How do you store and carry your dice?

I use a small wooden chest to store them in.


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Our host bought a table designed for RPGs. It's a thing I always looked at but didn't want to invest in it.
Weve talked about making a table with a tv in it but we get rowdy at times and I can see something getting spilled or some other mishap breaking it. Life has a way of causing games to break up, take a hiatus or lose a player here and there so we decided against it. It would be nice to have but like you its an investment in both money and time that Im not willing to make.

aramis erak

One pile of grey dice is in a velcro storage bag. It's my dice for Cortex or MLP:TOE
One pile of old dice is in a heavy-weight ziplock, which is usually inside a large tan Crown Royal bag.
Another (all mini-dice) pile is in a plastic gum box.
My Star Wars dice are in a star wars themed fabric "ditty bag" (4x8x3", zipper along top center. Made by my Mother-in-law. Same basic construction as the toiletries bag I was issued in Basic. Which said bag used to be my dicebag... about 3/5 of the contents are in that second line bag.)
My L5R 5e dice are in a flea collar tin, which is in the crate with my L5R5 dice.. My daughter's are in another such tin. My mini-d10s for L5R 3 are in an altoids tin.
My funky dice are in a candy tin. 2d7, 1d14, 2d16, 1d24...
I have an altoids tin somehere with about 100d6 in it, which was used to store dice for Tunnels and Trolls.
My MLP dice are in the box they came in.
My Traveller Dice set is in the original box. Gorgeous, but too big.
I've two sets of 20dF. One each in each box of poker chips.
I've a couple of other special purposes in various places.


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One of my favorite topics!

So first is the Yoda candy dish I use for my current favorites for DMing, which I choose sets out of for game day.

Next is the bag mi abuela made me back in the 90s from a pair of corduroys I asked her to cut into shorts for me. She actually made me two - one from each pant leg - but when the first one got ratty I pitched it. The sad part is that what I considered "ratty" back then was in better shape than this one is currently and I regret getting rid of it, since they are cherished gifts since she passed back in 2008.

Anyway, I keep my "playing" sets in there (as opposed to DMing)
238342356_571795740507984_1684892852476303439_n (1).jpg

Lastly, I have an old cigar box I keep my "giveaway dice" in. I allow new players or players who forget their dice to choose whatever set they want from in the box to keep. When I find dice for cheap or inherit some, I add them to this box. This is actually the first box I ever kept my dice in starting back when I was 12 - and the shiny dragon sticker is evidence of that!

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