How many dragons?

How many actual dragons are there in your Dungeons & Dragons?

  • Literally no dragons.

    Votes: 4 4.5%
  • Maybe one or two dragon encounters per campaign.

    Votes: 58 65.2%
  • A dragon usually turns up every few game sessions.

    Votes: 17 19.1%
  • I shoehorn a dragon into every game session I can.

    Votes: 3 3.4%
  • All of my PCs are dragons and so are most of the NPCs.

    Votes: 7 7.9%

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Peace Among Worlds
This might be a silly question, but how often/frequently do dragons appear in your Dungeons & Dragons game? Back in college, we used to jokingly call the game "Dungeons & Dungeons" because there were plenty of dungeons but dragons were of questionable frequency. Later on in my "career" as a DM, I instead made it a point to make sure that dragons were as prominent as Dungeons in my D&D, or damn near to it.

So how often are their dragons in your Dungeons & Dragons?


Magic Wordsmith
Dragons have featured in every one of my D&D 5e campaigns so far.

Dungeons, too, oddly enough.


Lowcountry Low Roller
Dragons were a big part of my campaign as we went through ToD and SKT. Now, though, we're in the Underdark, so dragons are not a feature. I don't envisage dragons making any impression in the next campaign.


I've always used very young dragons as generic fodder, for as long as I've been running games. Given that a dragon tends to die whenever it shows up, I figured there must be tons of them out there, for any of them to survive to adulthood.

I've also added a playable dragon class to my game, so that assures at least one in every session.


Everyone is a dragon. Dragon's everywhere.

It's as though Oprah gave out Dragons at one of her shows.

Every player is Dragonborn. Even when they don't pick that race, an odd alchemical disaster or strange spell, or archaic nano-virus sweeps through and BAM! Dragon.

Immortal Sun

Why are the results hidden? That's no fun.

Also, the final answer is humorous, but I literally ran a campaign where the PCs started out as dragonborn and evolved into dragons. Dragonborn were the primary race on the world, dragons had basically "devolved" over millions of years due to lack of magic, and the players were basically the key factor in "would enough magic return to the world to sustain dragons again"...or not.


I have a few in the campaign. There may be some if the PCs go looking for one or in special places. Mostly they are dreaded in the background and may come out late in the game.

I also cannot see the results, which may be on my end or set up that way- which would be something to say before voting.


Dragons are a very big part of my D&D game, and you can expect to encounter a hostile dragon about once every three sessions.


Victoria Rules
There's a huge gap between "once or twice per campaign" and "every few game sessions". I'll have a dragon* show up every now and then - maybe not every few sessions but way more often than once or twice per campaign (or I bloody hope so anyway, seeing as I tend to run 10+ year campaigns). :)

* - including the occasional decent one that isn't out to kill the PCs on sight and might even be talked into helping them out....


In my game the frequency of dragons is dictated by how hard the players search for them. I have also house ruled that only one in twenty dragon eggs will produce a "true dragon" all the rest range in size from ferrets (the majority) to suitable sizes for steeds, (the minority). My players chose not to go on the exotic pet market quest.

In three and a half years of game time the group has only came across three dragons. A fat greenish yellow one and a pair of incesteous black dragons that are trying to produce a two-headed hatchling.

the Jester

In between a couple per campaign and every few sessions- probably one every 20 or 50 sessions or so? That's a guess; I'd have to check my notes to actually figure the ratio.


Title? I don't need no stinkin' title.
In most campaigns I only use dragons rarely because an intelligently run dragon can punch far above it's CR. I know most people don't do that, but I run them as hit-and-run strikers flying out of range only to come back when their breath weapon recharges or they can do a fly by grab and drop.


< BLAH HA Ha ha >
When I do a campaign, it is usually on the World of Krynn, and the DragonLance saga... hence lots and lots of dragons!

Oh, and we do have the odd dungeon too. LOL


The last campaign I ran lasted a year, playing weekly. They encountered a dragon in roughly 16 sessions by my count, which is literally every few sessions. BUT only 1/3 of those dragon sessions had hostile dragons -- the others were a couple of neutral-to-good dragon NPCs who showed up from time to time. The Final Boss at the end was a dragon. (The campaign was "Monster Town" so a dragon showing up as an NPC wasn't as big a deal as it would be in most settings.)

My next campaign I want to do this, now: "All of my PCs are dragons and so are most of the NPCs."


Once or twice in a campaign. I've been teasing my players with dragons in my current campaign for years now. They've only ever encountered one friendly dragon who is now their ally, and has fought by their side in one big battle.

I want dragons to be special, so I'm very careful with introducing them. Currently my players have yet to fight one, and they are a little bit anxious about it. They know it is coming, and they know that I don't kid around when it comes to dragons. It is going to be nasty.


My son plays Dragonborn whenever possible.

Otherwise maybe once per Tier II III & IV is typical. Don't see many in Tier I unless running The Sunless Citadel or The Forge of Fury.


Depends on the setting I’m using.

In the current setting dragons feature heavily in mythology, history, and the oversight of natural and unnatural phenomenon. In this setting they show up fairly frequently but they are rarely something the pc interact with in a direct manner. Usually dragons sightings are more like watching a storm gathering on the horizon, a potentially deadly force of nature that can be avoided with a bit of care. I’ve only had one full blown encounter with a dragon and that was at lvl 2 against an adult blue dragon. No it was not fair and they ended up hiding and letting npc guards distract it until it got bored. They couldn’t fight it. That was the point.