woods, where he once more found Shenyalla. Explaining what had happened and fearing he had betrayed the spirits, George begged for answers. Shenyalla listened to George's tale, and told him that his rage was the blessing of the bear, it was not a curse but a blessing, and as a blessing he had the ability within himself to control it. This began six months George spent wondering a region close to Lowver, where he watched the bears, and saw how the lived, and met some of the wild tribes, that still wandered the region, from them he learnt much of controlling the rage, and from his studies of the bears he learnt, that the rage was not an evil thing merely a facet of his nature, something to be put to use when evil threatened. During this period George encountered Shenyalla frequently and the two spent time talking, Shenyalla taught George much of the lore of the wilderness and it's creatures and the two grew closer. However once George learnt to control his rage, it was time for him to broaden his wanderings again to upheld his sacred vow. During the next three and a half years George continued his wanderings over the area, though he returned not infrequently to Lowver, both to watch over the time, that he had grown up in, and to give what aid he could to its people, and to see Shenyalla. At the conclusion of the 3rd year, on the day of George's 21st birthday, he once more encountered Shenyalla, and she told him he had proven himself truly worthy of being Traktha.

Shenyalla took George to see a druid she had met before, a fellow called Saxon, who she said also had the potential to be a Traktha, although he was favoured by wolves. George remembered hearing of a wandering druid with an albino wolf companion during his travels and wondered if it was the same person. When they were introduced it turned out that he was indeed the same druid. Shenyalla had informed the druid of his potential Traktha status in return for giving George the tattoo that would formally confirm George's status as a favoured. Saxon's demeanor was a casual one, and though he was relatively inexperienced in the matter he was glad to give George the tattoo in exchange for the information. Saxon spent a long time getting the tattoo right as he had no formal training in the matter, and George's considerable patience assisted greatly in the matter. While he worked on the tattoo, Saxon and George exchanged the unexagerated versions of their stories that had been floating about the region, and the two adventurers got to know person behind the name they had heard during tavern talk. The tattoo came out surprisingly well, much to their relief. The two became fast friends, and though their paths were different it was always a pleasure when they saw each other on the road, taking such opportunities to share interesting news over drinks.

That night Shenyalla made it clear to George, that he was favoured by the spirits, or at the very least by her. And so began another three years of wandering and helping those he could, although George usually stayed close enough to Lowver that he could visit Shnyalla at least once a week. Over this time period something strange happened to the tattoo George had recieved, George is unsure if it is a blessing of the bear spirits, an effect of spending so much time closely exposed to Shenyalla's natural magic or a gift from Saxon, but concentration on the tattoo allowed George to call his spells to mind, as if his spellbook was in front of him, and it seemed to enhance his ability to research spells, the formulae for new spells would flow together as easily as if they were a gift of nature itself.

During the first month of his fourth year of wandering since he had become Traktha, George heard a rumour that a druid with an albino wolf companion had been sentenced to the terrible Hopeless Isle for murder. Disbelieving that Saxon could possible have done anything so wrong, George determined to head south to the 'civilized' lands and investigate what had happened. George first made his way back to Shenyalla's grove to explain what he believed he must do, although he was loathe to part with her. Shenyalla had grown fond of George and was unwilling for him to depart, but understood that in this case the cause of good required investigation into what had happened to his fellow Traktha, after one last night together George set off south, wearing a simple golden bow in his hair, a keepsake from Shenyalla, that she usually wore. On George though the ribbon looked far less glorious and far more silly.

George made his way south to Karanarr, the city where he had heard Saxon was sentenced over the course of a month. His rural upbringing left George ill-prepared for the ways of the city, but his intimidating build, kept most cut throats away from him.

George immediately set about trying to discover what had happened to Saxon, however George's direct methods of inquiry made him some enemies amongst the cities officials. And his obvious connection to the bear spirits, did not endear him further, in the wake of the wolf-related murders. During his time in Karanarr, George was feeling lonely and out of place, however as he wandered the city trading his magical ability for a place to sleep at night, he encountered a stray dog, who followed him around. George was kind to the dog, and fed and watered it, and named it Grey. After about a week George found he had developed a strange bond with Grey, and that Grey was far more intelligent than a normal dog would be.

Someone decided that the potential murderer should be removed from the city as soon as possible, so it was to George's horror when he was arrested by a city guard and told he was believed to be responsible for a murder, that left the victim looking like they had been mauled by a bear. With Saxon's trial fresh in the minds of the city, George was soon sentenced to Hopeless Isle , in the third month of the year. Leaving Grey alone in Karanarr, much to George's despair.

Upon arriving on Hopeless Island George was thrown into a small cell and left alone for 11 day, as was always done to new inmates. Afterwards George found himself thrown into a cell with an elf and his friend Saxon. After explaining how he got here to Saxon and relieved to hear off Saxon's innocence, George was introduced to the elf, who was called Peregrine. Peregrine seemed nice enough, and like Saxon and himself, Peregrine was also innocent. One day Peregrine showed George his mentor's resting place, which jogged a memory in George's mind, their was no cemetary on Hopeless Isle, which given the death rates of the miners and surfacers seemed very strange.From then on George found his dreams beset by green images and symbols.

Months went by and Hopeless Island seemed to be beyond escaping from, however, Peregrine, Saxon and the new cellmate Braedon proved themselves capable of setting up an escape, Braedon opened the door to their cell, Peregrine knew the island perfectly and managed to sneak them into the Archives where George was overjoyed to find Shenyalla's ribbon in his box, although his quarterstaff had been removed, although George retrieved another staff from the storage. .

That night as they raided the Archive Saxon had a vision that revealed a way to escape the island, the arch of stone that marked the entrance to the island, and turned those who tried to escape to stone, would only effect the guilty. So the four cellmates made their escape immediately fleeing towards the arch and past it the docks. George made use of his invisibility spell to cloak them from sight as they fled as the guards and miners looked for them. As they fled from the island George saw several strange rocks on Hopeless Isle and was amazed to see they contained the green symbols from his dream, however he decided he had no time to think on it and continued fleeing. Peregrine was the first through the arch leaping through it in a joyous display and landing unharmed on the other side. The four then made it to the docks where they stole a boat and escaped to the mainland.

On the mainland George was as overjoyed as Saxon when Mzarem appeared to greet Saxon brining Grey with him.

1. What is your full name?
George Wilder

2. Where is your place of residence? Give a description of the place you live.
As an adult George spent his time wandering the area around Lowver journeying from the city's of the south to the chilling Icemourne Mountains in the north. If there was a place George truly considered home during this time, it was Shenyalla's grove near Lowver, and he spent much of his time there.

3. Where were you born? Where did you grow up?
George was born and spent his youth in Lowver, a small frontier town located in a forest, south of the Icemourne mountains, althought it snowed in Lowver it did so only in the winter. His parents were relatively well off and George grew up in a good house for a frontier town, although he spent a lot of his time wandering the woods.

4. What are your father and mother's names? Are they still living?
Sashia and Namir Wilder. George's parents were living when he last bid them farewell before heading south to look into what had happened to Saxon.

5. What are your siblings names? Are any deceased? For sisters, are they married? To whom?
George was an only child.

6. Any other relatives of note?
Not that George knows of.

7. How do your relatives view you?
Those of his kin he met, thought George was a little wild and very impetuous. George's grandmother wasn't very pleased with George's tendency to give away any wealth he came across.

8. What is your current marital status?
Although he and the nymph Shenyalla are lovers, they are not formally married, although as far as George is concerned he has the same duty to Shenyalla he would have if they were married.

9. What is your occupation? What made you choose your present occupation?
George is a wanderer, doing what good he can in the Lowver region, and for several years a broad area around it. George's occupation was a result of the vows he made in becoming Traktha, to uphold and serve the good at all times, and to own no more than he needed, so that others less well off than he count benefit.

10. How important is success in your occupation? How successful are you?
George mainly wandered the region using his magical skills and stout staff to deal with problems for the locals. George in particular dislikes the slavers that occasionally enter the area from the south. George tends to be fairly successful in dealing with the problems he encounters though he is sometimes hindered by his lack of grace.

11. How old are you? What is your birth day? 25 years old.
Born (I don't know how chronology works here so i'll just use numbers) 4th day of the 4th month.

12. Describe your general personality. What do you count as your own personal honor & morals?
George is a friendly fellow, quiet willing to give others even the shirt of his back if he thinks it will assist them. He does however have a very independent streak. George will not use his strength of either body or mind to enslave another.

13. Do you have any fears or phobias?
George is somewhat fearful of the potential rage with in him.

14. List some good qualities about you. List some bad qualities/vices/weaknesses.
George is very giving, and will help others without thought of reward, he's also willing to endanger his life for the sake of those in need of aid. George can be impulsive, and stubborn in the certainness of his own correctness, George can also sometimes over think things.

15. Is there anything you absolutely will not do?
Murder, Dominating another, keeping anything that would aid another more.

16. What is your greatest triumph? Failure? Describe any personal tragedies.
George's greatest triump is in his opinion becoming Traktha. George's greatest failure was his inability to find any proof of Saxon's innocence before being sent to Hopeless Isle. A personal tragedy of George's was taking the life of a slaver leader during his wanderings, although George understands that such things are sometimes necessary, he still feels guilty about doing so in a rage, and without considering if it was the only option.

17. What are your interests?(sports, music, art, hobbies)
George has an interest in knowledge of nature, and the arcana of spellcasting. He frequently collects herbs in his travels to give to apothecaries in the towns he passes through.

18. Who has had the most direct influence on your life?
Shenyalla has shaped a great deal of George's life since he was 16.

29. Who is your best friend? Who is your worst enemy?
George was a solitary wanderer apart from his relationship to Shenyalla, if he had to choose a closest friend he would probably name Saxon. George has no personal worst enemies he knows off though he is doubtless unpopular with the slavers, and returns this dislike in full.

20. What do you do to relax?
To relax George usually meditates or wanders in the woodlands.

21. How were you educated? Did you go to a village tutor? Monastery? University? Apprenticed?
George gained his basic knowledge of wizardry from his mother, and his fighting skills training with the town guard.

22. What skill do you feel you do best? What skill would you like to improve on?
George feels he is best at intellectual skills, he'd like to improve his physical agility though, he feels his lack of grace compared to the bears he so admires is a great failing on his part.

23. What skills do you have that you think are profitable? What skill(s) would you like to learn?
George has few skills that could be used for profit, except maybe serving as a guide or bodyguard or giving magical aid. George would like to learn more of other languages.

24. What is your religion? How do you view your religion? How important is it to you? How do you view other religions?
George is a follower of nature and its spirits, in particular he has a close bond with the bear spirit. George believes faith is a personal thing and believes that what others believe is their own choice as long as they bring no harm to others.

25. Have you ever considered your own death? What sort of afterlife is in store for you?
George knows he will die one day but he has no idea what will follow.

26. Any fears about traveling? Do you get seasick?
George has no fear of travelling, having spent 9 years of his life as a wanderer. George is quiet comfortable swimming in water, although he has never been on a prolonged sea trip.

27. What are your long term goals?
Saxon's long term goals: Protect nature, be Traktha to the best of his abilities and help as many as he can.

28. What are your short term goals?
Return to Shenyalla and make sure she knows he is still alive.

29. What are you willing to do to attain these goals?
George is willing to do anything that brings no harm to the undeserving to achieve his goals.

30. What is the most important thing to you?
Freedom. George despises seeing others enslaved.

31. What is your height and weight?
6'6", 240lb

32. What do you consider your most valuable physical asset?
His spellcasting ability (if that can be counted as physical) followed by
his physical strength and toughness.

33. What sort of clothing do you typically wear? What quality is it?
Clothing size (S, M, L, XL) = XL
(before imprisonment) George wore a simple hooded travelling robe like those that many druids wore, and carried a simple oaken staff. He also wears Shenyalla's golden ribbon in his hair.

34. Hair color, length, and style-
Georges hair is a light brown, and is worn long, hanging down to his mid back. George also has a tawny-coloured beard, which is fairly unkempt.

35. Eye color-
His eyes are a hazel colour although more green than brown.

36 Handedness-
Right handed

37. How attractive do you consider yourself to the opposite sex? How attractive are you really?
George believes he must be somewhat attractive since Shenyalla apparently loves him. George is a well-built man in his mid-20s and would be fairly attractive if he took better care of his appearance and made an effort to seem less intimidating.

38. Any birthmarks or scars? For scars, how did you get them?
A bear's head shaped birthmark under his Traktha tatoo. A few other scars from his wandering and his battles.

39. Do you have any tattoos? Where? Why? What do they look like?
George has a bear's head tatoo that seems almost alive on his upper right arm. It confirms George's status as Traktha and favoured of the bears.

40. Do you wear jewelry? What?
George does not wear anything decorative apart from Shenyalla's ribbon.
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Braedon Al'Kenn

Stats coming soon

The people of the Lysette Highlands had been a strong and proud people for as long as almost any one living could remember. They were a loose conglomeration of clans perched in their villages inside the rocky Lysette hills. On the north a turbulent sea bordered them and much of their southern border was a desolate forest the Highlanders simply called the Wildlands.

On the east and west things got a bit different however. To the west of the Highlands was a powerful mageocracy/theocracy known as Alsinde. Relations between the Highlands and Alsinde had never been all that great and the two geo-political entities had fought each other on several occasions. Still the wizard priests of Alsinde respected the fierce warriors from Lysette and were actually thankful that the Highlands served as a buffer between them and the other powerful nation of the region, Tilnfall.

Tilnfall was ruled by powerful human overlords who consorted with demons and had managed to turn tribes of savage humanoids into their servant armies. Several times just in recent memory the peoples of Alsinde and Lysette had worked together to keep from being overrun by Tilnfall but these alliances were tenuous at best.

But this isn’t the story of Lysette as a nation, at least not yet.

This is the story instead of one of her sons…Braedon Al’Kenn. Growing up in the Kenn clan village, Braedon was the son of one of the clan’s great war leaders, Jonas Al’Kenn. Because of this, Braedon lived something of a life of luxury, though luxury among the Highlanders was still a hard existence. From the time he was 8, Braedon began training with weapons of all kinds. He showed a great skill with all of them, but especially with swords.

Throughout his childhood, Braedon looked up to his father for the hero he was and put a lot of pressure on himself to live up to what his father had done for the clan. While his older brother Moesh excelled in the healing arts under the study of the village matriarch, Braedon spent all of his time with his childhood friend Alyx practicing even more with the sword. The two young warriors, boy and girl both became infamous through the village both for their growing martial skill and the ingenuity with which they managed to steal weapons to practice with and find hidden places in which to practice.

At the age of fifteen, Braedon and Alyx were placed in the same patrol unit under the command of Moesh and the three again proved their worth several times; thwarting incursions by goblins from Tilnfall and killing a few raving beasts from the Wildlands. Upon turning 18 however, Braedon and Alyx were assigned to different units based on their skills. Alyx was put in the elite Spear Maidens for her coming of age trial while Braedon was selected for the Blue Steel organization, the most elite and independent group of soldiers in the entire Lysette military.

The Blue Steels were an ancient brotherhood of warriors dating back to the founding of the Highlanders as a separate nation. They had originally been the personal body guard of the small group of blue dragons who had decided to aid the Highlanders in overthrowing their Alsinde masters all that time ago. Warriors chosen for the Blue Steels faced a long and arduous journey before finally being assimilated into the group.

For the first step of the process, Braedon spent a week in fast and in prayer to the Light before staying awake all night as the priests of the Blue Dragons prepared him for the next ritual. At dawn he was presented to the matriarch of the clan who announced him ready. Taking up his sword he was brought into the chamber of the clan’s single wizard who spent the next six hours working spells on the young man. At one point Braedon had to dip his sword into a vat of molten delenium. When Braedon left wizard’s chamber he looked worn and haggard, and had a tattoo of a two handed sword stretching from the base of his neck to the small of his back.

The next day, Braedon was sent out with a small group of more experienced of the Blue Steels to complete the last part of his trial, hunting a beast of the Wildlands in its own environment. The small company spent a week hunting through the dense forest without finding anything.

One day they stumbled upon a strange sight; a group of hobgoblins, led by a Tilnfall dressed demon were attacking a small band of humans with the assistance of beasts native to the Wildlands. The human defenders were falling rapidly as the ever closing circle of attackers came closer and closer to the beautiful female sitting on a horse in the middle of the remaining humans. She was casting spells at the attackers and a long sword was strapped to her back but it seemed that the whole position would soon be over run so the Blue Steels immediately went into action.

Charging down the hobgoblins, they tore into them from behind and cut many of them down before the demon turned his attention to them and cast a spell that gripped them all with fear and stopped them dead in their tracks. The demon laughed as the hobgoblins cut down the humans remaining around the girl and the trapped Blue Steels likewise began to die.

Burning with rage, Braedon struggled with all he had inside to move, to fight. Suddenly it seemed there was a flash of light around him and the layer of delenium on his blade melted off, flowed down the hilt of the sword, and wove itself into the tattoo on his back. When the light faded, Braedon could move again and his hair had changed color to a dark blue, an indication that the magic of the bonding had worked and he’d been accepted as a Blue Steel.

With white hot passion he cut a bloody trail through the hobgoblins and felled two of the Wildlands beasts before gaining a spot next to the now unmounted female. Without a word the two of them nodded to each other and fought their way out of the circle of opponents. Over the next few days the two fought a running battle as they struggled for the edge of the Wildlands. They didn’t talk much, but a bond seemed to grow between them.

The female was actually Krysa, the second daughter of Queen Illsair of Alsinde. She wouldn’t reveal why she was in the Wildlands but she did indicate it was a matter of great importance for her kingdom.

Finally they fought clear of the Wildlands and entered Alsinde, were the magic of the country’s border kept their pursuers at bay. That night they camped free from worry. That night they lay together.

While traveling the next day, they were found by an Alsinde patrol led by Krysa’s older sister and Illsair’s heir, Jayna. Upon site however, Jayna had the blue-haired Lysettian arrested for suspicion of killing Krysa’s guards. Jayna wouldn’t listen to her sister’s reports of what had actually happened, accusing Braedon of using magic to trick Krysa’s mind. Things go even worse for the young warrior when Jayna learned of what had happened the night before.

Krysa tried to convince Jayna to spare Braedon however. Instead, she gave him the worst punishment possible...he was sent to Hopeless Island.
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Kur BlackFang

Kur Blackfang
Class Levels
Variant Wolf Totem Barbarian 5 / Wilderness Rogue 5

Str: 20 (+6) [ 18 points, +2 race]
Dex: 18 (+4) [18 points]
Con: 17 (+3) [16 points +1 4th level]
Int: 10 (+0) [12 points -2 racial]
Wis: 10 (+0) [10 points]
Cha: 10 (+0) [ 10 points]

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Race: Full Orc
Hit Dice: 5d12+15
HP: 75
AC: 15 [+4 Dex +1 Dodge]
Init: +4 [+4 Dex]
BAB: +5
Grapple: +10

Melee Atk
Trip [+10 touch, +9 trip]
Shiv [+10, 1d4+5, 19-20]
TWf +8 for both
Sneak attack +3d6

Ranged Atk
Shiv dagger [+9, 1d4+5 19-20, 10' increment]
Speed: 40ft
Encumbrance: Light load (4/26lb)

Fort: +7 [+4 base +3 Con]
Ref : + 8 [+4 base +4 Dex]
Will: + 1 [+1 base +0 Wis]
Trap sense +1
Disease +2

Skills [64 skill points]
Disable Device +8 [8 ranks +0 Int]
Hide +12 [8 ranks +4 Dex]
Listen +8 [8 ranks +0 Wis]
Move Silent +12 [8 ranks +4 Dex]
Open Locks +12 [8 ranks +4 Dex]
Spot +8 [8 ranks +0 Wis]
Search +8 [8 ranks +0 Int]
Survival +10 [8 ranks +0 Wis +2 Orc]

Armor Check Penalty: -
(1) Dodge
(2 WT) Improved Trip
(2 VB) TWF mastery
(3) Mobility
(5 WT) Track


Race abilities
Orc Endurance
Sense Motive, Intimidate, Survival +2
Disease saves +2

Class Abilities
Sneak Attack +3d6
Fast Move
Favored Enemy human +4
Favored Enemy Evil outsider +2
Uncanny dodge
Trap sense +1

Special tattoo: Allows Kur to shake off the effects of a mind-affecting ability 1/day as a wolf shakes off water after coming out of the rain.

Shiv (dagger)
Improvised red gold lock picks
Prisoner's garb
Spirit amulet containing wolf tooth set in black stone

Kur Blackfang is an orcish scout hailing from the Blackfang tribe of orcs in the mountains to the Southwest of Tilnfall. The orcs revere a wide array of animal spirits and gods, with the Blackfang tribe's patron totem being the wolf.

Like most members of his tribe Kur hired on as a mercenary force for the human rulers of Tilnfall and went on raids in the Highlands of Lysette often being assigned pointman for his force as they ventured across the border to fight the clansmen. Kur gained a respect for the clansmen and became good at noticing when the humans were coming and how they reacted. He had great fun sneaking into their camps at night to disable their war chariots before the next days battles. The clansmen fought well but the Blackfang wolf pack horde tactics were ferocious and there were fine clashes.

His force was also sent out to hunt down a rebellious kobold sorcerer who had learned demon summoning from the Tiln masters but decided to form his own independant band and refused their call to go on a mission to Alissandre. A previous expedition of hobgoblins had never returned. On that expedition Kur's scouting involved a great deal of trap finding as well as a good bit of demon fighting experience before they were able to bring the kobold to heel. At one point Gurk Irontusk, the druid shaman of the Blackfang's was caught up in nasty room with an endless set of trip wires, pressure plates and swinging scythe blades that set off more effects no matter which way he turned. Kur saw him and said "Don't give up hope, you're not dead yet!" and was able to free the druid. Irontusk later rewarded him with a magical tattoo ward of protection in recognition of his work of trapfinding on behalf of the tribe members, and ever afterwards a tattoo of the shifting crescent moon adorns Kur's breast.

Now when Kur went out to celebrate his good fortune he made what some might call, a big mistake. The conjurers of Tilnfall are known for their pacts with fiends and some are even said to have fiendish essence infused into their very being. Power combined with demonic essence leads many to become arrogant and cruel and this comes across when they interact with others. Kur decided to celebrate the big payoff for the Kobold bounty by going to the Jorkendian pleasure palace, where there was wine, women, and gambling for those flush with coin. Enjoying some libations and a good time Kur had the misfortune to cross paths with a Tilnfall conjurer named Ahknoren. Ahknoren had no respect for the humanoids Tilnfall hired and expected craven obsequiousness from all the lesser races who dealt with him. The goblins were always obsequious, and the hobgoblins were respectful of the masters of the land who employed them in massive campaigns, but orcish culture was different.

When Ahknoren's bodyguard ordered the whole table where Kur was carousing to clear out for the young lord Kur looked displeased at the disruption. At this point, seeing Kur's displeasure, Ahknoren smiled and said "Now, tuskface, move!" As the bodyguard placed a hand on Kur to force him up Ahknoren turned to a companion of his and said "Honestly Kintaren, its just disgraceful how such animals are allowed into a place like this, I'm not sure this one even understands speech, they really must learn their place." The bodyguard said "Up now pigface or I'll . . . Aahh!" but never quite finished his sentence as the enraged Kur grabbed the offending hand and sent him flying hard to the ground.

Chanting quickly the young lord called out for supernatural assistance but was interrupted by Kur grabbing him and flinging him off his feet as well. As the bodyguard started to get up, Kur kicked him in the head hard and knocked him down again.

"You want my table and my good times? Always wanting what is the orcs by right, here, have my ale too, I've lost my taste for it now." and Kur threw his drink in the downed wizard's face then stalked off, but noticing Kintaren trying to stifle his laughter at the downfall of the young lord.

The next night Kur made what many would call his second mistake. He went out carousing again at a different tavern, and went alone again. After he was deep into his cups again late at night a large contingent of city guards entered the tavern. They surrounded Kur and declared that he was wanted for the murder of a high official. "What are you talking about, what high official?" he asked and was told Kintaren the sage, a nephew of a powerful Conjurer lord. Kur thought of Ahknoren being laughed at by Kintaren and said "That bastard!" The guards chuckled at his "confession," and laughed at him. They said Hopeless Island was too good for scum like him, made disparaging comments about lying orcs, and then they grabbed for him. Kur lashed out but after a prolonged brawl was beaten to a severely bruised pulp. As he was being hauled off to the docks he was barely conscious slipping in and out as they dragged him.

The last thing he saw on the docks was Ahknoren standing there smiling, to see him off to his new home away from home.

Hopeless Island lived up to its name. Surrounded by unforgiving waters that even the most heroic could not swim across and guarded by a great wall with only the Arch of Innocence allowing ingress.

Stripped of all possessions and locked alone to start out Kur did not like it. He longed to run free and stretch his legs under forest and plain again, but stone walls and barred doors hemmed him in along with iron manacles beyond even his great strength. Treated like an animal he was not even given utensils to eat, just a bowl with gruel in it at meal times.

Once he was released into the general population things did not brighten. Most did not like the "greenskins" and there were not many non-humans on the island, most humanoids were summarily executed for crimes they were convicted of, not sentenced to a living hell. Kur had to endure a lot of targeting and had to fight off prison predators despite the everpresent manacles there to "keep the orcs in line".

However it is always darkest before the dawn and Kur was eventually sent to share a prison cell with another non-human and two human adepts due to the overcrowding. The elf was an odd one, "Pair of grin" a two-faced elven name if he ever heard one. Well that matched with what the legends said about the elves, Kur was interested in what he would actually be like. One of the humans was a big fellow who could do magic and the other one, a friend of the first, was actually a wolf shaman! This brightened Kur's day as he listened with great interest to the holy man's tale.

When asked for his own tale of why he was there he said "For throwing a drink in a wizard's face." Seeing their disbelieving stares Kur told his story and threw in boasts and tales of his military exploits in fighting the Lysette highlanders and the kobold's demons.

The four became friends, and fought off others who would prey upon them. They were a pack. They worked as surfacers and developed tactics to help each other out.

One day Kur turned fortuitously and noticed a splinter of red gold
that fell from the hair of a miner. Kur marked the spot and found the slender piece of raw metal. Kur smiled a broad tusked grin as he palmed the find and hope rose within his deep chest. This was something he could work with.

Locks are mechanisms like traps and even chariot wheels and Kur's sabotage experience combined with his new tool and time to practice was enough for him to get both the feel of the metal pick, and the style of locks used on Hopeless Island.

When the time came he picked the locks on his manacles and their cell door. After breaking into the Archive from the roof and grabbing some essentials and personal effects they made a break for the Arch of Innocence. Saxon the druid's theory that it only turned the guilty to stone statues and therefore wouldn't harm four who were falsely convicted was put to the test and they dove through.

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