House Millithor in the City of the Spider Queen II

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Carcelon Millithor, Second Daughter, Clr 12

Serpenteye said:
How many HPs does everybody have?

OOC: As the Matron has fast healing, and just recently handed Carcelon a CLW wand and ordered her to heal herself & Kripp (1 charge each) the three of us are currently at full health.

Carcelon tries to suppress the flash of suprise that washes across her face at hearing Alisanarra's voice issue from Matron Ki'Willis as she suddenly begins to understand what happened in the inner fane.

As the forces of House Morcane bow to the Matron, Carcelon smiles,
"Your timing is most excellent Tierak. The time to strike is upon us..

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Ki'Willis' gaze wanders over the remaining servants of House Morcane. A part of her mind gibbers in hate against the representatives of those who once betrayed her, but that is but a small hatred, paling in comparison to the raging inferno that is her hate for Irae Tsarren. The part of her mind that represents Alisannara feels a warm sensation of satisfaction and happiness, a feeling bordering on peace. The greatest part of her psyche, the part that is fully Ki'Willis Millithor, is triumphant.
Looking at each of her servants in turn she acknowledges their fealty and, starting with Tierak she walks among them and briefly exchanges words with deep personal significance with each of them. (Nothing too sentimental or out of character for Alisannara, it's still very 'Drow'. She just wants to reconnect with her servants, regain their loyalty and affection.) She treats those she doesn't know according to their station, but still politely enough to make them feel honoured.
Turning once again to Tierak (she still avoids passing under the trap) she adresses her daughter and the rest of the Morcanes.
"The time to strike is now, and your initial plan was sound. Much like yourself I planned to gather my forces here and strike against the Tsarrens returning from the raid. Some of my servants have infiltrated their ranks, and they do not know me for an enemy. (she describes the Millithors with the raiding party) Now, when I have finally been reunited with my House, there can be no doubt we will succeed here. Yet we must proceed with the utmost precision. It is essential that the vampires are destroyed quickly, we must concentrate our initial attacks against them. If they are allowed to assume gaseous form without their bodies first having been destroyed they will escape back to Dorina and alert her of our coming. After the vampires have been destroyed we have little more than an hour before they will reform in their coffins and alert Dorina. That will be more than sufficient.
You know more of these catacombs than I, Tierak. Tell me what has happened here lately. Are there any new arrivals who might complicate our plans?"

ooc: Does she know all of her new companions? Their approximate levels and abilities?

Does she know who the mysterious Gnoll might have been working for? How organized are the defences of the Dodrian crypts usually?


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Endur said:
"The Spiders are immensely powerful and can defeat Dorina's non-vampiric forces. I am not sure how to effectively combat the vampiric forces."

Addressing the young Drow Noble, Kripp speaks up 'Allies with Drow, have Kuo-Toa been.Also in this, are we. Kiriansalee stopped, must transpire. Vampires, leave to Kripp. Not silenced is He Who Swims In Darkness. Prepared for them, is Kripp...'
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Black tentacles explode from the floor at the base of the staircase, as if a Great Black Squid lurked beneath the foor of the cavern. The tentacles grapple and squeeze many of the skeletons, shattered their bodies and tossing their bones against the walls, floor, and ceiling. After the tentacles destroy some of the skeletons, others march into the waiting doom and are destroyed in turn by the black tentacles.

Sitting on the floor, Quertus drinks a potion of cure light wounds and realizes that, although the potion is effective against minor wounds, it is of minimal impact against the poison in his lungs.

Velasta slides and kicks the scabbarded Sword of the Dales along the floor to Quertus.

Velasta says to Quertus, "I hope you know how to use that."

Turning to Narcelia, Velasta says, "Torellan and I are going off by ourselves. Don't worry. I'll be back soon."

Zedar finishes his prayers to Kiaransalee and finishes mixing a powdery substance with his canteen of water. He begins to drink from the canteen. His hand stops shaking as he drinks, and his coughing seems to lessen.
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As Tierak answers the Matron's questions, everything becomes clearer to Matron Ki'Willis. More of Alisannara's memories open up.

Matron Ki'Willis remembers the three males as members of Alisannar's house. Two are distant nephews, drow warriors of moderate ability. The third is not a noble, but was a valued wizard, albeit of moderate ability. The two females, at first she does not recognize, then she realizes that they are two of the Aranea, shapechanged into their drow forms. Although togerther they are an effective fighting force, none of these new drow match the skill of Matron Ki'Willis or one of her children.

The general layout of the caverns becomes clear to her. Ahead on the route to the surface are two more caverns filled with graves. One of the caverns is guarded by a statue of a forgotten God of the surface worlders. Beyond the mass grave caverns, are individual tombs. Each of the tombs had their own individual protections, Arcane Wards and Ghosts and worse awaited the unwary tomb robber.

She remembers clearly that the caverns beyond the Wall of Stone were once occupied by some outcast Driders. Perhaps the Driders still live there, or they might have starved to death.

She has no recollection of the Gnoll that led the skeleton horde against her.

Tierak is continuing, "Three vampire bats flew by earlier heading towards Szith Morcane. I took that to mean that the raiding party was going to be late, or possibly staying out during the day. If they came in late, I expected them to most unwary, which is why I ordered the Spiders to create this webbing across the corridor, to trap the unwary. After we heard the violence of your battle with the skeletons, I left the web up, thinking that perhaps I might catch someone fleeing from the battle. Only no one was caught in the web.

"I don't know anything specifically about this gnoll you mention. However, I know that there is some sort of evil creature that has haunted these crypts for at least the past few weeks and waylays the weak and lone travelers. Perhaps it is one of Dorina's followers, or perhaps it has always been here, and we never noticed it before."


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Kilcif returns to the pile of bones. Matron Ki'Willis, Carcelon, and Kripp are nowhere in sight.

Kilcif's morning star is missing. After arming himself with a bone club, Kilcif continues on.

At the Y in the tunnel, Kilcif searches for tracks but can not find any. Kilcif can not tell whether the party went straight or turned right.

Kilcif can tell that most of the Skeletons came from straight ahead.

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Kilcif: Bugbear/Male (Barbarian/Ranger/Rogue)

Kilcif frowns at he is reduced to the simple club and frowns even more when he can't find the trail of the others... He stops and listens for noises in the hopes of hearing something...

Kilcif again wonders if he would be better off heading for the surface world as he counties his search for clues. When he notices the slops in the caverns, Well if I had fangs, smelled of the dead, and had a thing against sunlight I might just keep my coffin as far from it as possible...

Just then he remembers the dagger that he had been meaning to give to the Matron that was left over from the Illithids. Pulling it out he smiles, Hruggek I thank you for not abounded me in my moment of need. He looks at the bone club in disgust but drops the club into his backpack just in case as he also pulls out the Coin of Hruggek.

Satisfied that he is as prepared as well as he can be, Kilcif proceeds down the tunnel that slopes into the ground.

OOC: If I chose the direction the Matron went it’s by pure accident, the boards moving to slow to really take the time to look. If I did and my reasoning isn’t sound please just randomly roll to see which direction I went.
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Narcelia resists the urge to snarl at Velasta and instead concentrates on regaining her strength. She picks up Nightchill and holds onto the longsword grimly.


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Kripp listens to the exchange quietly. Things seemed a bit shaken up among the Drow. No matter, such was ever the way with the Children of the Spider.
Smiling to himself, Kripp wondered how many of these Spiderlings would be devoured by each other before one came forward and took the reins of this situation.

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