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D&D 5E How many more characters (full PC rules) have you made than you have played?

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I made a few characters in B/X and 1e back in the early 80s that did not become actual PCs or NPCs in a game, and a few times I've figured out how I could stat out my fairly regular PC viking wizard concept in a few different systems, but mostly the vast majority of statted out characters I make are for actual use in games as PCs or NPCs and not just to try out concepts on the page.


Morkus from Orkus
I'm very close to 1:1. The only reason that it's not exactly 1:1 is that every once in a while I make a PC for a campaign that for life reasons never gets started.


I enjoy playing with a concept and see if I can make it in D&D. Most are based on fictional characters, game characters, or cartoons. I’ve designed sub-zero, scorpion and reptile from MK, a Witchblade, Jeckyll Hyde, a predator, and a spartan warrior.
however those are more thought experiments. I’ve grown over the last couple years to build characters for a story now with mechanics to fit story over optimization. More recent ones are a reghed tribesman who worked as a tavern bouncer made a pact with a Genie to start adventuring after claiming he wishes he could go on an adventure like so many of the tavern patrons. Or a tiefling paladin of the Watchers who is a conspiracy theorist in that he sees demonic underpinnings everywhere and seeks to stamp it out. Or the soul knife rogue who is working for a Thayan Litch looking for magic items/secrets for his patron.


Dragon Lover
I've made many concept characters, and several partial characters.

Concept characters are just those where I consider a race and class (with subclass) combination and come up with a rough idea of how they would act and what their ideals and morals would be. It's more like making a story character (or OC) for a self indulging fiction then a fleshed out PC for a game.

Partial characters are when I actually try to build on a concept, figuring out how I would use the character creation options to actually realize how the character might work mechanically, but don't fully stat them out. One such example is that I wanted to create a raging were-bat that was an experimental fusion between a vampire and werewolf (due to the setting having a long history of the two creatures warring against each other) that attacked with fang and claw and flew at enemies in a fury. So I looked at races and classes to figure out how to best implement such a concept. I think I went with an Aarakocra Dhampir Beast Barbarian for the build.

About 8:1. I'm a mechanics junkie and love putting together all kinds of characters, then think up backstories about how they became the person they are now. But I also get to play now and then!


Steeliest of the dragons
For just 5th Edition?

I've yet to play an actual game other than a play-by-post that pretty much fell apart before it really took off, but I've converted or created, let's see...
Yeah, there's basically four characters I've created or converted to 5E that I haven't played. Versus the one I have.

But if we're speaking about all editions... well...

I'm 50 years old and I've been playing since I was 8...

I have stacks of notebooks filled with fully-statted characters that I've never had the chance to play.
Versus the... eighteen(?) characters I've actually played in games.

This. ...though I'm still 49 for a few more months and didn't start til 10. ;)

But, yeah, this rings extremely familiar.

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