Starfinder How does Starfinder compare to Esper Genesis?


Knight of Solamnia
I have been looking at both Starfinder and Esper Genesis as possible systems and settings for a science fantasy game I want to run. I was wondering what peoples' experiences were with both systems, particularly if you have played in both.

A few items I am curious about...

1. Which races do you like best from each?
2. Which classes do you like best from each?
3. How do space ships compare, and which one has the better ship-to-ship combat?
4. What do you think of the magic/psionics systems from each setting?
5. Which setting do you find more interesting?

For me, I prefer 5e to Pathfinder, so that's a nod in the direction of Esper Genesis. However, I really am digging the Starfinder setting. Plus, there are elements of Starfinder I like too.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

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There is a free copy you can download.

Starfinder is space fantasy, and Esper Genesis is sci-fi with some psionic powers, and original races, forget elves, dwarves and orcs. But after Eclipse Phase RPG I miss a d20 version of rules for transhuman egos and morphos.

I dare to say Esper Genesis is one of the few franchises what will survive in memory the next ten years.

And if you don't like the canon lore, you can get you wish for your own mash-up setting.

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