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D&D 5E How do they do smog in 5e?

As I'm watching the air index in my location, I have a question.

How is smog done in 5e?

Any magical versions of Smog? Perhaps something when a treant is lit on fire?

Any adventures that use essentially smog (whether pollusion or wood smok) as a feature?

EDIT: in particular, it's inspired by the following
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I would likely make smog some sort of pestilence or disease under the gods Myrkul or Talona in FR. It could be created by strong smoke, but I think that may be more local in geography.


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It would probably be treated like fog or something and things would be lightly obscured or heavily obscured depending on the thickness of the smog or smoke.
That's what I'd probably do.
If it needed to be differentiated from regular fog for being especially thick and polluted (ie, be a hazard), then maybe one could tack on an easy Con save or be poisoned until removed from the area, or something.


Title? I don't need no stinkin' title.
The fogs of Victorian London were really heavy smog. So I'd just do it as heavy fog.

On the other hand, in a world with magic I could easily see monsters being associated with the fog. Tweak things like shadows so they do poison damage and so on.


The 3.5e D&D book “Cityscape” was devoted to urban environments and urban adventures. I know it is not 5e but it did have a section and pages devoted to then hazards, including magical smog. That might give you some clues or, finding the conversion rates, move it to 5e. You can probably find via google… somewhere…

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