House Millithor in the City of the Spider Queen II

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Kilcif: Bugbear/Male (Barbarian/Ranger/Rogue)

Kilcif snarls back not at all surprised at what just happened, “Well truth be told I have never liked drow. Let alone one that smells like the dead. Consider it a deal.” Kilcif starts swinging before he finish his statement.

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Carcelon Millithor, Second Daughter, Clr 11

Endur said:
The room that Narcelia and Carcelon will share is a well-furnished bedroom with a comfortable-looking bed and a second bed that looks like it was hastily moved in here. There is a bureau with a mirror and what looks like an altar with an unlit brazier atop it.

Carcelon makes a quick search of the room, looking for secret passages and such, checking to see if they're locked in and checking the contents of the brazier.


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Kilcif snarls in rage and swings his morning star at the Vampire. The vampire easily dodges the first the swing, but receives a soild hit on the second swing (22 points -10 DR). The vampire attempts to grapple Kilcif, but a solid blow by the morning star prevents him from getting a hold (21 points -10 DR). The vampire claws Kilcif for 7 points of damage. Kilcif is feeling weak from the burning wound the Vampire's claw inflicted. Simultaneously Kilcif watches the Vampire's wounds healing.

Kilcif swings again twice, hitting both times (22-10 and 25-10). The Vampire is looking very shaken. The vampire attempts to claw back, one claw penetrating Kilcif's armor. Kilcif takes another 7 points of damage from another burning wound. The Vampire's wounds continue to heal while Kilcif is feeling his energy drain out.

The other vampires are laughing.

Kilcif swings his morning star, missing once, but landing another solid hit (22 points - 10). Leonon snarls something about finishing this fight and attempts to grapple. Kilcif rolls a 3 on his AOO for the grapple. Opposed grapple checks to hold. Vampire rolls a 9, Kilcif rolls a 12, Kilcif wins the grapple check and the vampire does not get a hold. Secondary grapple check, Vampire 12, Kilcif 15, Kilcif avoids being grappled.

Kilcif rolls two attacks 15, 17, striking both times with his morning star for (23-10 and 18-10). Leonon's body turns to fog and floats away before your eyes.

Kiernan laughs and speaks in undercommon, "No hard feelings, right? Come we'll lead you to the other bugbears."

The vampires lead Kilcif down a winding tunnel into a large cavern. Over a hundred drow commoners and humanoids are working in fields and with rothe.

The vampires lead Kilcif to a series of rough-hewn caves where Bugbears, Goblinoids, and a trio of Stone Giants live.

None of the characters find secret doors or traps in their quarters. No one is locked in.
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Ki'Willis looks about the chamber with aloof approval, though matters of comfort and luxury are far from her mind. When Dorina has left she searches the room for signs of traps, casting Detect Magic while doing so. The fact that she wastes an irretriavable spell says much about her state of mind.
Once she has investigated the room she sits down in a comfortable chair, closes her eyes and searches deep inside herself for the voice of Lolth.


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Szith Morcane

Chasm Map
Top Cave: Entrance, Portal, Chute going to the Dodrien Crypts
Upper Right Cave: Barracks Level (Male Warriors)
Upper Left Cave: Inverted Tower (Male Wizards)
Middle Cave: Empty Warehouses (Kilcif's lonely cavern)
Lower Left, Lower Right: Other cave entrances to commoner areas
Lowest Cave: Rulers level (Noble Females)

Barracks Warehouse

Upper map is the barracks area (upper right corner room is noble room).
Lower map is the warehouse area.

The Shrine of Lolth is accessible through a webfilled chute leading out of any of the guard rooms in the ruler's level.

Narcelia and Carcelon's room is the lowest room in the middle of the map. The upper left door leads into the audience hall.


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Matron Ki'Willis's room is the lower room in the middle of the map (past Carcelon and Narcelia's room on the right side).

Dorina has the large room behind the double doors. Velina and Velasta have smaller rooms above Carcelon+Narcelia's room.

The Shrine of Lolth is accessible through a webfilled chute leading out of any of the guard rooms in the ruler's level.

Matron Ki'Willis does not receive any response to her prayers. The spider queen is still silent.

She does remember, however, that the Fane to Lolth that she and Matron Alisannara jointly created a century ago is right above her. A mere twenty or thirty feet of stone seperate her from the shrine.

The Fane of Lolth was designed as a Great Spider, with eight seperate entrances. With both an outer fane for those not iniated into the darkest secrets, and an inner fane for the high priestesses.


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I assume the 'Guard Rooms' are the evenly-spaced octagonal rooms on the Narcelia-Carcelon map?

Double-doors? I don't see a room with double-doors on any of the posted maps.

Edit: Never mind. You posted the Matron map while I was typing... :)
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Now that the audience is over, there are no longer any male guards in any of the guard rooms. There is, however, a single drow zombie posted in each of the guardrooms.

Pyrex said:
I assume the 'Guard Rooms' are the evenly-spaced octagonal rooms on the Narcelia-Carcelon map?


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An old, half-blind bugbear binds Kilcif's wounds.

He turns to leave the cave where Kilcif is recovering, then says, "Against the life-drinkers, neither the flail nor the bow can prevail. Show them Hruggek and they will flee."

He presses a silver coin into Kilcif's hand, a silver coin with the face of Hruggek enscribed upon it.

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