How do you store and carry your dice?


Solitary Role Playing
I use two plastic boxes. One mostly for d6s from various games and a second one for the other types of dice. I have tokens and glass beads. I also use a foldable dice tray.


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I have three dice bags - one for my favorites, one for serviceable dice, and one for "punishment dice" for when people forget to bring their own - not that I've had to touch any of them for some time. Additionally, I have a pair of nice Elderwood Academy containers for two of the "splurge sets" I have.


I have a pencil box with some dividers in it. I fit a couple pencils in a longer compartment and some glass tokens in another. Dice fit in some other compartments with 3-4 dice in each, maybe 20 dice total and a few minis can fit unless they have the larger plastic bases.

My son has a chain mail dice bag and my father uses a travel case from a toothbrush as a tube to hold them.


Two bags. One's just full of D6's for the games I have that use only D6's. The other's got I think four complete sets of polyhedrals in it. The bags are color-coded, so depending on which game I'm playing, I can just grab a bag and go.


Elder Thing
For almost 30 years I used a leather bag I bought at a garage sale for 25 cents. About a year ago I decided to stop.patching the holes that were cropping up in it constantly and switched to a much larger red velveteen bag.


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My oldest and holiest bag is of paisley fabric in drab colors. It started life as a grab-bag of rocks picked up at a gem & mineral show when I was a kid sometimes in the early 80s. But most of my dice are really scattered across numerous bags and boxes of various sizes and sorts in various places, mainly because, as a chronic mover/traveller, I keep all my junk spends scattered across numerous bags and boxes of various sizes and sorts in various places.
The dice bag I have to hand right now is just unbleached cotton fabric, containing a handful of wooden d6s, a mixed set of black and red plastic polyhedrals, some extra d10s in green, a dozen or so pennies, and 5 facsimile knucklebones.
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I haven't left my house for a game in some time, so my dice storage/rolling setup is on the relatively stable side. I use 2 dice trays and a little foldable tower.
The mind flayer is also sitting on a tin of my mother's old bunko dice, so it's got a lot of extra d6s in it.
When I do have to go somewhere, I've got 2 dice bags - one with general dice and one with my FFG Star Wars dice.


At home I have multiple bag colors to match the general color of the dice.

For cons I'll use a Crown Royal bag or a Gen Con 50th anniversary bag.

Fun fact... you can order Crown Royal bags with custom embroidery on them. I've often thought about getting one that says "Bad Mother F***ker" on it. :)


Solitary Role Playing
My wife's bag'o dice. Made by Hurons in Quebec City. I had a smaller one for a while but lost the leather string. Also bought a pear shaped receptacle in Jamaica to keep some dice close in the living room. You never know! 🙃



Solitary Role Playing
Last but not least. My high school crayon case bought in 1980 at the price of $15 with a month's worth of weekly allowances. Real leather. My father said I was crazy. Never broke down. I still use it today to store my high end pencils and ink pens. (the dice are not from the 80s. TSR dice didn't last long)



I used to have a dice bag my little brother made for me but it finally wore out, so now I carry my dice in a large orange plastic medicine bottle. In keeping with the medicine bottle theme, I printed off a sticker which reads as follows:

May cause emotional extremes, especially when a d20 comes up as a natural "1" or "20" during especially important rolls. Fireball dice must be handled with care; if a burning sensation persists, see your physician at once. For external use only. If swallowed, induce vomiting - but nobody's going to want to count that die's result, so prepare to reroll.​



Second Most Angelic Devil Ever
I used a yellow Crayola crayon container but it wasn't big enough. So I ordered the larger purple one but its top doesn't screw on--the top falls off and my dice just fall out. ☹️

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