Release Hopefinder, a Modern Zombie Apocalypse Hack of Pathfinder 2E, is available NOW!

Jason Bulmahn

In the fall of 2022, a parasitic plague turned over 99% of the population into ravenous zombies. 10 years later, you are one of the few Survivors, struggling to keep the light of humanity burning for just one more day. This is Hopefinder; a Zombie Apocalypse Hack of Pathfinder Second Edition!

The Hopefinder Survivor's Guide is available right NOW over at DriveThruRPG! This 64 page booklet contains everything you need to create a survivor! Hopefinder uses a classless advancement system and frequently gives narrative control to the players through Flashbacks! The Survivor's Guide contains a mountain of feats, an expansive gear chapter, rules for bruises, dings, computers, machinery, and more.

You can buy the Hopefinder Survivor's Guide right now at the link below. It includes the 64 page booklet and a 3 page character sheet!

Hopefinder Survivor's Guide - Minotaur Games |

The Narrator's Guide, containing everything that the GM needs to run a game of Hopefinder will release later this week!

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